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23 Best Steam Deck Games You Should Play

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If you just bought a Steam Deck and are wondering what to boot up first, we’ve rounded up a few of the best games to play on it, including major AAA hits like Elden Ring, under-the-radar indies such as Spiritfarer, and everything in between.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Elden Ring
1:37 – Spiritfarer
2:17 – Hitman 3
2:45 – Disco Elysium
3:19 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
4:00 – God of War (2018)
4:36 – Left 4 Dead 2
5:10 – Monster Train
5:49 – Children of Morta
6:14 – Rogue Legacy 2
6:48 – Sable
7:28 – Sea of Thieves
8:13 – Unpacking
8:38 – Valheim
9:07 – Vampire Survivors
9:41 – The Witcher 3
10:14 – The Banner Saga Trilogy
10:47 – Into the Breach
11:20 – Ori and the Blind Forest
11:57 – Rez Infinite
12:39 – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
13:11 – Soma
13:42 – Half-Life 2
14:44 – Outro

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  1. Where limbo and inside ?

  2. Can you play early access games through Steam on this?

  3. The Slog that is the combat has pretty effectively kept me from making much progress in Ori and the Blind Forest, it's not hard, it's just a button mash with simple dodging, which takes too long because the enemies are ungodly tanky for no apparent reason, either that or Ori attacks with all the power of a spitball.

  4. Got my 512gb deck today.. so far very pleased.. Forza 5 runs surprisingly well..

  5. Better screen then Switch? OLED SWITCH ANYONE?

  6. I think project zomboid deserves a spot on this list.

  7. ADD divinity original sin 2 steam deck verified

  8. I dont own a steam deck (yet) but i just watch this to make me more sad for some reason…….

  9. Valhiem and Rogue Legacy 2 are the ones I want to try now

  10. ‘Under the radar indies’ im certain that vampire survivors isnt that under the radar it blew up and was top selling on steam, since its so cheap thats a lot of sales

  11. Frictional made Amnesia. The Amnesia series, not "Insomnia".

    Professional games journalism is in a bad place rn…

  12. Need for Speed Hot Putsuit runs at 60fps in 2560×1600 on Deck. Short arcady races of just a few minutes. Criterion online requests nag at every start, but you should try it if you own it.

  13. I'll bet "Poly Bridge" is a good game to play on it. "Project Zomboid" would prob be awesome too.

  14. Baffled why half the games are on this list instead of modded Skyrim, new vegas, the mass effect trilogy, and other classics that play really well.

  15. Why is Monster Train promoted on this list? Steam mentions it doesn't work on Deck and I can confirm it.

  16. I've heard mgs5 is really great for the deck. The segmented mission structure is perfect for 1-2 hour sessions and it runs really well also.

    I get my deck Friday. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I've reserved the 256 gig model almost a year ago. Im kinda glad that i didnt get mine in q1 because there were some kinks to work out in the OS apparently, but now theres tons of community support and valve has had a little but of time to iron out some of the wrinkles. The next 24 hours are gonna be soooo painful. I can't wait.

  17. Alien Isolation, Dead Space 1 & 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonored, Phoenix Point, Gears Tactics, Hitman, The Ascent, Remnant From the Ashes, Bioshock, Alan Wake, Valheim, and all the recent Dooms and Wolfensteins because those iD Tech games look and play ridiculously well on the Deck, it's insane.

  18. "tiTLeS wE OnLy DrEAm 2 pLaY ON hANDhEld!?"

    Hommie most of these games could run on cellphones, some on a smartwatch, all but one or two are already on the Switch and the rest can run on last gen. Why would anyone only "dream" to have ANY of these on handheld when it's exceedingly believe they could (let alone almost all of them already do) run on a handheld before the Deck was even mentioned?

  19. How many of you are taking the train as much as he says we are?

  20. "Ori is better because of the larger, nicer screen than Switch"
    Thats not true. Switch OLED is also 7" and it's WAY nicer than the Deck screen. It's also native res at 60fps on Switch, so it's objectively worse on Deck. I love the device, but not everything is automatically better

  21. Installed Crysis 2 last night. I couldn't believe the deck locked 60 fps on ultra quality.
    I toggled the controls and found gyros enabled when you aim down sights allowed for some crazy precision, I also put my cloak, jump, and reload on the back buttons. You almost never have to take your thumbs off the sticks and fingers off the triggers. Just incredible

  22. does it have a cloud gaming service like xbox and stadia ?

  23. I've got hopes that Valve will make dedicated software for the deck. Highly doubtful, but I can hope.

  24. Yall think days gone, dying light 2, tlou part 1 would play good? Looking to get this around the time tlou part 1 comes out for pc

  25. This game list is not doing the Steam Deck any justice 🤦‍♂️ most of these listings are not the most popular franchises/titles and can run on a potato or at least looks like it can. So far, I've got RE2 Remake, Soul Calibur 6, DOA 6, GTA 4 (which isn't even verified), Max Payne 3, Phasmophobia, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, etc running flawlessly without having to download any unofficial software or sacrificing the image quality or frame rate to a degree where it's noticeable on its screen. No hate towards indie games because there are some lesser known ones that I like but they're not console/hardware sellers, especially when they visually look like a mobile game. They should be a foot note or addendum, not the main topic of discussion.

  26. FFS Half Life 2?? Are you reveiwers EVER going to stop going on about it? It was great 15 years ago. Not now.

  27. Grabbed this thing mostly for isometric rpgs. Grim Dawn, wasteland 3, pillars of eternity, disco Elysium. Grim Dawn is fantastic on the steam deck.

  28. Is Monster Train touch screen compatible?

  29. I bet they can make games like God of war and Hitman easily for even phones… But they are 2ats.

  30. Either the writer or the narrator needs work on their lines.

  31. I'm currently playing dying light. I love my deck so much!

  32. Eleden ring is like the best steam deck launch title

  33. What is the 4th game in the intro where you’re playing it on a monitor with mouse n kb?

  34. Just received my deck today and downloaded dying light 2 and RE2 remake…this piece of technology is astounding in every way…

  35. can anyone tell me about battle front 2 on this?

  36. I got ESO to work with a few tweaks. Even got all of my add-ons working with it.

  37. I've been emulating Mario Sunshine with HD texture pack at 60 FPS 😍😍

  38. Been playing Witcher 3… for like the 5th time on my 3rd system now lol

  39. Hollow Knight, Celeste, Cuphead and Prey – these things are amazing on Steam Deck!

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