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25 Best PS5 Games YOU Should Play (2024 Edition)

Cultured Vultures
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If you’ve just got yourself a shiny new PlayStation 5, or are just looking for something to hoover up all your spare time like THQ Nordic hoovering up bad business decisions, here are the best PS5 games that you should check out.

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18:53 11
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  1. spiderman 2 should be ranked higher.. Definitely better then hades

  2. Stray was on ps4 as well but this game was definitely one of my favorite games ever played 10/10

  3. I live that you have the score of canis canem in the Background… Ine if my favorite games

  4. mind i ask what game console do u use to make demon souls look like that?

  5. I have had mine only 4 months and honestly i could have skipped this gen and stayed at the ps4, thats pretty much what i have been playing on this console anyways, this thing is in its ladder stages and this thing has barely any good games if anyone is planning getting one you may want to hold off..

  6. including a bunch of PC games feels the same as including ps4 games

  7. I recently got a ps5 and i completely forgot how badly i wanted to play dead space

  8. haha before i started this video i was thinking to myself i hope astros play room isnt in this list

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