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14 Best NEW Games To Play In February 2023

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Things are really picking up this month! Here are the Best New Games To Play In February 2023!


00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in February 2023

Best Games:
00:42 Deliver Us Mars (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, Luna) – February 2
02:48 Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – February 10
06:22 Wild Hearts (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – February 17
09:02 The Settlers (PC) – February 17
11:36 Atomic Heart (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S) – February 20
14:05 Company of Heroes 3 (PC) – February 23
15:54 Sons of the Forest (PC) – February 23

More Games:
17:59 Perish (PC) – February 2
18:29 Wanted: Dead (PC, PS, Xbox) – February 14
18:53 Returnal (PC) – February 15
19:16 Octopath Traveler 2 (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch) – February 24
15:35 The Pale Beyond (PC) – February 24
20:03 Kerbal Space Program 2 (PC) – February 24
20:08 Destiny 2 Lightfall (PC, PS, Xbox) – February 28

20:10 Thanks for watching!

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  1. Are any of these games using unreal engine 5.1?

  2. I've started playing StalCraft, had no idea it was a minecraft mod for the last 6 or so years but damn it's fun.

  3. Hogwarts Legacy won't be a contender for game of the year because OH NO the creator said some stuff we disagree with. So F this product and all the people who worked on it.

  4. nothing new and exciting for me… hogwarts is way overhyped and that will come out after the release.

  5. lets ruin gaming with woke garbage. hooray

  6. Under capitalism: unethical consumption
    Under communism: no consumption

  7. All boring trash. Nothing interesting. All these games have been made already with different names.

  8. Wow, that must be a new record on how graphics get downgraded from first look to beta. Deliver us mars looked pretty cool, but does look like a cartoon now. 🙁

    However it's still the only title on the list I'm interested in. A honorable mention to atomic heart, but that's not my thing.

  9. The controversy around Hogwarts Legacy isn't remotely complicated at all. It's a bunch of attention seeking virtue signaling blowhards driving up drama that doesn't exist by spreading lies and misinformation that isn't even remotely representative of the truth and doesn't negatively impact anyone they pretend to be defending anyways. In short, it's stupid and we are all dumber for even giving it a moment's consideration instead of talking about this likely amazing game we're getting.

    Stop giving the idiot attention whores press.

  10. Lose the minute long disclaimer for Hogwarts you fuckin pussy

  11. Sons of The Forest does look very intriguing and I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

    Have you looked at or watched plan to look at Rooted? @Force Gaming

  12. 5:30 – If people want to be mad at games for who writes, creates, or resources them, then they can also do the right thing and turn back in their IPhones or any China made device. It's only the right thing to do.

  13. 18:25

    Here is the truth.

    All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. -Romans 3: 23

    The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. -Romans 6: 23

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. -John 14: 6

    Whoever believes in Jesus has eternal life, but whoever rejects Jesus will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them. -John 3: 36

    Believe in Jesus and you will be saved. Then read the Bible, pray to God and obey Him.

    I hope you will consider the great importance of your eternal soul.

  14. Ouch that Sons of the Forest summary was extremely bad. Need to do more research for such a huge upcoming release.

  15. Thanks for making these! I wish listed so many games from these monthly videos you make

  16. So, aside from SOTF.. nothing but forgettable trash, got it.

  17. If you can't remove games, tv, movies and so on from the actors or creators of the worlds I think you're setting yourself up for a life with nothing to enjoy.

    There are books we read as children we still enjoy like Alice in wonderland for example, there is alot said about the writer of this story and a few possibilities of him being a monster.. so if you can enjoy Alice you can enjoy rick and morty or Harry potter so on so forth

  18. Can't wait for Hogwarts Legacy! Yes, I'm a 40 year old man.

  19. You should stop promoting Atomic Heart… Save lives and your subscribers taxes, those devs pay tax in russia > russia spend it on shelling ppl > civilized world spend their tax payer money to help protect ppl from shelling

  20. No co/op no multiplayer…no thanks pass!

  21. I'm getting so tired of the power corporations give to social media terrorists.. They don't buy product either way!

  22. How are you going to leave out STORMGATE!?? One of the most promising RTS game coming to beta in 2023?

  23. The Settlers is coming out February 17th ? That came out of nowhere this time, after the several times it was delayed and no new release date was given at all.
    Now i wonder if it's gonna be any good or what they changed after the feedback, or it they just weren't done and also didn't listen to the feedback.
    But i like Settlers, so i REALLY want to play this game.
    And, i mean, if you just want to lay the same Settlers over and over again, but with better graphics, than wtf are you doing, just play an old one, since i still don't think they look bad at all really.
    And you can really wonder if they'll recoup the money it costs to make that game.
    I'm fine with them trying somethign new, some things will be awesome, some things not so much most likely, but i really hope it's good.

    Also, from this list, it's the only game i would even consider playing.

  24. Wow….with the exception of like 1 or 2 entries here….this list should be renamed "NEW Games to AVOID In February 2023". Try again.

  25. Well the only one on your list I would play money for to play is the Hogwarts Legacy , everything else on the list has been done before

  26. i was very excited for the new settlers game when it was announced and they even had the creator of the first few settlers games on board. But then they got rid of him because he was making a single player game and Ubisoft wanted a pvp multiplayer game so they delayed the game for like 2 more years and now its a simplified pvp game for short matches instead of being single player game for many hours where your main goal is building your economy. Im very sad with this change.

  27. the woke movement is the problem, be honest.

  28. The Settlers going a little Warcraft or Mount&Blade doesn't sound too bad really.
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop

  29. I believe new released games like Atomic Heart, as great as single player is, and needs to be… Co-Op option should be ALWAYS implimented in these styles… i mean come on, it would be fun as fuck to lpay a coop game like that and would increase sales.

  30. 2 seconds for KSP 2 that i have been looking forward to the last five years? This is the top 1 game im whaiting for in 2023. You REALY need to do a whole seperate video about KSP2

  31. Mine say February 4th download I don’t know when today

  32. I could never justify buying a singleplayer game for £70-90 that I would never play for more than 5 minutes

  33. People are sleeping on Like a Dragon : Ishin, big mistake.

  34. lmfao, nobody is listing HL as "best"; gameplay looks terrible and the UI is a literal destiny ripoff.

  35. Bruh, your videos aren't getting posted to my 'new' feed. I went to check why you've been so quiet and apparently I've missed like 3 videos.
    Also, there is no valid reason for the Hogwarts boycott. It's all pathetic whining by over-privileged children who have been taught that they are the arbiters of what is 'morally right'. It has all the energy of religious moms trying to get rock music banned in the 80s.

  36. Which of these games would be the most fun to watch a live stream of? Wild Hearts?

  37. I am going to play hogwarts because I think that trans women aren't real women.

  38. 2023 looks like a pretty weak year, only thing on that list I want to play is Atomic Heart, and Ill beat pretty quickly. Sons of The Forest might be ok. Hope Diablo 4 give me at least 3+ months of enjoyment, but Diablo 2 and 3 were both kinda weak pre expansion, so Diablo 4 will also likely need to wait for the xpack 18 months later.

  39. Your whole diatribe after Hogwarts was total unnecessary. All you need to do is tell us the release date and how it looks. No one cares that some lunatics have an issue with what bathroom to use. Stop cucking to the woke mob, they are mentally deranged. You didn't do, or feel the to do it with any other game, so why do it for that one? This kool-aid haired morons thrive on fear, and intimidation , and you even acknowledging their crazy narrative is throwing blood in the water . If you're scared, don't review it. Otherwise ignore it and give it the exact attention it deserves… Zero .

  40. Any creator who plays hogwarts legacy deserves to get a Top L

  41. No one who is actually buying this cares about Harry Potter drama. I’m sick of hearing about it.

  42. The 99% people upset about HW legacy / jk Rowling don’t even know what they’re actually upset or what she’s actually said. There’s just a bunch of people who never leave the internet making massive logical leaps and making up things that were straight up never said and now people are upset about those things and not what actually happened

    The world needs to stop respecting and giving credence to people who are terminally online and the bs they spew by overwhelming online spaces

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