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11 Best NEW Games To Play In January 2024

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Kicking off the new year with some cool looking new games to play, let’s see what’s launching this January 2024! Thanks to #Warframe for sponsoring this video. Play Whispers in the Walls for FREE on all platforms:


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in January 2024

Best NEW Games:
00:28 Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Jan 18
04:45 Warframe (Sponsor)
05:54 Fractured Veil – Jan 18
08:13 Enshrouded – Jan 24
13:02 The Quinfall – Jan 30
16:51 Palworld – Jan TBD

Honorable Mentions:
18:48 New Cycle – Jan 18
19:40 Stargate Timekeepers – Jan 23
20:32 Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Jan 25
21:36 Unforetold: Witchstone – Jan 25
22:19 Tekken 8 – Jan 26

22:58 My Top Picks This Month

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  1. Quinfall is a scam mmo for those unaware, the studios previous title was in beta but had a cash shop that was partnered with a RMT site. Quinfall will have a free closed beta but under a NDA, the open beta will be paid for with a high likelihood of having another cash shop in that beta.

  2. The Quinnfall is a scam. It’s all assets lmao

  3. Ubisoft revokes game access after they get money. They’re never getting money from me again.

  4. Quinfall is a full rip-off and only purchased assets.

  5. Enshrouded was fun and I like the secret rooms and fun puzzles. I might check out Qin Fall but not to happy it being turkish made, IE Knights online was a good game ruined by the Turkish community. And Fractured Veil might be good. The rest dosnt interest me.

  6. January last year we have Hogwarts Legacy a game of the year candidate just to kick off the year

  7. That moment when one of your fav gaming news youtuber decides to promote games that dont and will never exist…plz do your homework force….

  8. Quinfall is literal scam, please do more research Force.

  9. i got trade banned in warframe for inviting and giving my friends platinums. i stopped playing for like a year and reinstalled the game and found out im perma banned lmao

  10. Please take the Quinfall off of this video. I can't believe they bought 75% of the stuff in that game…… what a joke.

  11. Warning about Warframe: That game is made by "Digital Extremes" a woke company of delusional idiots. Played for 5 years – over 3K hours. Warframe in general is not a good game and not even worth wasting your time anyway… When all the wokeness madness started, just mentioning a scientific fact, that there are 2 genders, gets you permanently banned. So play at your own risk. Wayfinder is also a very similar concept garbage.

  12. Prince of Persia and the blind forest. And I'm all about that shit. Love me some Platformers

  13. Wasn't Quinfall debunked as a fake? No real website, corporate HQ photos AI generated. I thought this was proven already?

  14. Should DEFINNITLY not put Best on the tittle, as expected ALL new games are trash, shame on you for swallowing the consumismus shit,
    havent seen a single GOOD game in over 5 years let alone Best, this gaming new world is a joke

  15. Palworld is really weird with its mix of cute artstyle, pokemons and assault rifles…

  16. Quinfall is not a game I will be buying. As of now, I'm sure you know why. I do not plan on buying a game where the Dev's didn't dev, and just copy-pasted other peoples work together. I'm sure it could still be a good game, but they didn't do any of the work and do not deserve the money from any purchases. Assets are fine to be used, but not for THE WHOLE GAME. $1600.00 and less than 3 years of production for the "worlds biggest MMO"? No thanks. The Dev's are lazy, and obiously greedy/money hungry with their Turkish P2P, P2W, Cash Shop addictions.

    Enshrouded looks like it could be fun, but I'm not too much a fan of games with items having durability and breaking. Not sure on if I'll get that one or not. Will keep an eye on it for now.

    The first game on this video just looks absolutely horrible to me, so that's a no-go. I'm not a hater of survival games, but it just looks like one that would've been released 15 years ago…

    The Pals one seems interesting, but also looks majorly like a pokemon ripoff. It's weird seeing pokemon-like creatures and guns in the same game. 😅. Might get into that one.

    Side scrollers aren't my forte, so I'll not being doing the Prince of Persia game, either. Although, I am a big Prince of Persia fan. Just not my style of gaming.

  17. all crap …. again a year full of shit what happend

  18. The drone stream thing in fractured veil actually sounds pretty interesting as a concept. I've seen some of what people are calling "content" on twitch. This is hardly a stretch.

  19. you missed "ravendawn" I just found out about it and realized it wasnt in this vid (usually u hit the mark with these ones)

    Seems like an oldschool MMO, different from corepunk but has some similarities

  20. 8:13 Enshrouded kind of look like a PC-version of Legend of Zelda??

  21. downvote for mentioning quinfall, that fucking scam of a game.. worse piece of shit i ve seen in a long time.

  22. Pal World…WOW 4 million players in 1 weekend

  23. find myself keep watching your videos. no reason no to just subscribe already.

  24. I hated the combat in Prince of Persia. THats funny.

  25. damn they probably only had 2 people work on Prince of Persia. The previous one's were great

  26. You do a great job all the time. You NEVER say the platform of this games can be played on.👑

  27. Well, it looks like I'll be stuck playing HFW until DDII comes out :-s

  28. Always interesting to see what games were and weren't the "big" ones of the month, the surprise for me was definitely Palworld. My friend tried selling me on it and lost me immediately at "pokemon with guns" but then kept haranguing me and finally I gave it a whirl… Talk about addicting lmao. I think I have about 100 hours into it already. I just wish they would add fishing to Palworld, my favorite pokemon were always water types lol.

  29. Quinfall is a scam y’all, do not go near it

  30. They bought all their assets and are doing paid beta with cash shop. Absolute scam company, watch the link I posted

  31. Why so many survivle open world games i hate that whole genre it feels empty and lazy

  32. Nope. No. Never again. Never again Ubisoft. That trashy company is seemingly only interested in how to best exploit their customers and just basically make life worse for us. Not owning games will be the norm? But then they go and end the life of one game after the other they own. Nice. You pay for a game which one day will be forever lost because Ubisoft feels like it. They can go bankrupt for all i care.

  33. I could have sworn that Stargate game was canceled quite some time ago

  34. Palworld will take the lead this year for sure, as long as they keep up on updates and adding more content in atleast a month or 2.

  35. I like your videos. I HATE the almost silent background music that you have on all of them, with an explosive bass at some acute point, on repeating cycle. As soon as you upload a new video i forget about the background music, but then as soon as i jump into the video and hear it, im basically out of there, for that single reason! Alas i didnt finish this video neither.

  36. Pretty sure Quinfall was debunked as a fake game or something like that

  37. "Over nearly a decade", that's incredible! Does that mean exactly a decade? 🤔

  38. Too funny watching this a month later and how wrong everything is

  39. Who would have thought Palworld turned out a recordbreaking bombshell.

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