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15 Best Single Player Games from 2011 to 2020

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A decade ago, the idea that single player games were a waning force was gathering momentum in the industry, much to the dismay of no few people, but thankfully, that would go on to be proven thoroughly wrong time and time and time again over the coming years.

In the recent (and relatively recent) past, we’ve been treated to a cavalcade of games that have proven beyond a doubt that not only is there a huge market for single player experiences, but that they also tend to represent the medium at its very best. Here, we’re going to celebrate the success of a few such games that, in our view, stand head and shoulders above all others.


  1. Excuse me. Where THE FUCK is Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End???

  2. I’m so glad they put Last of us Part 2 on here. It’s my second favorite game of all time, after Xenogears. The story of LoU2 hit me hard.

    However, I have to disagree with RDR2, Persona 5, and especially Mario Odyssey. I thought those were all very boring and disappointing games. Mario Odyssey had almost no platforming or parkour (except in the final level, darker side of the moon), there weren’t enough levels, forgettable music, and the cappie possessions were boring.

  3. Yeah no way tlou 2 should ever be over the first one in anything besides graphics

  4. Also
    Evil Within 2
    Bioshock Infinite
    Divinity 1 & 2
    Wasteland 2

  5. Million+ subscribers, 3k views after 3 hrs.
    Whats going on with this channel

  6. Single player gaming is the only language I speak
    I don't know how to speak multiplayer

  7. I disagree with half this list. Lol. To each their own.

  8. Far Cry 5 to me is the pinnacle of open world greatness. lots of customization, a big beautiful open world and ACTION ACTION ACTION around every corner. the only other game that even comes close to that is Saints Row The Third????

  9. Im mainly a pc player and my son has Ps5 and i must say Last of us 2 was very under-rated. I may not like the way the story headed with Abby and killing off Joel but is was really realistic especially for the hardware it came out on. This is why im a fan of all games being available for everyone i dont get upset when a game is not exclusive anymore and i like when PC games go to console and vice versa

  10. tlou 2 really? gameplay is solid but nothing new, and the story is 💩

  11. Arkham Franchise* there are 4 games, not 3 and idc if it wasn't developed by Rocksteady, it was part of the Franchise

  12. Days Gone is better than 90% on this list

  13. I must say that you guys are absolutly right about this Top 15. All of these games are absolute masterpieces 👍

  14. When Single player games die I will stop being a gamer.

  15. I think the Witcher 3 is the best single player game I have ever played

  16. Where the hell is 2k football? That's all I wanna know

  17. You missed Donkey Kong country tropical Freeze what a mess

  18. Get Portal 2 off of this list and put NieR:Automata on instead, and you have a halfway decent list.

  19. Because Celeste is better than GTA 5, horizon, black flag, xenosaga 2, xcom2….

  20. So how many of those games was released after 2015? Yeah that's what I thought.
    What is even the point of saying "from 2011 to"?

  21. Mass Effect 3 would be on this list for me.

  22. Great vid guys! Can you also do a similar list for specific genres? Like best fps, racing games etc from 2011-2020.

  23. Man at least 5 of these games are overrated and beyond the hype are so mind numbing and boring that after you get past the hype it loses you.

  24. Witcher 3 consistently impressed me throughout. What a wonderful 300 hours.
    I'd have to add Middle Earth Shadow of War. The nemesis system has so much personality and love put into it. I can't wait to see what they do with it in Wonder Woman.

  25. Just a pity RE2 REmake butchered the story and character content. SUPER fun to play, but the campaign was such a letdown. First REmake, there's no reason to even look at the original Resident Evil again; second REmake, still need to original RE2 for the best version of the story. They basically only developed half the game, then shunted in different cutscenes for each character; no good reason to underperform a 20 year old PS1 game in it's most defining attribute, original felt like 2 characters in the same places at different times, RE2make was two characters in two different timelines having nearly the same experiences. Boo, should have been the greatest remake of all time with that gameplay.

  26. Max Payne 3 needs to be in the list. Its one of the most replayable game ever made.

  27. #1 alone made me dislike this video. There are literal hundreds of games better than this overrated piece of sh it. Seriously, you think The Witcher 3 is less than this lazy crap??

  28. Best single player games from 2000 to 2010

  29. spider man miles Morales should be on this list

  30. The Last Of Us part 2 made me so angry with where it went with the story, but I can’t deny that it is a truly amazing game. I would still have put the original on this list over the sequel, because the sequel wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful if it wasn’t for incredible first game.

  31. Lol No Dead island or either of the Prototypes? ok then.

  32. Hollow Knight was the first Metroidvania to beat those games at their own game.

  33. I love the fact that this list contains no EA games

  34. You've forgotten about the best action game of 2019 – Devil May Cry 5

  35. Not one mention of Horizon Zero Dawn? I'm disappointed.

  36. Damn it’s easy to forget how excellent games have been from 2011-2020, some of the best games ever… The last of us part 2, God of war 2018, Arkham city, Spider-Man, RDR2 & The Witcher 3 just to name a few.

  37. How is TLOU2 on this list while DOOM Eternal, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro, and Ghost of Tsushima are nowhere to be found?

  38. Evil within, gears 4-5. Were my favorites over most in this video

  39. In simple words. Due to gamepass tight budget xbox dropped quality of its game. 0 xbox exclusives.

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