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15 Best iOS Games of 2021 So Far

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Here’s our mid-year update showcasing the top #iPhone and #iPad games released on the Apple App Store. You can find the complete list at

0:00 Intro
0:20 Infinite Galaxy
1:00 Northgard
1:36 Astrocraft
2:55 NBA Ball Stars
3:26 The Oregon Trail
3:56 Touchgrind Scooter
4:20 Giant Dancing Plushies
4:56 Unruly Heroes
5:39 Huntdown
6:12 Sixit
6:45 Queen: Rock Tour
7:12 Overboard!
8:28 Divinity – Original Sin 2

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  1. is eve ochoes better than the other scifi games? i just cant decide

  2. I want a game like castle clash, u can build ppl and it’s actually skill

  3. I’m looking for a game about a guy who has orange or red hair I guess and he has like a time machine or something similar and like travels for the time where we had Isaac Newton and tries to make the apple fall on his head and the time where Leonardo da Vinci was alive and help him to draw the Mona Lisa and other characters who I don’t remember, I’ve been looking for it for days please if u know it write the game’s name and I’ll be thankful 💙
    sorry for bad English 😬

  4. Judging from the game play and graphics these games are far from the best lol

  5. I have to say it:

    "NBA Ball Stars?" 😆😸😭😳

  6. I'm glad you brought up puzzle games.

    Does anyone else think these are the stupidest mfn concept games ever. Besides being lazy, speculating: data collectors, and easy game attempts to throw at the screen to see if they stick.

    And, while at the same time, appealing to every genre audience possible.

    Playing these I feel as if I am possessing a player, and watching from a distance. My play doesn't matter, because it doesn't really establish a base, persona or physical, or a character.

    Final issue with these and other free games, free games as usual, minus pay to play:

    It is so easy to match these blocks, especially using the same colors, patterns, and an equation of only matching three + easy extreme move bonuses.

    Others may like these,

    But it is something to think about.

    Again, speculation:

    But it just feels these are data collector, chain building games.

    But, great videos, not sponsored, specific game scores, honest,

    And it is funny to catch the heavy meaning of your subtely articulated words.

  7. Wtf is those games about
    What happened to real games ?!

  8. Fck Apple Arcade it’s a gigarippoff I ain’t doing their trials I’d rather just buy the game.

  9. So basically after much research, there are no good games

  10. Only true legends will know Astrocraft is the mobile version of Robocraft

  11. Oregon Trail is bullshit, I still haven't died from Syphilis and it told me I had it way back when I play Oregon Trail in the 90s.

  12. Can’t believe you didn’t add dead by daylight in the list

  13. Divinity is now 90 AED LIKE WHAT THE HELL!!

  14. Finally a top 10/15 of games with half I actually would like to play (too bad those I wanna play aren’t free, not even trial version to see if it truly captivates me)

  15. You know what? Although all my I pads and macs are Apple, the games are as boring as they were years ago. You see the same ones year after year aimed at 5 year olds and nothing interesting for older people. I pads are used by the over 50s you know!!!!!

  16. I’m surprised WorldBox isn’t here, it’s really good gane

  17. Anyone ever played Six Guns?
    best ios game to ever walk the app store imo. change my mind 🙂

  18. It’s iOS, not “the iOS”! My OCD increased every time you said it.

  19. For a portable gaming DIVINITY 2 is an outstanding game. content and gameplay for this game is superb. Though I have to say for anyone who like this GENRE BATTLE FOR WESNOTH is a severely underrated game. On PC with the Additional campaigns its an EPIC GAME.

  20. It is the unruly heroes for me.
    Does anyone know where I could get an iphone for my cousin December thanks

  21. Are there more shit games you called best games…? Please don't answer!

  22. Got ipad pro 12.9 and it cannot even run divinity 2 without it overheating similarly to genshin when it first came out.. game turned my iphone 11s screen into static, multiple times and had to quit before the hype.. it wasnt even a month in and like many i was a pre-reg player

  23. These games are trash- good games Clash of clans, dead by daylight, roblox.

  24. I think the mobile gaming industry has not grown the way thought it would 5 years ago.. All the mobile games just out of touch to me..

  25. All of those looks like games for kids mostly for first gen consoles like sega or dandy while on the other side there is alien isolation a triple aaa console project with ultimate graphic and serious horror game which is ported to mobile which is for me like a sensation and a first time you can play a real console game from 2014 on mobile you even didnt mention it!

  26. Hello, try to play in defense of the castle online, I myself have been playing for half a year and I am delighted with this game, it does not let you get bored, try to review it on your channel, I am sure you will like it😎🤯🤯🤯🤯

  27. Thank you for hyping garbage. What of waste of time.

  28. Diệu Nhi 500k vào (chonbantinh.xyz) says:

    1:49 Anh ơi em gái Sài Gòn. Anh muốn ăn đòn hay là ăn em.

  29. Nigga what these games are walking Ls idk who play these

  30. Great vid thanks so much keep up the good content!

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