18 Amazing Upcoming Most Anticipated Games We Are Waiting For 2023 & Beyond PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC - bestgamewiki.com

18 Amazing Upcoming Most Anticipated Games We Are Waiting For 2023 & Beyond PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC

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Top Upcoming Most Anticipated Games 2023 & 2024 – New Amazing Remake Upcoming Games 2023 – Best Upcoming Most Anticipated Games 2023 & Beyond

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00:00 The Witcher 4
01:25 The Elder Scrolls VI
03:23 Grand Theft Auto VI
04:36 Tomb Raider
05:26 Project 007
06:06 Red Dead Redemption Remastered Trailer From — @TeaserPlay —
07:20 Beyond Good & Evil 2
08:25 Splinter Cell Remake
09:15 Fable
10:05 I.G.I. Origins
11:15 The Day Before
12:05 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
13:07 Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate
13:55 Ace Combat 8
14:45 Max Payne 1&2 Remake
16:10 Thief 5
18:01 The Witcher Remake
19:37 Metroid Prime 4


  1. Everything is dying

  2. I am so thankful to have been alive & high school-aged during that 3-year period of 2001-2004. What a golden era for gaming, but specifically Max Payne, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, Max Payne 2 and GTA: San Andreas. Those games were my life during that period and were the final days of rich offline, single-player gaming.

  3. Let me guess, none of these new games are coming out for ps5 right?
    So glad I bought this giant paperweight with no games.

  4. I hope finally red dead redemption remaster finally to be true

  5. my friend, many of these comparisons are meaningless, as far as we know, the Elder scrolls 6 for example will only come out for PC and Xbox series x, not for one!

  6. Let's just hope that elder scrolls 6 won't be another exclusive for xbox now that Bethesda is Microsoft's property.

  7. Just wait until PlayStation own the rest of the gaming industry, Xbox won’t have anything left lmao

  8. Max Payne 1-2 remake and Witcher remake I’m very excited about

  9. This is what I hate about games now a days, remake a game instead of making a proper sequel or 2. The red dead remake should have been 2! YALL FUCKIN' UP

  10. Stop remaking games….as a consumer I would pass on games I already played….I would only buy it if the price was reduce through time….I rather play a new game…stop wasting time and money on remakes….lame

  11. I only clicked to tell the rest of you that almost none of these games have been confirmed. And he uses fake footage.

  12. This channel is such a massive L with the fake release dates and gameplay.

  13. company of heroes 3 and ashes of creation for the win

  14. I am lucky enough to remember the golden era of games, but back then the PlayStation was known as a "ball and cup".

  15. Wish fable was on ps5 and what happened to bully i loved that game

  16. All these remakes is a call for lazy writing and making games

  17. all these games look terrible let alone the remakes are pointless. well gta will good.

  18. I don’t feel like they’re coming out with any real bangers lately and that’s annoying. Bring back the driver series!

  19. THE REMAKE TURN OUT TO BE A FREE UPDATE and the game is worth $23 right now on the PS Store u can’t beat that

  20. Couldn't help but notice that whenever a game was scheduled to come out on Xbox, you listed Series X but not series S. Is that intentional? A little future-proofing in case the Series S goes extinct, maybe? I hope not

  21. 2025 lmao. For a remake…. Jesus can we get any new content that is actually worth it’s face value😂 RD2 is probably the last game I bought worth what it cost. What was that like 4 years ago lol.

  22. It’s insane how realistic elder scrolls footage looks

  23. Hogwarts legacy, starfield, fable 4 and tes 6 are the games I’m waiting for

  24. I dont understand why "remakes" are so common. I have never felt excited about remade games. In fact I'm always kind of disappointed.

  25. I wish Days Gone got a sequal such an underrated game

  26. Those Max Payne shots are just awful! 🤦🏾‍♂️

    A guy walking? Is that what we’re reduced to now in gaming? Pathetic!

  27. Skyrim won’t be on ps4 or ps5 what kinda bull shit is that?

  28. 2 playable characters in gta6 not 15 and rdr remastered got cancelled..

  29. "GTA 6 wiill have as many as 15 playable characters!" 100% made up.. no one else has said that? Lol but there are clearly only 2.. not 15!

  30. So remake splinter cell because Ironside is out? We need new shit. Not remakes.

  31. Absolutely devastated they shelved Red Dead Redemption remaster. I hope we get RDR3 soon 😢

  32. 8.25 sorry guys i can make anything by my self so i copy MGS

  33. Y’all I cannot wait for Hogwarts legacy and thief 5 looks really good another chance to be Garrald the master thief 😊😊😊😊

  34. Sry but your Voise destroying the Atmosphare.

  35. By this point Red Dead has way more mass appeal then GTA most would rather escape to beautiful landscapes hunt and fish then steal cars do blow and kill hookers

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