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25 BEST Nintendo Switch Games of 2021 [First Half]

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This video is about 25 best Nintendo Switch Games for the first half of 2021. Be sure to buy all of them!


  1. I dont mean to offend and im not a fan of console wars
    But guys seriously. These games sucks.
    I miss PS4.

    Here because thinking of buying a switch to my girlfriend and I think we'll stay with ps5 thanks.

  2. Made it to 21 this list was complete trash to that point.

  3. Cyber shadow and Gnosia are definitely on my radar . Ender lilies and p5s are if they go cheap enough

  4. The only game I’m interested in now for the Switch in 21 is Dying Light, everything else can wait.

  5. No more heroes 3…..nothing else matters

  6. Abyss The Wraiths of Eden is my personal favorite. Does anyone know any other similar games for the Nintendo Switch?

  7. I will definitely go back to Sony PS5… I only have a Nintendo switch because of Zelda, and pokemon.

  8. Mario Golf Super Rush should be on here

  9. As someone who's been into jrpg's on 'n off for ~30 years I gotta say Bravely Default II really picked up my interest for this genre, once again.
    Love the old Squaresoft (Snes/PS1-ish) feel its giving me.

  10. selten soviel Scheiße auf einen Haufen gesehen !!

  11. I love the switch because it has more single player games than PlayStation and Xbox online gaming ruined the video game industry that’s why online gaming is dying

  12. Lol most mobile games looks better than these

  13. Where's the game shown in your thumbnail?

  14. I bought a switch about a month ago and I’m not gonna lie the amount of shitty games just reminds me of a phones shitty App Store. Should’ve just waited for the steam deck😭😭😭

  15. 🕊🕊
    🌹ऐसे जियो कि अपने
    आप को पसंद आ सको !
    दुनिया वालों की पसंद तो
    पल भर में बदल जाती है!!!



  16. To whoever needs to see this

    Stop procrastinating and go learn something 🙂

  17. I have play the monster hunter rise the top 3 game

  18. MH Rise should be in the same list with Cyberpunk. Both games made a big hype, came after that is a huge disappointment

  19. And this is just the first half of Nintendo switch games there’s more to come in the second half of the year can’t wait 👍👍👍 I’m hyped for it 😊

  20. Why did you have to use and image of the monster hunter in marvel vs capcom infinite

  21. My pockets are not smiling , I got some amazing Nintendo handheld content on my channel unfortunately still so many games to get

  22. knockout city is the only game i'll play on this list. why does nintendo have so many indie games👨‍⚖️

  23. Best onlinegames: mario kart 8, warface, crash drive 2 ,nfs hot pursuit, splatoon 2, grid autosport, soon is coming crash drive 3

  24. Is this a PAID promo? Half of these games are obscure, genre specific. Maybe you think because 10 people buy the game, and give it a 10, then the game is a 10. NOT!

  25. Malheureusement tony hawk est disponible nul part. En physiques

  26. I played a large percentage of these games on other platforms, so this list doesn't match with my top 10 or 20 Switch games at all! Lot of good games on this list though, most really worth playing.

  27. Surprise a Mario game is toping the list 🤣

  28. Sorry to say but most of these are either indy trash or niche Japanese games, in my opinion and both of these categories lack in quality.

  29. El 21 de septiembre Salé el dragón Ball Z Kakarot lovi en Amazon

  30. I thought Marvel VS Capcom Infinite was going to be on this list since the thumbnail has infinite.

  31. Just got a switch the one thing I don't like is the price of the games compared to pc and xbox I think they should be a bit cheaper but looking forward to catching up on some nintendo games starting with mario kart 8 what other games should I get.

  32. I feel like all these switch youtube channels keep nintendo in business, and rlly the switch game collection seems so empty when it has the potential for many beautiful past releases

  33. You should rename your channel not so helpful

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