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16 BEST Games of 2021 So Far

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2021 hasn’t been packed full of excellent releases in its first six months the way a few other years have been in the recent past, and given the production and development challenges studios around the world have been facing due to the pandemic, that’s obviously understandable.

Even so, there have been quite a few great games, those that have stood out and made a strong impression, and might just be counted amongst the best this year had to offer another six months from now. Now that we’re at the halfway point of 2021, here, we’re going to take a look at the sixteen best games we played in its first half.


  1. We gamers are spoilt beyond reason.
    There was a time when there might maybe be a good game in a year.
    Now the shit games are better than the games that were good back in the day.
    Sure we have microtransactions and publisher greed and unpolished, release before it's ready games these days.
    But good games are pretty damn frequent and most play games to finish it rather than experience it.

  2. How tf you gon say these games are good and biomutant is trash? you need to just play a game and stop comparing them bc your opinion is dogwater

  3. Biomutant blows all of these out of the water no cap

  4. This year has been so boring, even the top games are average. Im sure this is an all time low for gaming.

  5. What kind of sick person made this horrible list?!

  6. Resident Evil Village is not only the best 2021 game, is one of the best games of all the time. A new classic is born!

  7. You lost me at outriders. The game is guilty of every single trope that gamers complain about. The loop is identical to division/anthem/Destiny but those games are trashed for it. The enemy design is as lazy as it gets. People Can Fly couldn't even he bothered to give each class their own melee. Folk (including myself) dig the game solely for the gear customization. Which is fine, but don't claim the game is good. I mean Warframe does the gear customization way better and much deeper.

  8. Didn't think Ys IX would show up here!

    Cry in fan boy tears

  9. I’m still playing Ys 8. A great video game

  10. Playing hitman 1, 2 and 3 all together on ps5 was a surprisingly amazing expirience. That last mission on 3…ooo

  11. If the first pick is oddworld.. then this list is garbage

  12. 4:02 🤢🤮 gotta love these biast playstation People.. just wait until flight simulator tomorrow on series X… Deffinetly the best in console graphics

  13. Should have left the game titles on the screen the entire video. Quickly scrolling through it's easy.

  14. Nah bro outriders should not be on this list😂🚮🚮

  15. u said top 15 games but it says 16 top games in the title just sayin

  16. Why’s 9?! What 😂 it’s ‘Eas’t but without the T on the end

  17. Final Fantasy XIV — Best Game.

    Raid and PvP for FREE.

    You're welcome.

  18. I need a FF9 remake. The spells that vivi could learn made me fell like a fucking GOD raining my judgment upon those that stood within my line of sight! And I miss that.



    You're welcome =)

  20. Final Fantasy – XIV


  21. Rachet and clank is not the best looking game on a console lmao get ur eyes checked some fancy rt effects doesn't cut it

  22. Ratchet and Clank is definitely the 🤴 so far

  23. RE Village was really underwhelming for me. After the great RE7, I was hoping for another strong horror game and not a love letter to RE4 fans. Only memorable parts of the game were Donna’s location and the character of Heisenberg.

  24. Never understood the Mario worship…

  25. Did you seriously mispronounce Ys???
    It’s “E’s” or “Ease” NOT “wise”

  26. Ratchet and clank rift apart is one of my favorite games of all time

  27. Really hoping that Crimson Desert is a great RPG.

  28. Biomutant should be on the list. It's not great, but pretty well made for a small indie team.
    Outriders is shit.
    Disco Elysium is a massively overrated boring garbage.
    This year has been nothing but a disaster of gaming. The only great one is RE.

  29. The guy narrating sounds creepy ….. Just saying

  30. Can we get a fire rts game for console?? Some people dont have pcs gd!

  31. Outriders is extremely average – stop praising these annoying live service copy-paste things…otherwise carry on ☺️

  32. the only good game this year is demon souls on ps5,all the rest is crap.

  33. Am i the only one that thinks he sounds so bored in this video?

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