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15 BEST Games of 2022 So Far

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2022 is the year where we’re really starting to see the effects that COVID has had on game development throughout the industry over the last couple of years. Delays have been quite common for a while as it is, but this year has seen a surprising amount of delays- and yet, even so, we’ve had quite an eventful six months since the turn of the year where new releases are concerned.

We’re halfway through 2022 now, and there’s still quite a bit left to look forward to before the year is out, but as we do every year, here, we’re first going to pause and take a look back to talk about our favourite games of the first half of the year.


  1. gt7 and wwe 2k22 belong in the dumster
    it looks pretty but sony n the gt7 devs have only made it worse

  2. Gran turismo 7 is for me the best game of the year so far my opinion of course, the issues needs fixing but each month the game keeps improving,

  3. 5:44 Ghostwire Tokyo? Really🤨I was so disappointed with this game.

  4. Theses are the same
    . Y'all having seen nothing yet
    Life is the ultimate game.

  5. Pokemon legends
    you just lost a subscriber for putting it on the best of 22

  6. People forget Until Dawn wasn't some smash hit from the jump. I remember it simply not being on a lot of people's radar. Took time for folks to discover it, and develop a cult following. I think the same will be true of The Quarry. In time, I think a lot of players will like it, especially once the price drops.

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  8. So if these are the 15 best games the gaming industry won't exist within 5 years

  9. Elex 2 is good to me. I know it got overshadowed by Elden ring but it’s fun to play if you’re interested in a real rpg

  10. Yesterday is history
    Tommorow is mystery
    Today is gift
    Thay whay it.s called present …

  11. Sifu is a solid game, I spend so much time in it that every run feels satisfying. I just wish it had more content.

  12. Don’t get me wrong Elden ring was very good but is extremely over hyped I enjoyed it but for me when it came to the combat the open world was more of a hindrance then a good thing the ability to jump on a horse to run away or just run past everything slightly soured the experience for me and towards the end I was beating bosses a little too easily and I don’t even consider myself good at souls like games horizon forbidden west my game of the year so far followed by Elden ring.

  13. So far 2022 has been rather disappointing for me in terms of good AAA releases.

  14. It is endlessly weird that adult American men love wrestling and the games.

  15. Actually excited for pokemon really, same with Meta Island of course, addtional fine wine for survival open world game.

  16. The guy who animated the hair in Horizon should be banned from ever working in the industry again.

  17. Is it just me or does Rogue Legacy 2 look just hideous? Every time I see a clip I'm just really put off by the new art style, it just tries so hard. I'm saying this as a huge fan of the original, which has a clean look and was a succinct game.

  18. Sony did such a disservice releasing horizon so close to elden ring. If they had released it in May it wouldn't have been overshadowed like it was.

  19. My favorites this far have been Pokemon legends arceus, Elden Ring, Sifu, and Tiny Tina's wonderlands.

  20. if this is the best, wake me up when we get some proper games

  21. I love video games. Thank you so much for this video.

  22. Wait until goat simulator 3 comes out

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