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15 BEST PS5, PS4 GAMES AT E3 2021 | PlayStation 5

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Sony didn’t attend E3 2021, but these are the 15 best PS5, PS4 games from the show.

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  1. Hades looks like the sort of game that would get SO much play time on my Vita!

  2. Hopefully you can get a haircut Bru…

  3. I don’t blame Sony for not doing the electronic E3 …it’s a glorified zoom call or YouTube clip

  4. Most of these games felt Souless unfortunately

  5. SO LAZY no Time Stamp on video LAZY YOUTUBER

  6. Two games deaths stranding director cut metal gear solid vibs an fatal frame

  7. For games that were announced for PS4/5 around E3, I’m most excited for: Horizon : Forbidden West (assuming holiday 2021), Guardians of the Galaxy, Far Cry 6 + Season Pass, Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Jurassic World Evolution 2.

    I’m mainly a PlayStation/Nintendo player, but I’m probably gonna be playing a bit more Xbox in the coming months. I hope we see a big PlayStation Experience later this summer with Sony presenting their holiday titles. I would love to know details on indie titles like Stray and Little Devil Inside.

  8. Where is Starfield?,,,,ohhh,,,wrong channel…..LMAO. 😂😂😂

  9. Can there be some non ps4 games for the PS5

  10. Elden ring, mortal shell DLC, deaths Gambit DLC, salt and sacrifice, fatal frame, and Weezer

  11. Sony was hiding behind that Metroid Dread reveal 😂

  12. Hopefully atomic heart isn't another cyberpunk.

  13. Hades coming to PS4 is my favourite news from E3

  14. Ya'll gonna hate me for saying this but I got mine off offer up back in January for $675.. and I've only played it a few times.. actually haven't touched it in about 3 months lol. Maybe I'm just getting too old for gaming now..

  15. As it is Play Station only channel, excellent games like Starfield are not going to make the list. Good video.

  16. Microsoft buying Zenimax showed how desperate they are to be relevant again and showed how petty they are about getting their a$$ kicked last gen. They are nothing without that purchase. They had to spend $7 billion to buy IP’s that have been getting developed for years to be relevant. What a joke.

    Phil Spencer is like the rich kid that lost a fight after being too cocky and had daddy give him $7 billion to give him a chance at redemption.

  17. Sad I bought a PS5 and I'm like wheres the fucking exclusives. Just glad I've got all 3 so I can play all the good games of this and next year.

  18. I feel like one of the only ones who doesn't give a flying flip about Dark Souls or Elden Ring. I just don't care for the difficulty y'all when I was a kid I used to love games like Ninja Gaiden. But I got over 500 games on my PS5 Switch and Series S. I don't have time for games that kill me in 6 seconds. Of course I'm not saying I won't give it a chance Dark Souls really turned me off with the evading maneuver I did not like the delay on that move

  19. I get a warm feeling in my stomach when I hear this guy's little Geordie voice. So soothing.

  20. There's a new trailer for Sifu. That game looks so cool, I just hope it's as satisfying to play as it looks. Replaced and Trek to Yomi are another couple of indie titles that look promising

  21. They should cancel this overhyped garbage show xbox got game pass games wow shocker and the rest boring AF

  22. Both console showcases was utter trash. Forza. Flight Simulator, and Elden Ring is all these consoles have to offer worth a damn? Yet you can't even buy the consoles? PC Gaming for the W!

  23. Thank you for putting all of the relevant PS info in one video. I was so confused about the E3 schedule and if there was going to be any info for PS at all. That’s why I love push square and only go there for all my PS news!

  24. Throughout the whole video I only found 3 games I want 😭

  25. Sticking 6tb SSD drive in a PS4 Pro far superior than the PS5 trash coil whine. Not enough memory dumb down Council. I've never bought anything but Sony I would never touch Microsoft trash. Sony taking any advice from stupid Microsoft no wonder why it's junk coil whine so loud sometimes my dog wants to leave the house after 5-10 minutes of the machine running.

  26. Most of the games here are multiplatform, I didn´t see any Elden Ring anywhere is probably one of the exclusives. I am also excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, I am probably going to play it on Switch (only because I haven´t used to console lately).

  27. I’m disappointed that their was nothing about God of War Ragnarok

  28. Wtf dude, these where worse than the Xbox conference, what trash, sony better pull some realistic escape from tarkov shit out of their arse when they have a conference

  29. It would have been nice to actually hear and see the games instead of someone just talking the whole way through. Instead we have to go find each trailer now, or worse yet for your bottom line go to a competition media outlet who has the trailers lol.

  30. A lot of these games look great. I'm just waiting to hear how many of them have accessibility functions. As a disabled gamer and streamer those are important to me. I hope you guys do accessibility coverage on all the games

  31. This video just shows how behind Sony is. This fanboy channel struggled to make something ….anything look good for Sony while using Xbox footage 🤣🤣🤣 Sony cares about profit not gaming

  32. Favorite games: Elden RinG and Plague Tale 2

  33. Ps5 got no games bruh lol keep it tight with the multi-plats.

  34. I just received my PS5..lay em on me!!

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