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25 Greatest PS5 Games You Need To Play

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The PlayStation 5 first launched on November 12th 2020 in North America and Japan before becoming available worldwide on November 19th. It was highly sought after and almost one year later with 13.4 million units sold, it shows no signs of being anything less. Despite high-profile delays like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, the PS5 has seen a number of excellent releases. From big exclusives and compelling third party titles to enhanced versions of beloved classics, it serves as a strong reminder on the importance of games for a console’s success.

One year later, we’re looking back on the 25 best games released thus far for the PS5. So without further ado, let’s get into it.


  1. Wow, this isn't a comforting list. Unless you are pre-teen.

  2. PS versus XBOX is more like Japan versus US.

  3. Can someone enlighten me in what is the difference between Demon Souls, Dark Sould & Elden ring? Or are they all just same games in different skins?

  4. for those who havent played returnal is a masterpiece. goty for me easily. it can be even game of the decade for me.


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  6. Just got a ps5 but i have a strong feeling it only will collect my dust since getting a new PC.

  7. Been loving Ghost of Tsushima. The Hotwheels game is also outstanding. My son and I have been revisiting BL3 and it looks outstanding running on the PS5.

  8. Really unimpressive list, and the same can be said about the Xbox. These consoles were released about 1 year ago and….that's it? Half of the games are remastered editions, what a terrible lack of creativity!

  9. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy needs to be on this list! Definitely my GOTY. I loved Marvel’s Spider-Man and Myles Morales, but GotG, strictly from a story telling perspective, is just as good and impactful.

  10. People waited in line for so many hours last year and it's all for nothing

  11. What a beautiful Video! Guys, thanks for that! Here's my Impressions with some of these Games that i finished and enjoyed.

    Warning! This'll be a veeeery long Comment! So grab some Popcorn and a Softdrink and here we goooo!

    #2 Demon's Souls

    Wow what was i blown away when i first started this Game! I already had some Experience with such Games (Still a Casual though…) like Nioh, Dark Souls Remastered, Code Vein, The Surge or Bloodborne just to name a few. But what Demon's Souls showed me was breath-taking. In two ways 1) stunning Visuals and 2) Frustrations 😂
    Will never forget this Gem!
    PS: This is my first Souls that i actually managed to finish!
    PPS: Can't wait for Elden Ring! 😍

    #3 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

    OF COURSE! as a huge FF-Fan this is a Must! Although i still do have to finish the Yuffie-DLC. Too much Games, less Time…
    You know the Drill, right? 😉
    Btw: I want a FF VIII Remake! 😍

    #5 Ghost of Tsushima

    I have it for PS4 and got Platinum in it, sooo i technically never played the Director's Cut and i'm frankly not in the Mood for it. My Platinum and that whole feudal Japan Experience is everything i needed! But if you, dear Reader, haven't played it yet. Go for it! It's DEFINITELY worth it!

    #6 Ratchet&Clank: Rift Apart

    After finishing the gorgeous Ratchet&Clank (2016) from the PS Plus Collection, my Anticipation for Rift Apart grew stronger with each Day closer to Release-Day. Although i enjoyed my Time with it. It didn't left a big Impression as the 2016 RATCHET&CLANK did. And, for the first Time since owning my PS5, i encountered a strange Glitch were a (normally) simple Dimension Transfer went wrong and instead of changing from one Dimension to another i ended in this Space-Void where i could see all those Dimension-Entries but couldn't reach them. Instead i was "rolling" more and more towards the Outer space. Very strange….

    #7 The Nioh Collection

    Got it on PS5 because i already played it on PS4 until i reached Jorogumo (the Spiderlady) but unfortunately for me, i can't find my old PS4-Save! 😭

    So i had to start anew. And i'm still in the first Mission sigh 😓
    It's not so much that it's tough 'coz it is. It's because i' m a Chicken when it comes to this Game! 😅

    But i WILL finish these two Games one Day! For sure!

    #8 Astro's Playroom

    Still remember the Day, when i held a Dualsense for the first time in my Hands. Now picture this, i bought my PS5 in February brand new. But i already had bought a Remote, the Docking Station and a second Dualsense BEFORE owning the Console itself. So imagine my Joy, when i turned my PS5 on for the first time, felt the Weight of the Dualsense and everything that came with it and started Astro's Playroom. Just woooow….


    #9 Kena: Bridge of Spirits

    Beautifully designed Indie-Title. A bit on the shorter Side when it comes to Game length, but…oh boy, those Rotts are Cuties! And i say that, without shame, as a Male! Seriously, play it and support those Developers!

    #13 God of War (2018)

    Of course i have it for PS4 and finished it already. Well…not entirely tbh…it's just….for the Love of God! I can't beat that Valkyrie-Queen Sigrun! Even on Easy-Mode! And those Muspelheim Challenges…*sigh*
    If it weren't for these two, i would've already achieved Platinum!
    Well, i can change that in GoW: Ragnarok 😈

    #14 The Last of Us Part 2

    (Trigger Warning!!)

    Oof where to start with this one….
    Let's just get ONE Thing off the Table. I straight up hate Abby! Say what you want, but i don't like her. Uuughh that Boat-Scene with her and that other Guy. Nooooooo!
    And Ellie….c'mon Girl! Is there ONLY Revenge in your Brain?! Sorry if i triggered many Fans! I really am and i don't like shooting against a Game that i finished. Prequel AND Sequel.
    But this Game? Nah too much Drama Guys! Please, ffs give me a better TLoU Part 3!

    #15 Tales of Arise (😍!)

    Daaaaammmn! MY personal GotY!
    I planed my one Week Vacation extra in Advance for this Game and finished it in six Days, ~83h Game-Time with Platinum at the End. My Record was 22h straight Gaming at one Day and throughout the whole Experience i never regretted one Minute of it! Suuuch an awesome Game! I finished Vesperia, Zestiria (both "okay" sort of…) , Berseria (also awesome!) but Tales of Arise takes the Crown! Period 😀

    #16 Genshin Impact

    Sorry Zelda-Fans, but just let me say this: Genshin Impact is IN MY OPINION far better and more vivid than Breath of the Wild will ever be! Of course, this is JUST my own subjective Opinion and you don't have to agree with it, but please, at least respect it. Thank you.

    #18 Returnal

    Oh boy, here we go…

    Visually stunning, gorgeous Gameplay-Mechanics but….ready for it? That Difficulty is killing me! LITERALLY! 😭
    I shamefully admit that, to this day, i never reached Biom 2…
    This-Game-is-tough! But also strangely addictive and…to a certain degree enjoyable for me.

    #21 Marvel's Spiderman (not Remastered)

    I already own the PS4-Copy of Marvel's Spiderman and it's good but also a bit bloated, which is normal for an OpenWorld Title.
    I'm eagerly awaiting the Sequel!

    Btw…new Spidey-No way Home Trailer. Siiiick! 😍

    #23 Sackboy: A big Adventure

    Nice little Plattformer! 🤗
    Would probably be better with other People in Co-op, but i don't have Friends….yeah yeah, i know how it sounds, but i'm perfectly fine on my own. Always was a Loner. Not a bad Thing imo. Makes this Game also playable. Even on your own. 😁

    Aaaand that wraps it up! First and foremost, just let me apologize to all you ,who read this loooong-a…*cough*..well, you know what i mean…*continue* Wall of Text. But please, hear me out for a couple more seconds of your Time. Conveying Thoughts, Experiences and Feelings through Text is a tough Thing that needs a lengthy Approach. As you can see from this Comment of mine. But this Video here (thx GamingBolt!) inspired me to share my Experience with you all and write this very lengthy Comment! If you read to this Point, then i sincerely thank you for that! I know how tough it can be to read long and detailed Comments. 😅

    So have a good Night (02:26AM here in Germany) and stay well!

    Edit: Oh right, i forgot. If your missing some Numbers, it simply means that i either haven't played them yet or that i'm not interested in them. Feel free to ask if you like.

  12. The list was ok but Hitman 3 should be there also

  13. Hold on, Sackboy is back?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, my childhood!

  14. F.I.S.T. the best metroidvania and definitely recommended game

  15. Last of us and many other games mentioned on this list are not actually released for the ps5, their just ps4 games playable on the ps5, this video is really misleading

  16. I’ve made a bunch of tips and tricks videos for many of these games

  17. Need to have a list for causal gamers too. Games like Nioh and Demon's Soul are way too difficult for me haha…

  18. I got a ps5 and It’s amazing ! hopefully purchase next year LG C1 83” OLED ⭐️

  19. I've always used PlayStation but the Series X has better games.

  20. So you need $1200 go get all these games you if they are 60 dollars each

  21. Ain’t no games lol still better than one xs tho 🥲

  22. Astro's Playlist was entertaining beyond words at times. It was straight forward and entertaining which is what I needed at that time lol

  23. If it has tales in the title then I am definitely passing it.

  24. How are you going to make a top 25 ps5 games and not mention doom eternal

  25. Yeah it was definitely worth to wait 6 months to have my ps5 cause now I can unleash the great powers of the next gen playing CHICORY A COLORFUL TALE (no disrespect for the game but that shit could run in my calculator)

  26. 20 out of 25 are the same anime – like laser beam and sparkles type of games

  27. Trash hades, Demon Souls, Intergrade, Deathloop, Ratchet n Klank, Nioh, Kena,Fist, Ateliea, Bug Snack, Fu ing Trash LOUS2, Tales, Gensha, Guilty Returnal, Chicory, UPS SIM DEATH STRANDING, The pathless, Sacboy, The Pedestrian, 5 GOOD GAMES This why we never get 25 great games ppl r willing to pay for shit I want all games to look like Matrix Awaken PS5 can do it game co only care about money gajes will be dead in 3yrs.

  28. Around 8:20 he mentions it runs at 1440p, but i thought that resolution wasn't supported on ps5?

  29. Wait. I don't think TLOU 2 got dual sense support.

  30. can we have links i cant find original spider man game on ps5

  31. POV your looking for games on the ps5 bc you got on Christmas

  32. the last of us part 2 got an update? i wasn’t aware

  33. Guys guess what l just pre ordered my ps5 form uk its coming

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