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25 Best Xbox Series X|S Games [2023 Edition]

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Our yearly ranking of the top Xbox games released for the Series X|S, based on aggregated critic and gamer reviews. For more Xbox Series S and Series X games, visit

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  1. I think this list what you should NOT play every old or shit games here

  2. for sure u had received something to say that Stanley Parable is better then Elden Ring

  3. I bought an Xbox S just to play a MMORPG because my laptop is a toaster. The game went to turds and now I am stuck with an Xbox with no games to play. Seriously, I should have just waited for a PS5. Always been a PlayStation guy. Smh I guess the next Elder Scrolls is something to wait for.

  4. Series x sucks. Worst console first few years in modern times.

  5. Most of these games came out on the Xbox One X and can be played on Series X because it’s backwards compatible or because they ported it to the series X. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the amount of Series X exclusive games. Why should I upgrade again?

  6. Search result.
    Found best Nintendo games😢

  7. So exept from Dead Space, i can play this entire list on my 10 year old Halo Xbox one? I messed up.

  8. as an Xbox onwer. don't get Xbox no games to play!. you can play all these games on phone and the rest on your crappy PC

  9. Why does it seem like the more powerful consoles get, the more game developers devolve back to 8-bit NES/Super Nintendo style games or 2D cartoon/anime style games?

  10. These are not the best games. Especially the top games. Was this a joke?

  11. Some more titeles, you should play

    26. Control Ultimate Edition
    27. Cyberpunk 2077
    28. Yakuza Like a Dragon
    29. Lost Judgment
    30. Resident Evil 2 and 4 Remake
    31. Cult of The Lamb
    31. Crash Bandicoot 4
    32. Sifu
    33. Chained Echos
    34. Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy

  12. What ever i will just download the Witcher again

  13. Is that actually how it looks? One of the most popular and expensive consoles in the world for today? I would rather choose NES

  14. There’s only like 5 ‘current gen’ games between Xbox and ps5

  15. This list is a reminder that I should switch to PC. Lack of good games, lack of good ideas, and lack of substance. The only games worth playing on the list is, Elden Ring, Dead Space, and Hogwarts Legacy. Hoping Diablo IV will be great, or I'm putting xbox in a box and then the basement. Furthermore, more games don't last the test of time; not even a year in none will be played again.

  16. wtf is this list? doki doki at number 3? trash

  17. ya'll really put doki doki over elden ring and psychonauts 2

  18. Redfall, Starfield, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Fable, Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty and Perfect Dark will all feature on a future list. The Series X is going to shine so brightly over the next couple of years. 👌

  19. Came here to see Xbox series x games,got a lot of phone games…

  20. Best? Nah. Only games to play. Come on xbox, we need more games. Great gsmes.

  21. Does anyone else thing that all these games look fucking shite? haha most can be played on a gameboy from 2010

  22. When old school ninja turtles is on next gen top 25 its time to hang it up throw in the towel

  23. They should have a new Command and Conquer for Xbox

  24. xbox games means most of them are available on pc as well 😅

  25. Dude learn to create timelines, I skipped your whole video and disliked it just because it didn’t have a timeline to quickly browse through. Plenty others available with actual timelines.

  26. I hope dragon quest gets next gen upgrade

  27. this is fake list you are xbox hater there is tons of great games coming to xbox this year

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