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20 Best Single Player Games For Android & iPhone

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Looking for something fun and fulfilling to play on your phone? These iOS and Android games, online and offline, should keep you busy for awhile.
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20 GrimValor
PRICE: $6.99

19 Pascal’s Wager
PRICE: $6.99

18 Stardew Valley
PRICE: $7.99

17 Dead Effect 2


15 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
PRICE: $2.99

14 Animus – Stand Alone
PRICE: $3.99

13 Wolf Among Us

12 The School White Day
PRICE: $6.99

11 Max Payne
PRICE: $2.99

10 Implosion: Never Lose Hope
iOS Android
PRICE: $9.99

9 Monument Valley
PRICE: $3.99

8 The Talos Principle
PRICE: $4.99

7 Bully
PRICE: $6.99

6 The ROOM 3
PRICE: $3.99

5 GTA: Trilogy
PRICE: $11.99

4 Exiled Kingdom RPG

3 XCOM: Enemy Within
PRICE: $4.99


1 Star Wars: KOTOR
PRICE: $9.99




  1. Fo real! I remember playing Galaga on PC, and the Chex version of Doom.

    I think most processing will be done in the cloud in several decades. Graphic hardware will get better and you can access your system of games and whatnot from any device that you don't have to continually replace.

  2. I recommend u all to play Pasccal's Wager.That game is just so damn good for an android game.

  3. I'm 20 and these graphics makes me sick

  4. The XCOM is well worth the money, I keep going back again and again

  5. I was literally about to comment where is Chrono Trigger, then you mentioned it and now…..i'm here typing this out…..

  6. Me waiting for teranigma mobile … maby one day

  7. Okay dude you are consistently missing Guardian Tales. GT is easily the best mobile action-RPG game.. period. To boot, the second season just launched in a big way and we could really use some help in spreading word on how amazing it is. This is not an ordinary game either. It is very important that the project is entirely successful, and indeed is in fact a big part of your purpose here on YouTube. I have watched a few of your mobile game list clips now and none of them have covered it. That would be you guys slacking off. Get with it.

  8. I gotta say from my experience that the gta trilogy is worth it. The games look better then on any port in my opinion, also with a phone game some parts of all 3 games a hard, but dont let the sway you their worth it. If you think Zeros mission is hard on xbox or PS god you cant evwn understand the pain lmao. And the free aim aint for shit at all but thats why there is a auto lock system them good but sometimes difficult if you want one thing lol

  9. This don't happen I went outside and Hit my neighbor while coming down with a broomstick and there was no light show wtf People.

  10. NEW STRATEGY GAME ALERT: Dystopia: Contest of Heroes
    Enter code CONOR in tutorial and get an in-game bonus worth around 10 bucks.

  11. Cool video! You can also check out our latest mobile game, Cube Jumpers

  12. I was searching a video like this
    I got some very bad videos with bad games but atlast got gameranx video and I got so relieved 😂😂

  13. Just say every rockstar game is great because they are lol with mobile games you can’t expect console tier games because it’s a mobile platform so when games from consoles are carried over successfully to mobile..well it’s more then awesome because most console games are polished and are made for controllers and long storylines and great gameplay..those types of games on mobile are a dime a dozen..hard to find those lol I’ve personally found only 1 console tier game and that’s PascalsWager
    Which has awesome gameplay and a 3/5 storyline
    So if you find a great console game that successfully got carried over to mobile then get that game because it’ll be hard to find a game like that on mobile

  14. If it's 1p then it would be available without internet??

  15. Gta liberty city and gta chinatown is also on mobile.

  16. Can’t believe there were no good single player games for free for iOS 🙁

  17. Can you tell the name of that game who have brown and blue team to fight and there is not a fire button a area to fire and there is a village,dessert and more maps and you can see teammates and opponents center up

  18. Played brothers on Xbox,stunning game
    AndTalos principle too,tough as hell

  19. Does anyone know of a SINGLE PLAYER, NON MMORPG, NON RPG, NON FPS, NON PVP, android game? I have not been able to find anything short of the match 3 type games?

  20. idk why people even play these 8-bits pixelated games and those turn based games… i personally accept 2d games only for smartphones (except ori and the blind forest)

  21. Holy shit I'm a fucking idiot. I shouldn't have bought a gaming phone if these are the "best" mobile games on the platform.

  22. Started playing mobile games when I got my first phone on college and up until now, i am still playing. I have console, I have pc but I mostly touch my phone for gaming.

  23. hello for over 2 months I have been watching the game I played around 2016 on Android. The game was about a wizard who fought dragons and other similar monsters. in the shop you could buy other gloves, for example: fire glove, ice glove,… the game was from another person and fought swiping with sticks on the sides

  24. Can't get into gta. I've tried, i just can't

  25. If anyone's watching this now, like myself, Pascal's Wager is on Android now as well

  26. You're the only one who made a list of GOOD mobile Games yet. Please an updated Version

  27. Pay attention that these games are mostly paid games .

    Never trust a free mobile game , never .

  28. I don't get how someone can complain about the prices for a full game better than back in my day when you wanted a mobile game you would have to spend $40 on each 3DS game or $20 for the PSP

  29. I must say, XCOM2 collection is better than XCOM Enemy Within! I love turn based games 😀

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