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25 Best 3DS Games of All Time [2020 Final update]

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The #3DS is at the end of its journey. To honor this iconic handheld gaming console, we present to you our final ranking of the best #Nintendo 3DS games ever released.

Full ranking of the top Nintendo 3DS games
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  1. Fire emblem awakening is the true number 1. I'm a big zelda fan, but c'mon… Seems unfair to throw ports into the number 1 and 2 spot

  2. Ive just finished captain toad today and loved it, I recommend!!

  3. DS and 3ds had some of the best titles in gaming despite their little underpowered hardware. Handheld devs had so much love and charm to their games

  4. Thanks for the list, but still playing SOS Trio of town for now it's good game for me at least

  5. I’m playing lot of 3Ds lately! I’m enjoying it more than my Nintendo switch .. love the dual screens 😉

  6. Bruh,i am with sound off and for some reason hear the punch sound dfo streets of rage

  7. Monster hunter 4 ultimate is not the last for 3ds…. it's generations

  8. The top 3 only prove that Zelda is the best gaming franchise in existence!!

  9. I only bought Nintendo 3ds just for the Zelda Saga.

  10. Wait, has the 3DS really been out that long? Holy shit

  11. Prof. Layton vs Ace attorney isn't in this list what. That game is huge.

  12. Literally the first entry on the list and you already fucked up by explaining a different game than featured. Really fucking stupid.

  13. 0:30 for someone praising professor Layton you didn't realize that you're discribing "Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney" but list and show gameplay for "Professor Layton Miracle Mask"?? XD

  14. A lot of remakes or games that can be runned better on other plataforms. Although Samus Returns is a masterpiece. Pokemons games are good and the rest is kind of meh. 3ds is problably the worst nintendo portable of all time.

  15. First timer here. Am i in for a treat or what?

  16. Even as someone that never got into “profesor Layton” I knew he was reading the wrong synopsis.
    also wtf is he talking with the 3D and the Metroid game. Pokemon should have been at one place as a whole.
    An other list to try to trend on youtube without doing any resaerches whatsowether.

  17. Kid icarus was the first and only 3ds game i ever sold. Absolute garbage imo, it was just a fucking show off gameplay sucked in my humble opinion.

  18. fuck your advertisement . stop putting ads every 2 minute

  19. I'm just now buying one, 2 golden ds games I've heard are kirby mass attack and Henry hatsworth puzzling adventure. Lmk if yall have any other titles I should check out. Had the original ds but lost it in a move and switched to Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 I'm going back to handheld cause I got the zfold3 but Google play games most of them r ehh… wanna go back to the semi classic handheld lol, classic would be no color Gameboy. I'm getting either the original ds or the new 3ds xl. Asked for either

  20. I’ve always regretted trading in my 3ds for a discount on the switch. Sure, I love my switch, but I never really got to dive into all these great games. Can’t wait to get my hands on another one.

  21. I didn't play Layton initially, but then I realized it was Studio Ghibli behind it! Absolute masterpiece!

  22. I love my 3ds still play it as one of my main consoles game too.

  23. Hero’s of ruin never gets mentioned only game to use 3ds mic online.

  24. My new 3ds XL is arriving this week hopefully. Cant waif to play all of theses especially Zelda games and ACNL

  25. Very good list, but… I can’t get over how you say majora 😂

  26. im playing on android emulator citra some of this games are hard to control on android..any recommended games for me?

  27. i feel like yokai watch as a whole deserves to be on this list

  28. well now we can played it using citra emulator

  29. I would add to this list all MH games from 3U to XX

  30. Can't believe Awakening always makes these lists and FE Fates doesn't. Fates is hands down the best tactics RPG I've ever played. And whats up with The New Super Mario Brothers 2?? Best Mario game to date. Still a great video though. Always searching for another great 3DS game before they become to hard to come by.

  31. Oh yes mario kart 7 and super smash bros the perfect way to ruin friendships

  32. It's still not dead, home brew can mKe it really good

  33. Even with roms you won't get the 3d effect without a 3ds system. One of the best systems made.

  34. anyone else hearing the guy from zombieland read this xD

  35. There was a game…
    I got it in a library.
    I almos played through it, but never entirely finished it.
    I loved it.
    It was called LBX.
    Never seen this one again.

  36. Resident evil revelations is missing. It’s such an underrated game and one of my top three 3ds games. It has the best graphics on the console and the gameplay is similar to re4. Also super smash is seriously below kid Icarus?

  37. Can we request hexen doom 1 and 2 also wolfenstein 3d and also starwars dark forces all in 3d as eshop downloads for the NN3dsXL which happens to be the best handheld ever crafted to this day!

  38. Metroid Samus Returns should have been higher on this list.

  39. how have you forgotten mario maker?…it's one of the best games in my opinion

  40. Who tf thought to put Sonic 2 on here lol

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