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15 NEW Games That Are Now DIRT CHEAP [2022]

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Looking for something fairly new to play on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Switch? Not willing to break the bank? We’ve got you covered with this picks. *note: prices are subject to change
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Resident Evil: Village
1:48 Hitman 3
2:47 Forza Horizon 5
3:53 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
4:51 Lost Judgement
5:52 Ghostwire: Tokyo
6:41 In Sound Mind
7:35 Deathloop
8:24 Scarlet Nexus
9:24 It takes two
10:06 Nier Replicant
10:51 BACK 4 BLOOD
11:32 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
12:11 Far Cry 6
13:09 Rainbow Six: Extraction

15. Resident Evil Village

14. Hitman 3 (2021)

13. Forza Horizon 5

12. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

11. Lost Judgement

10. Ghostwire: Tokyo

9. In Sound Mind

8. Deathloop

7. Scarlet Nexus

6. It takes two

5. Nier Replicant


3. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

2. Far Cry 6

1. Rainbow Six: Extraction


  1. Now days i pretty much never get a game on release and always wait for that first sale. This gives them time to fix the dang games cause you know first 6 months to a year most games are broken now days.

  2. Don’t forget GTA V, it’s only 9 years old and it’s nice and cheap at only 50$

  3. I got hitman 1, 2, and 3 for free on xbox game pass

  4. Oh, this is for console games. Much better deals on PC.

  5. first time playing it was with the legendary edition

  6. I need shit like Hitman 3 on PS5, even if it’s slightly more expensive. Brain gets itchy otherwise.

  7. If a gane is new and is very cheap it means its a shit game, or there is a crazy sell for no reason, im betting on option 1

  8. I highly recommend you get resident evil village it’s a really fun game with a lot of replay ability and I pretty good story

  9. Guardians of the galaxy is one of the best games to be released so far on new gen, it really is worth playing, nothing like the avengers game.

  10. We don't have the same understanding of "dirt cheap". Actually you have the wrong one

  11. Meanwhile, Nintendo's biggest sale is a 7 year old game dropping from 60 to 40.

    As a Switch lover, all I can do ia cry at times like this. Godammit nintendo, Wake up and get on with the time! It's 2022 now, not 1992.

  12. epic gave in sound mind away for free a few months ago. it's just okay.

  13. Unfortunately these games are still hell expensive where I live.

  14. I just picked up Doom Eternal and all the DLC's for $30 during an xbox flash sale. Good old Xbox

  15. EA surprised everyone so much with the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster that it didn't even piss everyone off and was treated as a normal game release.

  16. I really like anime jrpg open world games like Scarlet Nexus and Nier Replicant, Im so happy those games are sale and I will buy scarlet nexus today😆. No man's sky is sale and I really love space games🌌.

  17. By the way guys farcry 3!!! Only 9$ on the ps store(4) digital its rare in physical copies and its the best in the far cry series

  18. Me looking up Forza horizon five and it’s $60 for everyone

  19. Wait til next month when you guys make part two and Saints Row is on there 😅🤣🤣🤣

  20. The far cry 6 was the worst one yet. I hope the people that made game were fired.

  21. I thought video games hobby was expensive until I discovered the rabbit hole that is board gaming hobby, that’s the big leagues

  22. Scarlet nexus was fun once I understood the gameplay mechanics. I would recommend it any one who wants a different game to try than the usual. There are a lot of options for combat. The story was interesting although some of the cutscenes dragged on. Either way if you are bored of just racing and shooting games try it out as the combat was really enjoyable and not to difficult to learn

  23. My buddy will not buy games on his Xbox he needs to buy the physical copy. I’ve asked if there’s a reason he just likes the disc

  24. dirt cheap? ahahahahah….pretty much all games are free and offline 🤣😂🤣 just idiots are buying games and consoles 😂🤣😂

  25. Mass effect LE was $19 on Black Friday or Boxing Day (I forgot which one) but that’s also Canadian dollars. Glad I picked it up, my favourite trilogy of games.

    I also picked up Guardians of the Galaxy at the same time for like $25 Canadian.. excellent game and it’s on PS+ Extra now..

  26. Dang my village copy was like 40 bucks o.o

  27. Meanwhile cheap key shops laughing so hard now 😂😂😂

  28. Its funny how you say something cost 20 EUR on Amazon etc .. like .. you can find anything cheap on ebay, amazon etc .. but you can even find much more cheaper on same sales sites .. i got ME for 10 EUR and didnt even finished it because even though it had better textures, they removed lots of good stuff from the game and 3rd part had very too little upgrades to even care ..
    FC6 was discounted so much because it has no player base .. tried playing it coop on public? No players in whole hour

  29. I bought Deathloop on release and I absolutely loved it.
    It starts off a bit slow, but it picks up speed after an hour or two and then things improve drastically.
    I also played Mass Effect for the first time mid last year and I just binge platinum'd all three games in a row and now I have no idea why I never played it before as it was an amazing experience.

  30. Then you have PC where you get games for free…like AAA recent ones via Epic store weekly free games and Amazon Prime gaming monthly free games.

  31. Anyone know what the game in the thumbnail is?

  32. I collect older games, but collecting only the games i wanted to play, the wokeism and all other shit in today gaming isnt worth spending money on, as it will die. im done with it.

  33. The scarlet nexus part is true 😂 the story was confusing for me and I didn’t really know what was going on but the combat and gameplay is really good

  34. hey bro can i take a cuts from your video to make an video in Arabic please ???

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