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21 Best Super Nintendo Games (SNES)

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  1. No love for Super R Type? Classic game and difficult.

  2. STARFOX! That was the coolest when it first came out. Every other game gets the vote easy except that one that never was released in Europe you discussed.

  3. Final Fight too! I can't belive I forgot my favorite game!

  4. There are others great games that unfortunately only made in Japanese. Like Dragon Quest

  5. I like too Illusion of Gaia and Breath of fire 2

  6. I feel like Demons Crest should’ve been in this list.

  7. Actraiser is so good too!! X-men Mutant apocalypse!! just throwing those out there.

  8. DK2 Super Mario World and Metroid are my personal favorites… Gotta through in the Adventures of Batman and Robin animated series too just cause it's not on his list.

  9. Metroid and Mario world should swap.

    Great list. 👍

  10. No Kirby Super Star, F-Zero, Star Fox, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire II or Donkey Kong Country 3?

  11. Great video, very entertaining. I would have thrown Super Ghouls N Ghosts in there.

  12. I fondly remember Ridley’s theme playing in background throughout my play-through both Chrono Trigger and Link to the Past too!

  13. Almost fit them all right except for not breath of fire 2? Of you haven't played it its a must!

  14. You left out three of my favorites, but understandable, they are not widely regarded: Kirby’s Dream (available on the Switch), Tetris Attach, and Uniracers.

  15. My brother, how much does it cost, because I own one like it, and they say it is rare and is sold at a high price, and I want to sell it at auction, how much is it worth?

  16. Not sure why Illusion of Gaia wasn't on this list

  17. And there is still a lot of good SNES game not on the list,like True Lies,Stargate,Turn and Burn,Top Gear series,Gundam Wing,plenty of it,i remember back then when i tired playing outside during summer holidays i come to my friend home to play SNES game

  18. why do we idolise the usa versions of a game and ignore what we grew up with all my 'contra' games are probotector – and futuristic robots kick ass!

  19. UN squadron isn’t there! Da fuck!

  20. Why is Donkey Kong country 2 at number 9 and not number 1

  21. First time watching, is this LGR’s British brother?

  22. I'm gonna say it. Its Super N.E.S., Super N.E.S., or S.N.E.S., not snez not snez! I grew up when the Super N.E.S. came out, we never ever called it snez! Sorry for my rant, it's just everytime he says snez, like someone dragging nails on chalkboard.

  23. Super Mario World the Best ever ♥️
    But I think a game like Demon's Crest😈It deserves to be at least in the top 10

  24. Mario Kart at #20??! Should be top 5, considering how good and fun it was!

  25. Great list! You mentioned Earthbound having bad advertisement. Another for me is Dreams for Ps4. It's a game builder like Game Builder Garage but for PS4! And hardly anyone knows what it is! The marketing was terrible! Which doesn't make sense because it was made by the same team that made Little Big Planet. There are some amazing games that people have built but if it would have been advertised right I cant even imagine how epic it would be.

  26. Never heard a better expression of the love that Mario World deserves (and that I have for it) than this.

  27. Super Mario Kart is the best Mario Kart don’t @ me

  28. The only thing i hated about donkey kong country 2 was the “pay to save” feature…otherwise it’s a perfect game.

  29. Don’t forget Killer Instinct. One of the best fighting game on snes.

  30. Good list…no need for two Street Fighters…the main egregious game left out is Super Mario 2 – Yoshi's Island. The art, music, gameplay is just amazing.

  31. There really ought to be a separate list for JRPG's, since there are so many wonderful games in that category on the SNES!

  32. Yoshis Island is the GOAT.
    • Plok is the greatest unknown game amongst casual players.
    • Congos Caper is just about as great
    • Radical Rex is an absolute must play. It is a time machine back to the late 80s and 90s
    • Cool Spot got me through a hospital stay as a child
    • AcroBat 1 & 2 👏
    • Mario RPG is such an odd classic
    • Earthworm Jim was so popular back then now nobody remembers him 😢
    • Uniracers… get your buddies and play this game!! It’s hilarious and challenging

  33. Great list! I just wished F-Zero or Super Punch Out was on here 😢

  34. I love how Theme of Simon gets a super extended play. It's that good!

  35. I kind of have this hard-to-describe love-hate relationship with the fact that the best console games always seem to be some version of Super Mario…

  36. I am glad Super Mario world is #1. I have said it before and i will say it again, it's the best game on the SNES if not the best ever..

  37. The beautiful thing about the SNES is that you can play all these games for free on your phone, heck most app stores have the emulator for free and they take up very little memory that you could have every one of these games on your phone and still do everything you want without worrying about space

  38. I hate it when ppl call the S.N.E.S. as "Snes". It like nails on a chalkboard

  39. I swear every time one of y’all says “snezz”…..

  40. Gave this video a thumbs down, I actually think all the titles are spot on, but he kept saying Snez! It's S.N.E.S. or Super N.E.S.!!

  41. As many of you have rightly pointed out, Earthbound is NOT in fact available through Nintendo Switch Online. The party responsible for this error (Admiral Beans) has been reprimanded accordingly.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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