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21 Best Nintendo DS Games

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The pre-three DS

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  1. Best rpg ds games is what this list should be called honestly

  2. No disgaea? disgaea the characters and dialogue conversations are the best ever.

  3. OG's should remember all the great games that were released with the DS.

  4. CovidImages need to be invested more than half19

  5. I am so happy Zero Escape 999 has an space in this list

  6. Bowser’s inside story is my favorite ds game ever. Even one of my favorite games in general. Such an amazing DS game

  7. Can we play these games on drastic ds emulator


  9. No metroid prime hunters?? I bought that game used like 4 times.

  10. i am sort of person who cares about his stuff i still have my ds gba and 3ds and all the games i owned i never throwed them away i was good at studies so my mom was also not mad at me

  11. i think mario and lugi partners in time is the best nds game ever

  12. Can I somehow play Pokemon united on my NDS2?

  13. No pokemon black and white and BW2???? I CALL BS

  14. How on earth can you not have the Zelda games on here is beyond me

  15. Wow…there is actually a top game list that I don't care to play at all.

  16. POV:your looking for games to play on your emulator

  17. Thanks, I was looking for a rom to download after I finish Super Princess Peach 🍑

  18. I have all the zeldas ds games for my 3ds.

  19. Dragon Quest V is THE best RPG? Have you ever played Divinity Original Sin 2?

  20. I love spirit tracks. It has best awersome sountracks

  21. Almost disappointed not seeing Meteos in the list as my favorite action puzzle game, but man the DS has an amazing library of titles that can fit a top 50 list and still have some good games deserving mentions.

  22. I’m honestly a little surprised that Hotel Dusk isn’t on this list. It’s a glorious experience. I really would love to see Kyle Hyde make a comeback on the Switch.

  23. One game for the Nintendo DS that I think everyone should know about is "Solatorobo: Red The Hunter", which is quite possibly the most underrated game on the console, and it is a hidden masterpiece that practically no one even talks about at all. Heck, it even received a 9.5 out of 10 when it was reviewed in an issue of Nintendo Power back in 2011, and I was able to get a copy of it at a local GameStop that came bundled with a CD soundtrack containing music from the game.

  24. I thought I'll find final fantasy tactic in this list 😢

  25. a bit miffed to see Strange Journey isn’t here, but overall pretty good list!

  26. No love for Zelda? Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks? Those were the best!

  27. What I hate about Dragon Quest is I was always underleveled when facing the last bosses (DQ 4, 8, 9, 11). Needed to grind an hour or two to beat them in long fights. I like the series thought.

  28. Well, at least Rhythm Paradise appeared on the video…

  29. Can we all agree Zubo is one of the best ds games?

  30. What is the background track called in the beginning

  31. The brand of the washing machine was beko 🙂 Made in Türkiye

  32. Almost Every game here is just terrible 😪

  33. Useful for me lol (Because im too broke to get a switch lol)

  34. 21.Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
    20.Chrono Trigger
    19.Professor Layton and the unwound Future
    18.Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
    17.Sonic Rush Adventure
    16.Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    14.Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    13.Pokemon Platinum
    12.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations
    11.Professor Layton and the Curious Village
    10.Animal Crossing Wild World
    9.Pokemon BW1
    8.Metroid Prime Hunters
    7.Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    6.Zelda Spirit Tracks
    5.Pokemon B2W2
    4.Super Mario 64 DS
    3.Mario Party DS
    2.Zelda Phantom Hourglass
    1.Pokemon HGSS

  35. great games. PS: your voice doesn't belong to your body lol

  36. Um cara desse muito jogo é de da inveja 🤗

  37. My brother recently got Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time because explorers of sky wasn’t available

  38. i tried several times to play through chrono trigger. ive tried the ds version, snes version and ps1 version. I always played until i got to 10,000 bc then i would stop playing and never go back to the game.

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