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20 Best Open World Games like Skyrim | 2022 Edition

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00:00 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
01:04 – Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
02:07 – Two Worlds
03:22 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
05:02 – Kingdom Come: Deliverance
05:48 – Middle Earth Shadow of War
06:49 – Elex 1 and Elex 2
08:28 – Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
09:47 – Outward
10:48 – Dragon Age Inquisition
11:44 – Gothic series
12:33 – Immortals: Fenyx Rising
14:24 – Gedonia
15:15 – The Forgotten City
16:02 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
16:44 – Divinity II: Developer’s Cut
17:24 – Might & Magic RPG series
18:18 – Crimson Desert
19:22 – Greedfall
20:26 – GOG Weekly Gaming Sale!

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  1. Love your stuff, Cold Beer! I played Skyrim for the first time after finishing Breath of the Wild. Two of my favourite games.

  2. ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED Hear me out. I know it's dinosaurs but the camera view angle and the dragons and caves have a lot of Skyrim feel to it. I do not like the tek tier but if you play on a level capped beginner official pve server it's like you are back in Skryim again. Better because this time you can make your own buildings any way you want. It's the mmo skyrim I wanted ESO to be but never was.

  3. Not gonna lie I loved two worlds lol.
    I don't know why, but similarly to how I live Piranha Bites games, it had a lot of charm and love put into it.

  4. Balders Gate made me fall in love with this type of games. Still fond memories

  5. These are all great games…but old news how is this 2022 version

  6. damn i played most of these already. we should have a list of rpgs sorted by 3d/isometric/2d/etc . my pc is old so i could probably play only ones released before 2015 but i still hope there are games i don't know about

  7. “You need boobs and booze, not some save file fixing cheese” 😂😂 first time on the channel and within the first couple of minutes I’m already a fan lmao

  8. Am I the only one who hears a russian accent?))

  9. These games are all old, Jesus clickbait much

  10. Is funny bcuz the closest thing to Skyrim is actually Fall Out 4 yet with guns. The Bethesda looting is the best.

  11. I really hare the combat in the witcher series. It's pointlessly over complicated with far too many buttons involved in trying to attack.

  12. Witcher 3 Wild hunt is all time blast 🔥🔥

  13. Dragons Dogma I wish the story was longer…. 2 worlds was gatekeeping af…… Witcher 3 best in the list tho

  14. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a great game that I wish more people knew about.

  15. Awesome commentary. I was more entertained by you than a lot of the games reviewed

  16. Risen, Fable and Valheim should be in the list

  17. Sorry except for amalur being slightly like skyrim, not one game is anything like any elder scrolls offline game. AI, scripted or non scripted/ priority scheduled is the one and only feature of skyrims/elder scrolls open world that makes it unique. AI can fight each other, be upset at each, Ai can be poisoned or react differently depending on your choices. AI can generate quests or enemies based on your play style. Ai makes peoples game unique. Granted it doesn't work 70% of the time but it does make the game what it is.

  18. There are some nice games but none will give the feeling I had with Skyrim and a 500 mods playthrough.

  19. My love is to "Might and Magic" from 2000 year. And I've played a lot in Might and Magic VIII, IX and VII. And I try to find looks like this game in modern games. (Also I`ve played a lot in Gothic I, II and III).

  20. All I want is Skyrim like quest npcs where you have to explore for side quests and not go to pointers like new capitalistic era full of statistics and as of everything has to be direct and clear… No, I don't want everything to be as clear as statistic l, I want to get immersed in game… Stupid new era with statistics and such… Pls tell me some games that are like that and is this list true to Skyrim feel?

  21. I love the idea of The Witcher, but I just can’t get into it. I think for two reasons. 1. His voice drives me crazy. 2. There is romance but it’s with women. I can play a woman romancing women, and I can play a man romancing men. But for some weird reason my brain breaks at playing a man romancing a woman. I guess bc it’s so far away from my own to experience it ruins the immersion.

  22. I don’t think I ever met someone that said that AC Valhalla was better than Odyssey. They all quit playing the game because it’s was bloated and boring.

  23. Two worlds was great and terrible at the same time 4/10 would play again

  24. Fuck puzzles. I don't play games to put stuff together.. I play games to turn things into puzzles

  25. I wish I wasn't so stupid and always had to have my hand held so I can try to play games like Elden ring and Skyrim

  26. Men there's no kingdom come deliverance for switch lol

  27. 1:15 is the most blatant Supreme Chancellor / Emperor Palpatine I have ever seen!

  28. man i love how the Chanelle's name is ColdBeer and then it's a Russian dude that absolutely love vodka gets me every time even scoring games a out of ten vodkas and how he is just so fucking funny with out trying

  29. Divinity II: Developer's Cut – it just have oe problem. Work bad on moderm PC

  30. Most of the games on this video i can play them now on ps plus 😎

  31. The fact that dwarf fortress adventure mode was left out is wild. By far the most replayable, most in-depth lore, overall best sandbox RPG there is.

  32. You put "Open World" on the title, yet you don't include Elden Ring in one of the list.

  33. I subscribed just cause you are funny as fuck… great presentation brother keep it up🤘🏾

  34. Downloaded Fenyx Rising as soon as you said character creator

  35. I wish someone would make a really good Bible game like Skyrim but bible based off scripture.

  36. Hello.
    There was a game i played in high school i can;t remember the name.
    U start from zero with farming/cutting woods etc. and progress to building machines and airplanes and nuke power at the end.
    Can u remember the name of the game? I really want to play it again.
    It was like Age Of Empire but u progress more until 19-20 century / current Era.

  37. Can't you fully customize your appearance in Dragon's Dogma? So you can play as the fat viking

  38. what made Skyrim, was the liberty of actions, not cause it was just open world.

  39. Why play the 20 best "Skyrim like games?"
    When you can just play Skyrim?
    These games are awesome though….i'll grant you that.

  40. i guess "like skyrim" is a relative term. Personally NONE of these are like skyrim. KoA comes close, but that is it.

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