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11 Best FREE Xbox Games in 2022

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Some of the best things in life are indeed free, and it turns out that’s true for games too, as you’ll see as you behold the treasures of this video. Yes, it’s the very best free games available to you on Xbox, with such massive titles as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Dauntless and Apex Legends. It’s never felt so good to spend nothing!

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  1. And these are the games we can play without gamepass rightttt???????

  2. These games alone give me no reason to want to pay for games, i mean Apex , Warzone,Halo,are all big enough and if you want to new games you can have gamepass ultimate subscription, i was a playstation fan but this gen Xbox is a no brainer for me, i will buy Xbox series S bc i'm not hardcore i just want to play 2 or 3 hours after work

  3. Last I checked bless unleashes doesn’t have a oce (Australian) server

  4. Can anyone give me a quick review of bless unleashed

  5. Bless unleashed has been dead for a year 1 and a half

  6. more than half of these games are free on other platforms like steam

  7. Played almost every game and I agree with u 100%

  8. it'a genuinely sad genshin impacts isn't on xbox

  9. No free doesn’t means free they earn billions of these games by make us feel unworthy for not having the coolest new skins ,weapons and characters

  10. Call of duty war zone will give you a lobby filled with hackers and way to over powered weapons

  11. Sar thank you for putting names I was like I want you to put the name

  12. The entire shooter genre is a solid no for me. I recently tried out several shooters skipping quite a few due to absolutely horrible reviews by players. These games are full of try hards who make you regret even trying to play the game in the first place. I recently downloaded and deleted Warframe and PUBG. This means that even a hybrid shooter RPG is out of the question. This genre is simply not for me.

  13. INDIA NUMBER ONE💪💪💪💪💪💯💯💯💯❗️❗️❗️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I wish I could've had fun with bless unleashed no one played with me so it got boring

  15. Every single one of these games has died with a low rating 😳

  16. Love that half of these are practically the same game

  17. There is a game called enlisted it is really realistic ww2 game

  18. XD not gonna watch a video that things halo infinite is an upgrad xD

  19. SMITE for those strategic players (5v5 moba on console) 👍🏻

  20. vigor is basely a free clone of rust but only in tpp or third person prospective which for me who dosn't like rust but likes this i think you would too if you don't feel like spending like 30 bucks then download this

  21. Fortnite and roblox are actually really fun games

  22. Fortnite is very underrated…. Most people dont play anymore because everyone is to good and they miss „the old times“…. But in reality, the newcomers would LOVE Fortnite!

  23. Dauntless is the kid’s version of monster Hunter

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