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25 BEST Nintendo Switch Games of 2021 [First Half]

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This video is about 25 best Nintendo Switch Games for the first half of 2021. Be sure to buy all of them!


  1. You should rename your channel not so helpful

  2. I feel like all these switch youtube channels keep nintendo in business, and rlly the switch game collection seems so empty when it has the potential for many beautiful past releases

  3. Just got a switch the one thing I don't like is the price of the games compared to pc and xbox I think they should be a bit cheaper but looking forward to catching up on some nintendo games starting with mario kart 8 what other games should I get.

  4. I thought Marvel VS Capcom Infinite was going to be on this list since the thumbnail has infinite.

  5. El 21 de septiembre Salé el dragón Ball Z Kakarot lovi en Amazon

  6. Sorry to say but most of these are either indy trash or niche Japanese games, in my opinion and both of these categories lack in quality.

  7. Surprise a Mario game is toping the list 🤣

  8. I played a large percentage of these games on other platforms, so this list doesn't match with my top 10 or 20 Switch games at all! Lot of good games on this list though, most really worth playing.

  9. Malheureusement tony hawk est disponible nul part. En physiques

  10. Is this a PAID promo? Half of these games are obscure, genre specific. Maybe you think because 10 people buy the game, and give it a 10, then the game is a 10. NOT!

  11. Best onlinegames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 2 ,nfs hot pursuit, splatoon 2, grid autosport, soon is coming crash drive 3

  12. knockout city is the only game i'll play on this list. why does nintendo have so many indie games👨‍⚖️

  13. My pockets are not smiling , I got some amazing Nintendo handheld content on my channel unfortunately still so many games to get

  14. Why did you have to use and image of the monster hunter in marvel vs capcom infinite

  15. And this is just the first half of Nintendo switch games there’s more to come in the second half of the year can’t wait 👍👍👍 I’m hyped for it 😊

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