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15 BEST PS1 Games of All Time [2023 Edition]

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Approaching three decades since Sony entered the console market it’s easy to forget just how rich and diverse the PlayStation’s library was. It’s abundance of racing games, survival horrors, stealth-action, sports sims and beat ‘em ups ushered in a new era of 3D gaming, supported by a cast of iconic characters and mascots establishing themselves on the platform too.

It’s darn-near impossible to pick a top 15 best of list, but here are 15 none-the-less who’s legacy shines bright.


  1. But a game got supported by the fan base of it's own franchise until today is Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

  2. could just say best car/racing games on the ps1

  3. Why there is no digimon rumble arena to be one of the best games on PS1

  4. I loved neversofts spiderman back in the day as a kid, was one of my favourites, took me until I completed it before I realised that in the cheat codes if you enter eelnats…..Stan Lee's name backwards, you unlock everything in game

  5. chur that was a blast from the past
    the grapics still look awsome
    had most of these games i just waited
    till they went platnum . advaced coming from

  6. Great list – I loved most of these 👍

  7. You lost me with Driver… You lost me with Driver.

  8. Fighting force, medal of honor underground, heart of darkness, 3xtreme, wwf smackdown2 where is it

  9. No Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy? Nahhhh mate.

  10. Wow no Xenogears ?The game that changes people outlook on life.Rank number 1 best ps1 game of all time💙😎👍🏾

  11. The PS1 will forever be my favorite console of all time.

  12. I have all this games in the list but… really ???
    No Symphony of the night ???
    No Silent Hill ???
    No Clock Tower ???

  13. Where are the games Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (my favorite game of all time), Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Cross, the first two Tomb Raider games, and perhaps Silent Hill?

  14. I often play these games on my android now than PS5 ^^

  15. Wow no ff7 or 8 or 9 or 6 no legacy of kain soul reaver no street fighter no megaman,no castlevania .

  16. Where is Castlevania??? FF7, soul reaver, syphon filter?

  17. WHAT?! Where the hell is Castlevania Symphony of the night???!!!!

  18. Some lists are subjective, this list is just shite.

  19. Dreadful list overall! Also get someone who can play THPS2 to capture gameplay from please. That was awful. 😅

  20. Too much racing games… No Final Fantasy, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Silent Hill…

  21. So many hrs playing these games, toasted 😊

  22. This list was…. Listy lol. No ff7 the best game that literally catapulted the Playstation. Smh.

  23. Wow, I'm surprised both Final Fantasy VII and Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night aren't here, alongside Xenogears, they make my personal top 3 games on the PSX

  24. Yes they are the best games what were ruined by a weak console the console that should of never been released these games should of went on Nintendo 64 not PS1 if the PS2 was here these games would of played great but Sony just throws their first console as a failure it didn’t deserve the best games those games should of went on Nintendo 64 the console that can play better

  25. Haha none of those PSX are running on original hardware. They are been emulated.

  26. These are not the top 16 ps1 games of all time lol.

  27. Driver , resident evil 2 , and final fantasy 7 my first console was a snes. psx was amazing !

  28. So many games in ps 1 that have not include on the list maybe the bliger is not a gamer and this is resulftnof just a research on the web

  29. final fantasy 7 should be 1. I like a lot of the others on the list.

  30. 2023 edition should have considered which games have aged well and which have not(otherwise whats the point of reevaluating top games). From that prespective Tomb Raider's absence makes sense but Driver has not aged well at all and should not have been in the list. Outstanding games like FF7, FF9, Street fighter Alpha 2 and 3, Silent Hill, SOTN and Vagrant Story have all aged very well and atleast some of them should have been on the list.

  31. Any list without Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a fail

  32. Who starts at #1!? Plus FF7 is missing from the top 5 😳

  33. Going from my Sega mega drive to my ps1 as a kid was mind blowing.
    What a time to be alive 😊

  34. I played all of these games as they came out in my teens. What a time to be alive.

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