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13 Best Ninja Games & Samurai Games of All Time

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Ninja Games | Samurai Games | Video games are always better when there’s a katana involved. Here are some of our favorite samurai & ninja games.
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#13 Samurai Warriors 4
Platform: PS3 PS4 PS Vita

#12 Aragami
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE SWITCH Linux

#11 Mark Of The Ninja

#10 Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

#9 Tenchu
Platform: PS PS2 XBOX XBOX 360 PS Portable Nintendo DS Wii 

#8 Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Linux

#7 Bushido Blade
Platform: PS

#6 Ninja Gaiden Series

#5 Nioh + Nioh 2 [PS4 ONLY]
Platform: PC PS4

#4 Onimusha
Platform: PC PS2 PS3 XBOX PS4 XBOX ONE Switch 

#3 Way Of The Samurai
Platform: PS2 PS Portable

#2 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#1 Ghost Of Tsushima
Platform: PS4 

The Mystical Ninja

Genji: Dawn Of The Samurai 

For HonorPC

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Platform: XBOX 360 PC PS3


  1. Ninjas and samurai aren't the same so they should've get 2 different lists its like Asian and pacific islander month, same month 2 different groups of people wtf!

  2. Ghost of Tsushima ninja game ? Ninjutsu 1333-1335 in Japan ,Ghost of Tsushima war 1274

  3. U for got onimosha 1 threw 4 best games I've ever played

  4. Huge fan of all of the Way of the Samurai games! I wish that they would continue them on newer gen consoles! They were definitely a league above everything else at the time

  5. No Nobanonga's Ambition ? How dare you sir !!! U are no hero Falcon !!!

    N yes im sure I spelled it wrong. 😆

  6. No Nobanonga's Ambition ? How dare you sir !!! U are no hero Falcon !!!

    N yes im sure I spelled it wrong. 😆

  7. How do you have a Samurai Ninja game list but you don't include the Samurai Showdown series? Also what about Shinobido and Total War Shogun 2?

  8. Sekiro is superior to Ghosts of Tsushima in every facet other than sheer graphical fidelity. Hard disagree.

  9. They put Ryu Hayabusa… at 😒#6? Then talked about it like they never played it.😩

  10. For me Onimusha is not a better game than Ninja Gaiden and hardly as challenging as the latter. The first two editions are some of the BEST games I have ever played.

    Ghost of Tsushima is certainly high up there with the likes of God Of War franchise

  11. I bought Shadow Tactics because of this video. Is an underrated masterpiece, thanks Falcon for helping me get to it

  12. "Tenku" 😂 man… That's hilarious… And "Ninja Gayden"… I do love your channel and vids though… Keep it up

  13. I know sekiro is number 1 before I even start watching lol

  14. Garbage Goemon for N64 was amazing for it's time, and had huge open levels set in a Sengoku-ish Japan complete with inns you could sleep at and shops and restaurants

  15. I was hoping he will mentioned Shinobido when I saw him mentioning Tenchu. The way you can jump and land on someone's head and break it. it was beautiful technique

  16. Man I was a fan of the Jade of Empire even though it was an RPG but it had a lot of folk lore

  17. Sekiro is best samurai game ever (Sekiro must be 1st)

  18. All those games look old with the exception of Ghost of Tsushima.

  19. All I want to have a ninja/samurai theme game is Assassins Creed.

  20. Western samurai ps2 the 7 samurai ps2 these should have been added to the list

  21. Really?….. The Messenger is a sick ninja game.

  22. please use some good gameplays because I almost missed play Aragami which is a cool game But it looks boring in the Gameplay ( Video ) , rest all things aside It the game recommendations were amazing , the List is super Cool , the sequence of the game presentation is fantastic , the Explanation is excellent , But Gameplays Need to be chosen more correctly , because the gameplays are totally focused on the gameplay ( Fighting scenes ) , Rather then a little bit of the atmosphere feel of the game . So I request you to please choose a little more accurate gameplays for your videos . And I am a Fan !!! so Reply!!!!!

  23. Way of the Samaria, what i liked about that game is the villages treated you with a level of fear and respect being a Samaria and i especially liked how simply putting your hand on the sword handle but not drawing the weapon served as a threat and often times a deterrent for a fight. Really cool concept

  24. So sad that SHINOBIDO is not on the list for me it is the best ninja game

  25. I swear if they don't mention Ninja Gaiden. Like it's in the flipping name!!!

  26. Someone needs to remake Bushido Blade!

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