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16 Best Open World Games THAT KEEP ON GIVING

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This rundown isn’t aiming to highlight the 16 best open world games of all time. No, instead we’re taking a more nuanced look at these worlds with the aim being to highlight what keeps you going back once the main story is all wrapped up.

The open world games on this rundown might excel in wonderful side quests that add more meat to the game world’s bones, they might incorporate player choice in fascinating ways so as to affect the game world in realistic ways, or they might continually throw up surprises, or something new, that no matter the hours spent exploring you’re always likely to encounter something unique. Of course, some might be so extremely beautiful that they’re simply a joy to exist in – how an open world looks has value too.


  1. Just platinumed the witcher 3 after 240 hours. And I'm sad af it's all over. One game I didn't have a single issue replaying twice just to do all the story and dlc over again. The witcher sets just make it a whole new game with each different new build. My favorite rpg of all time by a landslide.

    I've probably played more RPG than 90% of all gamers in the world as my skin and lack of life would show and I have to say The Witcher 3 esp3vially for its time even pre complete edition (4.0) I've yet to see the detail and lack of fluff out if any game. Sure some xome close but what CDPR did was aweing. Every single quest and side quest was detailed and most don't kmow this but the entirety of each map is designed around the quests and lore in case you missed it go back and take a look. The maps were made around the lore. Also the side quests always felt as good as main if not better. AND what other game mixes side quests and main quests as well as the witcher 3 to a point to where it changes almost every dialog for both main and side depending on what you have and haven't done. CDPR went as far as to add content for ppl who exploit xp and currency and special dialog for ppl who skip or go out of their way to try and avoid major main missions and decisions. You can not trick any npc in the witcher 3. There's even a part where you aren't supposed to go back at but you can glitch through a wall and get a key off a body to reenter said area later. It also has some of the best DLC I've ever experienced hands down. They also implemented DLC lore into the vanilla game off the launch for you to pick up on later and you say to your self "holy shit" no Parr of the world's were used for fluff or there just to be there. Once I realized how the maps and landscapes just so happen to align with every quest and mission and piece of lore from the books you pick up even I started roaming for many many hours. I quickly picked up on how most things couldn't be changed or moved around from where or how it is laid out without recreating several other things. The only other game I feel has revieved similair attention would be Balders Gate 3 but again , The Witcher 3 Is actually on a much larger, more difficult scale to navigate and construct. Bg3 could be mixed up a good bit and still not know a difference or change lore. But the witcher 3s world is shaped by character lore like it's actually been lived in and managed for centuries even. Even a random no body npc that gives a bit of information is not random. There's always a unique explanation to why everyone Is and where they are and why they are who they are. And the balance of magic and chaos and humans monsters and nonhumans stay within their boundaries and laws and lore. Everything stays bound by the world's laws of physics so to speak. From start to end. You never find yourself saying "well that was put there just ti make the story/game make sense because they had no other way" at first glance I thought differently until later in game when some of the characters (no bodys) give information that a no body should have and I initially thought "…here we go with the bs, devs just giving guidance and making simple things uo to point you in the right direction" but nope. Those guys came back much later in full force 80 hours I'm like "holy shit no way, that makes sense now " especially playing your ng+ the witcher games could be made into their own respective books being as the witcher 3 coukd be split uo into 2 novels with 2 side story books or 3. I've never seen anyone make a game outside a novel that is so far from it but sticks so true at the same time and gets everything notonly right, but perfect. You almost forget that nome of the ganes are cannon but yet they almost could be. Honestly one could argue that the games may hold just as much importance as the books surprisingly. Also, anyone only doing the story in the witcher 3 are only getting less than 5% of all fast travel sign posts and are seeing less than 10% of the entire capacity of the explorable maps. Novigrad/Velen you'll see a lot but you aren't seeing Jack shit in toussaint, the nicest map in the game with the best quests and side quests and skellige is a bit depressing but also has a very unique vibe/setting that is very The Witcher like. But again, I've 100% the game all quests and side quests and errands, done every ending and have done every glitch and weird routes I could think of just to try and trip the dialog up but haven't been able too. Theyve thought of everything. This is a gsme you can beat in 40 hours and not even experience 10% of what's actually going on and technically only running through the main story is the most confusing thing I've experienced. Some things are done/said that has happened or has not that you either heard about read about or just didn't get to experience bit still happened while you were playing all while where you could've actually been apart of it. The main story ahouldve added 50% of the side quests as they are directly linked to the main I feel or close there to

    I also believe Elden Ring belongs in the top 5 best rpgs of late in every lists mentioning rpgs. I can't even adhere to an argument against this.

  2. why is the intro title to this vid helldivers 2 – 10 improvements it needs? did rise of the ronin have something to do with it?

  3. No Fallout, Skyrim, even underrated gems like Sleeping Dogs and Mad Max?

  4. Hey Ubisoft, where is the Farcry 3 remastered??? Do you all not like to make tons of money???

  5. Yeah, but are they better than Rise of the Ronin? That's the only important thing here. Please do a follow up video letting us know. Thanks.

  6. Lol at saying Shadow Of Mordor instead of War, everyone knows War is objectively the better game and critics made some fake attempt at concern with monetization when it came out.

  7. I honestly can't wait for Rebirth to come to PC in about 5 months I guess, give or take. I think FF7 Remake was 6 months after the console release, but I could be wrong. I know we are getting FF 16 soon also, so I'm looking forward to that one also. But Rebirth man, wow. My friend can't stop talking about how good the game was (though he didn't like the ending) and he doesn't much like the FF series or Japanese developed RPG's in general. As for the other games on this list – I'd say Horizon Forbidden West is my current favorite now that I can play it on PC (with an incredible port to boot) but I also quite enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, RDR2 (though I barely touched the surface of that one), Witcher 3, Horizon 5 and Far Cry 3 (and Blood Dragon). There are plenty of open world games however that "keep on giving" as it were. I mean look at the Saint's Row games 2, 3 and 4 are all incredibly well made and seriously packed with content to do and enjoy. I liked the reboot of Saint's Row also; I know it's not cool to like that game – but I did quite a bit. There's plenty of others of course I could list. Outcast A New Beginning is currently another new game I'm enjoying quite a bit with a terrific world design and interesting plot etc. Maybe not a game that keeps on giving but you know, it is what it is.

  8. Think Baldurs gate should maybe be mentioned. but otherwise good picks

  9. Isnt death stranding mostly just walking and fetch quests?

  10. Think you missed these few great ones;
    Superman returns Fuel Metalgear Survive and Goat Simulator. Ahhh perfection 😂

  11. Great list, though surprising to see there's no mention of breath of the wild.

  12. What about unlawfully illegally spreading private half truths indirectly crimanales.

  13. A best Open World video without Skyrim. Man is this a joke 🤣

  14. No Man's Sky isn't on this list? How can I take it seriously, then?

  15. Good video. Another great open world is in The Division 2; especially with the NYC expansion.

  16. dragons dogma 2 is like a week old. kinda bold to add it here with the likes of rdr2

  17. No Kingdom Come Deliverance? That game is so underappreciated…

  18. are you fr put rdr2 #6 and Shadow of Mordor #5 ???? at this point i think ur a troll bro

  19. Skyrim, Fallout 4, Starfield, and mindcraft are thes ones for me 😊

  20. Really… Dragon Dogma's 2!?!?!? Was this paid for by Capcom?!?!? The game just came out, so how do we know if it just keep giving?? And I am no longer subscribed to this garbage of an obviously "we will say anything for money channel"!!

  21. I am currently enjoying Star Wars Survivor, and it's semi-open world structure and exploration.

  22. Amazing list, hard to leave out GTA V, Skyrim, Fallout IV, KCD, Jedi: Survivor.

  23. CDPR really knows how to make open world truly alive

  24. My top 3
    1. Witcher 3
    2. Cyberpunk 2077
    3. Rdr2
    you don't play these games you live in it.

  25. basically a list of every good AAA open world games

  26. What is everyone's problem with NO Man's Sky? Almost all such videos don't mention that Masterpiece. When it comes to "KEEP ON GIVING" There is no match to NMS.

  27. you didnt even put time stamp on this one ha? unsubscribe directly. f this channle that has become kind of useless and repetitive

  28. Witcher 3 is the most overrated game of all time. cyberpunk, rdr, dragons dogma 2, rdr 2, gta 5, elden ring, subnautica, horizon, both dying lights, state of decay 2, fallout 4 and new Vegas, shadow of Mordor and ofc skyrim are all better games and have better worlds, not to mention no man’s sky, starfield, ark survival and far cry games are better open worlds

  29. Actually Id prefer Far Cry 2 rather than 3

  30. Skyrim
    Fallout 4
    Dsys gone
    Just cause 4
    Mad max .. ❤😊

  31. Dragons dogma 2 is barely playable btw on ps5 too

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