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21 Best Super Nintendo Games (SNES)

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  1. As many of you have rightly pointed out, Earthbound is NOT in fact available through Nintendo Switch Online. The party responsible for this error (Admiral Beans) has been reprimanded accordingly.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Gave this video a thumbs down, I actually think all the titles are spot on, but he kept saying Snez! It's S.N.E.S. or Super N.E.S.!!

  3. I swear every time one of y’all says “snezz”…..

  4. I hate it when ppl call the S.N.E.S. as "Snes". It like nails on a chalkboard

  5. The beautiful thing about the SNES is that you can play all these games for free on your phone, heck most app stores have the emulator for free and they take up very little memory that you could have every one of these games on your phone and still do everything you want without worrying about space

  6. I am glad Super Mario world is #1. I have said it before and i will say it again, it's the best game on the SNES if not the best ever..

  7. I kind of have this hard-to-describe love-hate relationship with the fact that the best console games always seem to be some version of Super Mario…

  8. I love how Theme of Simon gets a super extended play. It's that good!

  9. Great list! I just wished F-Zero or Super Punch Out was on here 😢

  10. Yoshis Island is the GOAT.
    • Plok is the greatest unknown game amongst casual players.
    • Congos Caper is just about as great
    • Radical Rex is an absolute must play. It is a time machine back to the late 80s and 90s
    • Cool Spot got me through a hospital stay as a child
    • AcroBat 1 & 2 👏
    • Mario RPG is such an odd classic
    • Earthworm Jim was so popular back then now nobody remembers him 😢
    • Uniracers… get your buddies and play this game!! It’s hilarious and challenging

  11. There really ought to be a separate list for JRPG's, since there are so many wonderful games in that category on the SNES!

  12. Good list…no need for two Street Fighters…the main egregious game left out is Super Mario 2 – Yoshi's Island. The art, music, gameplay is just amazing.

  13. Don’t forget Killer Instinct. One of the best fighting game on snes.

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