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15 Best PC Games of 2021 So Far

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This mid-year update ranks the top new #PC games of the year, ranked by playscore, our rating system that combines critic and gamer reviews. To see the full, up-to-date of the best PC releases of 2021, visit

0:00 Intro
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0:30 The Darkside Detective
1:15 Persona 5 Strikers
1:47 Atelier Ryza 2
2:20 Skul: The Hero Slayer
2:51 Demeo
3:29 Rain on Your Parade
3:59 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
4:35 Griftlands
5:19 Everhood
5:50 Loop Hero
6:35 Chicory: A Colorful Tale
7:20 Little Nightmares 2
8:00 Resident Evil Village
9:00 Before Your Eyes
10:00 Ad by Cometh
11:15 It Takes Two

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  1. right on, seems original atari is making a comeback. Havent seen this many games with horrible graphics since before carmen sandiego on my mac…..

  2. I disagreed , the best game of 2021 is Counter strike and it has always been the winner since 1999

  3. If u wanted to troll us, congrats u did it 🤣

  4. Not one game here i'am the least bit interested in!

  5. Best Stupid Cartonish Game, fix your Head Dude

  6. I just loged in to my youtube account to dislike this viedo

  7. Literally the worst top PC Games list I ever skipped through.

  8. wtf was this? your sponsor is really #1?

  9. This should be top 10 weeb games to play…..

  10. 3 good games in this list. The rest are trash that no one plays.


  12. You have very strange taste in games, most of these look like total crap! 🤣

  13. Did you get paid to promote the worst looking games out there?

  14. Might as well put the organ trail on hre

  15. So many 👎 from franchise chasers.What???…No COD,No Assassins Creeds,no ..err…i don't remember more "AAA" games right now but you get the point.

  16. 14 most non relevant games. Thanks for the list on games I will never play

  17. This “list”… is horrible…

  18. Final Fantasy XIV — #1 WORLD's MOST POPULAR MMORPG.

    Play the entire A Realm Reborn and Heavensward Expansions.

    FREE with no restrictions on playtime.

  19. What is this shit? These games can be played with old Nokia 3310.

  20. I was waiting for solitaire in the top 3

  21. best pc games? .. i was expecting to see something like cod, fortnite, cyberpunk and stuff

  22. cartoons ??? Grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. wtf was that??? One of the most shittiest list I've ever seen in my life

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