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15 Best PS3 Games of All Time – 2021 Edition

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With Sony’s legacy consoles continuing to age and now with the PS3’s library pretty much set in stone at this point, we here at GamingBolt are going to do our part in making sure that some of the PS3’s better games are not lost to time, and while we are glad the Sony has reversed their decision to shut down PSN for the PS3 for now, it’s never been a better time to go ahead and familiarize yourself with the library if you haven’t already and brush up on games you might have missed.


  1. me as someone who hates sports games, this list is missing NBA2K11.. that game was absolutely legendary. Skyrim was trash on the ps3 tech wise but it should be in regardless. Dragon Age Origins, Mass effect 2 ? missing alot of great games imo.

  2. Just by the way they were gonna close the ps3 store not the hole network

  3. #1 – Max Payne 3 0:48

    #2 – Killzone 2 1:52

    #3 – Resistance 3 2:24

    #4 – Puppeteer 3:06

    #5 – the Ico & Shadow
    of the colossus collection 3:50

    #6 – MGS 4: Guns of the
    patriots 4:15

    #7 – Motorstorm: Pacific Rift 5:10

    #8 – Infamous 2 5:40

    #9 – Red Dead Redemption 6:08

    #10 – Ratchet & Clank Future:
    Tools of Destruction 6:34

    #11 – Uncharted 2 :
    among thieves 7:17

    #12 – Grand Theft Auto 5 7:49

    #13 – God of War 3 8:31

    #14 – Batman Arkham City 9:04

    #15 – The Last of Us 9:30


  5. Is it me or is Killzone 2 getting a lot of love as of late. Not complaining just saying. I loved that game.

  6. I'm so happy, I have been looking for a cheap ps3 for so long, my freind has one that he doesn't use, and is sellingnitbti me for only like 75 bucks

  7. King of Fighters XIII
    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  8. +1/9/4/9/4/2/4/3/8/9/4 chance for you to me win ps3

  9. Resistance was the best. ahh the old days

  10. Im surprised Twisted Metal didnt make this list….

  11. Worst video I ever seen most of these game we already have on ps4 and ps5

  12. I played motor storm Pacific rift, the last of us, ratchet and clank tools of destruction, shadow of the colossus, Batman Arkham City and red dead Redemption. They are right all of them are masterpieces

  13. Motor storm was the best racing game

  14. what about silent hills??? one of the best i think

  15. A Person with a collection of things says:

    1. The last of us
    2. Mirrors edge
    3. GTA V
    4. The evil within
    5. Batman Arkham asylum

  16. My general journey with PlayStation consoles
    Ps1- Crash, Vigilante, twisted metal were my mains
    ps2- Crash, Vigente, Spongebob bikini bottom were my main
    Ps3- Only cod
    Ps4- dead ass played almost every major franchise you can think of
    I caught up and loved every generational hitter I missed out on back in the day.

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