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23 Best Steam Deck Games You Should Play

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If you just bought a Steam Deck and are wondering what to boot up first, we’ve rounded up a few of the best games to play on it, including major AAA hits like Elden Ring, under-the-radar indies such as Spiritfarer, and everything in between.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Elden Ring
1:37 – Spiritfarer
2:17 – Hitman 3
2:45 – Disco Elysium
3:19 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
4:00 – God of War (2018)
4:36 – Left 4 Dead 2
5:10 – Monster Train
5:49 – Children of Morta
6:14 – Rogue Legacy 2
6:48 – Sable
7:28 – Sea of Thieves
8:13 – Unpacking
8:38 – Valheim
9:07 – Vampire Survivors
9:41 – The Witcher 3
10:14 – The Banner Saga Trilogy
10:47 – Into the Breach
11:20 – Ori and the Blind Forest
11:57 – Rez Infinite
12:39 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
13:11 – Soma
13:42 – Half-Life 2
14:44 – Outro

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  1. I threw tony hawk 1&2, hades, and Sifu.. it’s great for grind sessions

  2. Hitman 3 may be fun, but I don't know how Gamespot can recommend an always-online game in good conscience, especially on a platform where the whole point is to be able to play anywhere.

  3. It’s 4am got the steam deck last night fell asleep waiting for games to install wall here i am eating chocolate drinking a beer in bed whilst she’s asleep lol

  4. What did you guys think of no man's sky on the streamdeck? And how does titanfall 2 run on it?

  5. Im glad I got a steamdeck. My girlfriend goes to sleep very early in the evening so instead of being outside in the living room on my PC away from her every night, I can now be in bed with her while gaming

  6. I was playing sea of thieves on my Samsung z fold 3 for a year straight. I use a gamesir controller. It worked great. Now I have a steam deck. And its amazing 👏

  7. Didn't mention Farmville. Not watering your crops.

  8. Has anyone tried destiny 2 on the steam deck? Wanting to get back into it and having a handheld will be better to play

  9. I wonder does DD2 (Dungeon Defenders 2) work on steam Deck?

  10. Outer wilds is an incredible experience on the steam deck

  11. My favorites on Steam Deck are Eastshade, Stray, Maneater, Goat Simulator and the brand-new Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  12. Children of Morta is really good. Too bad i played it on the switch, else it would be awesome on the deck

  13. Can you play subsistence on steam deck please

  14. Valheim ran pretty bad even with graphics turned down almost all the way. I refunded.

  15. Can’t wait for an OLED Steam Deck with better battery life

  16. How is Shadow Of War not on this list? It runs so smoothly and it's a great game!

  17. If these are the best games available, I don't think I'll bother

  18. Can you run a wireless controller with the Deck?

  19. Came to this video cause I'm hyped to get my Steam Deck. Was even more excited to hear Jessie narrating! 🖖

  20. only issue with steam deck is games with anti cheat won't run

  21. how runs Valheim on the DS? Still on the fence for the SD

  22. Well I planning to buy Steam Deck and my firsts games going to be Mortal Kombat 1/2, Alien vs Predator, Vendetta, Street Fighter Alpha 2, as an Old School portable Arcade gaming device.

  23. Why do most of these look like mobile games

  24. Why would anyone recommend a game that doesn’t support the controller? Insane.

  25. I was waiting for Nier Automata and Doom but Thanks for these amazing games recommendations too!!

  26. Where can i find Skyrim "saved" files on steamdeck? Please help🙏

  27. please tell me, there is no voice acting of the characters in skyrim, the rest of the sounds are present. what could be the problem?

  28. Can you play more than 60 fps if you use a monitor

  29. 10.)Red dead redemption 2

    9.)Red dead redemption 2

    8.)Red dead redemption 2

    7.)Red dead redemption 2

    6.)Red dead redemption 2

    5.)Red dead redemption 2

    4.)Red dead redemption 2

    3.)Red dead redemption 2

    2.)Red dead redemption 2

    1.)Red dead redemption 2

  30. The lack of seeing MGSV: GZ and TPP as well as the Arkham Series is surprising.

    MGSV Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain work perfectly at 60 FPS on highest settings, and Arkham Knight runs essentially perfectly on highest settings at 60 FPS, only dipping down when driving the batmobile and flying around the city, but it's mostly unnoticeable. All this on the 64 GB model with a 512 GB Samsung EVO Micro SD Card.

    If you want to buy those games, I'd suggest wishlisting them, and waiting until a big sale and then you can get MGSV definitive experience, (GZ and TPP) for like $12 with all DLC, and Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight, and all their DLC for only $9, (You'd have to get Arkham Origins seperately, cause it isn't included in the rocksteady bundle.)

  31. The persin who recorded this has an amazing voice, omfg let's build a metal band together omfg EDIT ; Gimma HL3

  32. Darksiders, all work exceptional ( besides the first, but it works decent too with GE proton). The 2nd one thou was a highlight for me, very solid experience

  33. I got a steam deck to play new Vegas lol

  34. So … Games that i already played? Thanks. Its ps5 then. I haven't played demon souls yet. I also need that spiderman 2, FFXI and hopefully silent hill 2 next year. I buy consoles for new games, not replay old games

  35. GTA 5 and Reddead redemption 2 are a must! And snowrunner of course

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