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20 Best Open World Games To Play Right Now

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Open-world games have only grown more popular with time, with many series even shifting away from linear design to give players more freedom and bigger areas to explore. Not every open-world game is created equal, however, with classics such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild standing out against alternatives that rely too much on “stuff to do” and ever-bigger worlds than making the open world suit the experience. That can make it difficult to find the best open-world games, especially on newer consoles that have so many to choose from. We rounded up some of the very best ones, accounting for the world itself being a big reason for their inclusion–games with tremendous stories that happen to have open worlds, such as Nier: Automata, were left off for this reason. We’ve also geared this mostly toward newer games that are easily accessible today. 

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0:00 Introduction
0:18 Red Dead Redemption 2
0:49 GTA 5
01:31 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
02:09 No Man’s Sky
02:47 Batman: Arkham City
03:22 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
04:07 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
04:43 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
05:29 Minecraft
05:55 Forza Horizon 4
06:35 Microsoft Flight Simulator
07:14 Far Cry 3
07:43 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
08:26 Yakuza: Like A Dragon
09:05 Horizon: Zero Dawn
09:50 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
10:32 Marvel’s Spider-Man
11:13 Ghost of Tsushima
11:42 Sunset Overdrive
12:20 Death Stranding

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  1. Literally any of the borderlands games???

  2. Fenix immortals rising, especialy if you're a greek myth fan!

  3. I was hoping to see saints row IV here. had a blast with that one

  4. Played all. Beat all.
    Ughhhh i want more open world gamessss nowwwww.

  5. I'm currently juggling BOTW, Ghost of Tsushima and AC: Valhalla. Do I have a lot of time to play? Not at all 😀

  6. Can't wait for that Witcher 3 upgrade. The game already looks incredible on PS4 slim and I'm dying to see what they'll do to it for PS5.

  7. You should probably have mentioned that this list isn't in any particular order. Or, if it is, you should probably have your heads checked. lol

  8. Death standing in the same list as witcher 😂

  9. U forgot kingdom come deliverance!!! Easily better than half the games on this list imo… Plus most havent heard of it so it's a gd game to recommend to some1 who's played all these super popular games already

  10. ahh @minecraft Please Make …

    Minecraft battle royale XD

  11. Im surprised to see Death Stranding. I love the game and the world as well as controls, But it's just delivering package from point a to point b

  12. When it comes to open world, RDR 2 is on a level of it's own until GTA 6 comes out

  13. Do yourself a favor, go play Enderal: Forgotten Stories, it's a game base on TESV engine and it's free if you owned TESV. The only game better than it in this video maybe is The Witcher 3, the others is not even close to me.

  14. Elite: Dangerous would have been a far better choice than No mans sky.

  15. The Witcher 3 is a horrible Open world. The Game would be much better if It wasn't an open world

  16. 06:04 "Forza Horizon 4 takes the open-world racing series to rural England"
    Scotland would like to have a word…

  17. We had some amazing open world video games in the last 10 years. I remember how big Oblivion felt in 2006 and now almost every game is just bigger and bigger

  18. Witcher 3 is overrated, i’ve tried so many times to play it, i just can’t get into it.. and i love those types of RPGs

  19. Doesn't the Witcher has missable achievements you can no longer unlock anymore??

  20. i only played spiderman – batman – gta 5 from this list

  21. Ah popular AAA games that probably everyone played by now. If you want RPG Try Divinity Original Sin 2 even if its not your genre give it a try. It gets you hooked!

  22. How did BoTW “revolutionize open world design?”

  23. "Sleeping dogs" and "horizon" are my fav 2 open world games in the last 10 years.

  24. We know these games already… I mean you seriously put Minecraft and Skyrim on here as if people who don't know those games exist.

  25. Dragon age origins
    Dragon age Inquisition
    The Witcher 2
    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

  26. A few of my favorites that didn't make the list:
    Fallout 4
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Ghost Recon: Wildlands
    Mass Effect 3 (if it counts)

  27. Elex, is so much more fun to explore than half the games on this list. And I’ve played them all. If you you see a mountain and fly to the top theirs loot there. Is there’s something that seems worth checking out there’s loot there. You’re rewarded for exploring. That’s good open world design.

  28. Man, I'm glad Sunset Overdrive's getting recognition. The game's criminally underrated.

  29. Death Stranding…come on. I guess you need one more…I get it. 😉

  30. I’d throw in Subnautica. Might not be as popular as a game like Death Stranding but whereas most of the games on this list are very like one another, Subnautica is completely distinct for many reasons

  31. "There aren't that many new releases out right now"


  32. In my opinion, the fact that Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn't on this list is an insult. Genuinely probably the best game I have ever played, ridiculously immersive and fun

  33. Xenoblade Chronicles X is missing in this

  34. zelda all day ,, until the new open world pokemon game comes out in a few months ,,Which is modeled after Zelda

  35. You forgot Kingdom Come Deliverance and Fallout New Vegas.

    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Witcher 3
    Breath of the Wild

    Those 4 open world games were awesome i had a lot of enjoyment with them.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 for realism and alive open world.
    Skyrim for freedom of gameplay and sandbox gaming.
    Witcher 3 for worldbuilding and quests and story/characters
    Breath of the Wild for exploration and physics

    4 Open world games that defined a generation.

  36. Star Wars: The Old Republic – the most expensive game ever made. Why no SWTOR love?

  37. METAL gear solid 5 is really good game,but is it really open world? I mean the place feel like empty space with a few enemy base ,you cant do any activity beside kill or rescue mission ,i dont think thats open world to me

  38. Arkham knight should replace Arkham city in this list

  39. Also GS: red dead redemption 2 is frustrating, 9/10.

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