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20 Best PS2 Single Player Games Of All Time

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The PlayStation 2 was home to some incredible single player adventures. From linear experiences to JRPGS and the beginnings of open world action, here are some of our favorites.
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  1. Ps2 and the gamecube my first 2 consoles I miss them dearly

  2. Persona 3 FES
    Persona 4
    Kingdom Hearts 2
    Resident Evil 4
    Fatal Frame 2

    Are my personal favorites

  3. Fatal Frame my bast childhood game ever

  4. Warriors, Monster Hunter, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Lord of the Rings and Legend of Kay (The one where you play as a cat samurai) all still get played today by me on an emulator for my android phone with a telescopic Bluetooth Controller.

  5. PS2 is what introduced us to "HD" games. Like during that time, I am amazed how "realistic" the games were.

  6. I've played half of these despite never owning a ps2

  7. You neglected to include the best game on the PS2… Dragon quest 8!! Sheesh!!

  8. PS2 is my childhood, It has special place in my heart

  9. All three LOTR games, the three latest Legacy of Kain games, the two Indiana Jones games…
    (I love series)

  10. My favorite, Tony Hawk games on PlayStation were Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
    Tony Hawk American wasteland
    Tony Hawk Downhill jam

  11. The punisher was under-rated and one of the best ever.

  12. Your gameplay footage looks sharp. what video converter are you using?

  13. Shinobi, Summoner, as well as Gungrave are a few of my favorites from ps2.

  14. Y’all just straight up ripped off the IGN list

  15. You missed Shadow of Rome.
    A very underrated game by Capcom.

  16. Yo guys, how awesome was Crash: Clash of the Titans

  17. Ps2 was the greatest era in gaming history. As someone whose been here since Atari, Sega, Nintendo I can happily claim that.

    No one had a winning formula, every game was different, new mechanics, control layout, art styles etc etc. Some really innovative game design happened in this era.

  18. Have a flight tomorrow and I'm looking for a simple good game and this helped a lot

  19. This video is Part 1 of what is likely a neverending series, so let us know some of your favorites so we can include them in a PART 2 👇

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