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15 Best PC Games Of 2023 You Should Play!

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Best PC Games 2023 Xbox Series X
Best PC games 2023 PS5 Games
Best games of 2023 For PC Top 15 PC Games 2023 PS5
Alan Wake 2 Assassin’s Creed Mirage Baldur’s Gate 3 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Counter Strike 2 Forza Motorsport Ghostrunner 2 Hogwarts Legacy Lords Of The Fallen Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Resident Evil 4 Returnal Starfield The Last Of Us Part 1 Wartales FPS RPG TPS ARPG CRPG Turn Based Combat Action RPG Real Time Combat Offline Online Single player Multiplayer

Best Xbox Games Of 2023:

Best Open World Games Of 2023:

Best RPGs Of 2023:

Lords Of The Fallen:

In this video I show you the best PC games of 2023 you should play, most of them are also available on Xbox Series X/S, and PS5, I hope you find this video useful!

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00:00 Intro
00:17 The Last Of Us Part 1
01:04 Baldur’s Gate 3
02:02 Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
02:30 Starfield
03:10 Alan Wake 2
03:41 Forza Motorsport
04:06 Call Of Duty MW 3
04:36 Assassin’s Creed Mirage
05:25 Resident Evil 4
05:57 Lords Of The Fallen
06:43 Wartales
07:35 Returnal
08:01 Counter Strike 2
08:29 Ghostrunner 2
08:52 Hogwarts Legacy
09:17 Honorable mentions
09:46 Outro

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  1. HECK YES ! I'm a white guy from Michigan! hahahahaha!!!

  2. hahahha i feel ofended im still a pu__y i never play horror games alone 😛

  3. I couldn't take this list seriously as soon as i saw the last of us on this list. LOU is competing in the top 3 worst ports of all time.

  4. GAMES ARE DEAD.. nobody is having fun anymore coz the developers are not creative enough


  6. Garbage list, you lost all credibility when you recommended that COD game.

  7. thanks for it, but it would be a bit better if u take a breath

  8. Thanks for pointing out the obvious triple-A games 🙂

  9. Really good style and reviews. I'll follow you from now on.

  10. Dude! These are all new items for 2023. Not a rating of the best games. Or was it my imagination?

  11. Forza motorsports got me easier than bg3 and I've had that since 2018

  12. I'm thinking of buying myself a gaming laptop, but these modern games are all shit imo. Pitty, I think I'll just get a i3 laptop and play classic games like grim fandango , max payne 2 etc for the nostalgia

  13. Thank you for the list..Frankly, the games look good, but I am a little disappointed that I still don´t see my most expected games – mostly sequels to Elder Scrolls, Bloodborne, Tomb Raider, Unreal Tournament or any game continuation of such. Apart of that I find Lords of the Falllen very much like the Bloodborne, it seems so alike that I am quickly going to search for it, whether I can make a custom character there also. If so, than that will be the game include in my to-play-list. Speaking of which, at the same time I am relieved that there are not games this year that I am looking for, cuz my playlist already counts several games to play, and I really don´t know when I find a time to play them all. 🙂 I guess what I am looking now is a very good not so long game, such as resident evil, that won´t take me much of my time. I may love open world survival games like Elder Scrolls, RDR online and such, but they are so time consuming, it´s probably for the best that there are no new sequels yet. 🙂

  14. bro predicted the game of the year XD

  15. call of duty?? loool whole video is invalid

  16. How the hell did Lords of the fallen make the list when game of the year didn't?
    It was way better than Lords of the fallen.

  17. i come here for pc games recommended and you dont even mention ready or not or ground branch, i want a list of PC ONLY mate

  18. Homeboy deadass decided to put COD MW3 2023 into this list 💀💀💀 has he even played the game himself? 😂😂😂

  19. You played resident evil 4 remake! , well if you need such vibe anymore try resident evil 2 remake bro choosing female character of it might surprise you as I had🙃

  20. I played the first ghost runner a bit if you want to buy it this might be important. Turns out killing people who have guns with a sword is very difficult, so this game is also very difficult. You might like this sort of game, but you just want to relax and have fun. You probably won't like it

  21. As a white-ish guy who is not from Michigan, I approve of this video’s message.

  22. You dislike several games on this list so why are they on here?

    I wanna see the games YOU like, not what you think everyone else will like

  23. AC mirage feels like syndicate, with a bit of desert in between

  24. LotF, starfield and mw3 on good games list. Only diablo 4 is missing from making it officialy the worst picks possible

  25. Bro is fried can’t take the commentary seriously 😭😭

  26. at first I thought this guy was a deck cause of tlou and he got my hopes up but ngl ur cool thx, utuber u earned a subscriber how are u not at 1mil yet Good luck anyways

  27. if Starfield was co-op or multiplayer I would get it.

  28. Just don't play any of them on Steam.

  29. Party Animals requires Game Pass even if you are playing with person sitting right next to you, so its a solo game without Game Pass, I bought for my kids and they couldnt play together without Game Pass, Refunded,PSA

  30. These are all console games..

  31. look on Decimated web3 game, this is 3rd person game

  32. Yo wtf im a white guy from michigan i feel targeted

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