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15 Best Story-Driven Games You Must Play

Krypto Mac
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There are lots of games that promise to have a good story, but not all of them manage to reach the hearts of many players. In this video, we will showcase some of the most notable story-driven games that you should play.

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Game 1
01:12 Game 2
02:02 Game 3
02:53 Game 4
03:38 Game 5
01:30 Game 6
05:26 Game 7
06:11 Game 8
07:07 Game 9
07:51 Game 10
08:33 Game 11
09:24 Game 12
10:06 Game 13
10:58 Game 14
11:49 Game 15
12:31 Outro

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  1. RDR2 is game of century. Not including The Witcher 3 and GTA 4 or 5 here is a crime

  2. AS SOON as i Saw Stray on the list i knew this was a masterpiece list

  3. This video should have a "My" before the title.. Witcher 3 cannot just not be on the list or even Skyrim for example. Great games with great storylines

  4. What I would give to get to play uncharted and god of war again for the first time

  5. The title of this video needs to say 'in the last 5 years' or something

  6. Metro Exodus and Witcher 3 were both great too, but RDR2 is probably the best story game I’ve ever played.

  7. Dont forget to play ghost of tsushima as well, coming to pc real soon.

  8. you are talking about story Driven Games and you forgot Mafia Definitive Edition

  9. I have life is strange installed. I will play it now.

  10. RDR 2 was very disappointing. The whole story was:
    Arthur:“We shouldn’t do this Dutch”.
    Dutch: “Just one last time.”
    Arthur: “Aw ok Alright”.

    Literally this happens throughout the 70 hour campaign all the way till the ending (which admittedly was great). Add on crappy controls and this was not anywhere close to the experience it could have been.

  11. Road 96 is a masterpiece. Great storytelling and fun atmosphere where choices matter!

  12. where is human become Detroit the only game that controlled my emotions

  13. You can play RDR2 on Xbox as well

  14. Let’s be real. Horizon was like a 410. The best part of the game is the opening. And the rest is straight bad. Story. Combat. Traversal.

  15. Where's Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch?

  16. Plague and RD2. Played HZD many times, always is on my PC.

  17. My top 10

    1. RDR 2
    2. Witcher 3
    3. Last of us part 1&2
    4. Mass effect (legendary edition)
    5. Persona 5
    6. Horizon zero dawn
    7. Uncharted series (especially 4)
    8. Remedy games (control, alan wake 1 & 2)
    9. Nier automata
    10. BG3

  18. Witcher 3 should have been in the list!!! Even number 1 or 2

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