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15 Best VR Games of All Time [2022 Edition]

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While some may have dismissed VR gaming as just a fad that will pass away with time, the platform is actually growing at a rapid pace. Sony’s upcoming PSVR2 will bring new experiences to fans, and we can’t wait to see the likes of Horizon: Call of the Mountain in action.

But it’s equally important to look back at the history of VR, and see which games are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to quality. On that note, we present 15 of the best VR games of all time.


  1. Isn’t this more like best psvr games of all time?

  2. Ok buddy you lost me fill like besides half life all those games are trash 🗑

  3. No way this man put fucking tetris vr over boneworks and saints and sinners😭

  4. Were these the only 15 games you knew about? xD
    Where is Untill you fall? In death unchained? Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy? Into the Radius?
    Hell, at this point you could have put Skyrim VR or Job Simulator….

  5. what a crappy vid, top 15 but you don't see skyrim, fallout, blades and sorcery or boneworks the shit that carries vr gaming

  6. I think this might be the worst vr tier list ever

  7. Dear: game makers
    We need games like half life alyx. I brought vr headset just to play half life alyx. I have played half life alyx for more then three times still want to play. I couldn't find any game near to half life alyx. We need more games like that. Now my vr headset is getting dusty waiting for a game like half life alyx. If u guys want to sell vr headset so create game worth to it. Releasing new vr headsets for more then 1000USD. if they isn't any game worth to it. Why should we buy latest vr headsets. Only i can see is toy games.
    Thank you..

  8. crazy that this is a 2022 list, where is blade and sorcery, lone echo 1&2, boneworks & bonelab, Vertigo remastered, and walkabout mini golf?

  9. I feel like Half Life Alyx is overhyped. From a technical standpoint it was and is absolutely incredible, but as a whole it fell short for me. I’ve tried it a few times, and I keep getting bored after several hours of playing because there’s no real development in the story. You just keep workin towards the same objective for so long and getting cut off at every turn. So you then have to go another way which takes longer, but you’re still going after the same thing

  10. The Most Shitty set I have ever seen xD
    HL Alyx is only one good game here xD
    others are trash

  11. They put Arizona Sunshine in here but not TWD Saints and Sinners??

  12. How did res infinite make the list but twd saints and sinners not

  13. You put superhot on the list which just itself is a crime but the fact you didnt put h3vr on the list is a bigger crime

  14. Arizona sunshine is extremely dated compared to more recent games, play Ancient dungeon instead, its one of the best vr games on steam

  15. Great list – loved the appreciation for I Expect You to Die and Super Hot! Sadly no Yupitergrad here yet, but once Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station comes out, I hope we can get on the list one day 😀

  16. This LIST is a total crap. No wonder why VR is not so popular, cause of this quality of journalists.

  17. Amazing we have vr and Tetris is the best game for it

  18. Walking dead saint and sinners not on the list ?

  19. i spend 449 today for a meta quest 2…. VR is extremly pricy when it comes to actually start VR playin

  20. Beat Saver is awful game =(
    I really don't understand what is funny on this game and why this game is top 1 on steam =(.

  21. finally got around to robo recall, wish they would have more in game assets and new missions

  22. this list is missing VOX MACHINAE, the best VR game I've ever played

  23. You didn't put Boneworks or BoneLab? Really? No Pavlov or Contractors? No Walking Dead Saints and Sinners? You mention Arizona Sunshine but not the much more sophisticated second game made by the same dev team After the Fall? Whoever made this list doesn't play VR, at least not on PC. Mentioning Tetris on the list is just a joke and kind of an insult to all the games you could have listed in its place. No one has EVER heard of roughly half of these games you mentioned, or they aren't even actual VR games like Thumper. Next time you make a video call it YOUR favorites because its definitely not representative of what is popular, what sold the most or what is being played. Since I've already put this much effort into this here is what I would list as my top 15 based on what I have personally played on Steam so far as someone who has had VR since 2017.

    Half-Life Alyx
    Population One
    Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
    Arizona Sunshine
    Blade and Sorcery
    No Man Sky

  24. fun fact: when HL:A was in deveopment valve asked stress level zero for a dev version of boneworks as inspiration

  25. if the list doesnt have blade and sorcery its a bad list

  26. gonna be real… a lot of these games are bad…like your mom bad

  27. I'm just waiting for a Starwars game to come out

  28. How can you not have vtol vr on this list. Literally the most immersive game iv played.

  29. Love the video. But I wish everyone would stop pretending beat saber is fun lmao

  30. Dislike. This list consists mostly of small games or VR ports which are usually not use full VR potential. Best and big VR titles are: Walking Dead Saints and Sinner, Into the Radius, Contractors VR, Zero Caliber, Bone Lab, HL Alyx

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