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  1. This is the most useless video I've ever seen on YouTube

  2. How did that even get started lol

  3. Ok bruh 😂😂😅 Lakai lalalalala llalalal lalala no offence is hast dich heute nicht mehr mit dir zu telefonieren und ich melde mich gleich

  4. So where are the games he didnt even show us

  5. my man forgot what sleep is💀


  6. Ah yes click bate i will put 25 BEST FREE STEAM GAMES when it doesnt even say

  7. btw this vid currently has 666 dislikes

  8. No one wants to hear you yapping just show us the games

  9. loved the part where you showed the games to us

  10. Spooky men left the chat 💀 (cheapest game on steam)

  11. Those games looked fire 🔥 I’m getting them rn😊

  12. My favourite game is TEAM FORTRESS 2 classes:
    Scout:health 125
    Soldier:health 200
    Pyro:health 175
    Heavy:health 300
    Demoman:health 175
    Medic:health 150
    Sniper:health 125
    Spy:health 125

  13. Bro this feels like the ads the would play on the tv in gamestop

  14. Thank you so much for the catalogue 🥰

  15. I loved the 69th one tnx btw dood keep goin but don't comeback 💖🫂

  16. Totally saw the video game part that you couldn't record.

  17. when he said dive the caracter dived into battle

  18. I wanted to play the sims, but unfortunately I have to do eye therapy and it takes up to many GB.

  19. Thanks, i downloaded all 25 games and got all achievements on them, thanks for this useful list

  20. im gonna ruin the fact that this has 123 comments

  21. Nah.. I'm not gonna visit your channel now because of this bullshit. Shorts is not supposed to be used this way. It's annoying

  22. the final is a good game on steam for free

  23. Im going to get the 10th game it seems fun

  24. Team forteress 2 is amazing one of the best free game

  25. I only use EA and steam for one app. Well, technically two apps one for each app but yeah.

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