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4 of the BEST Games for PSVR2! 😱

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The BEST Games for the NEW PSVR2! This new PS5 Accessory is amazing! The PlayStation 5 PSVR2 Headset, is the easiest way tot start virtual reality gaming!

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  1. Bro the best games are beat saber and RE 8

  2. Beat Saber, Resident Evil 8, Moss I and II

  3. Replace Guitar Hero with Resident Evil 8. Wtf Guitar Hero 😂

  4. This dude missed the mark bigtime. Resident Evil Village. Firewall Ultra has its issues, but it's a blast to play. Crossfire is a great game as well. The saints and sinners series. PSVR2 is well worth the purchase. I do want more 1st party big games.

  5. This list is invalid just like basically everything on this channel

  6. Names 4 of the most mediorce games… Dont do drugs kids.

  7. Bruh how do yall get pavlov? I legit can not find it on the store.

  8. Synapse is so cool,but it’s so underrated

  9. The Walking Dead Saint and Sinners is must play

  10. The air guitar game sucks. Drums Rock or Beat Saber are far superior imo

  11. Beat saber most played game rn on ps vr 2

  12. -Resident Evil
    -No Mans Sky

    (Psvr2 exclusives only in my list) NMS isnt exclusive but runs best on it so it makes the cut XD

  13. I wish ps vr was able to play fighting games. like mortal kobat or street fighter

  14. I love Pavlov and I play it on meta quest 2 which means I don’t have to buy another headset and console

  15. The only games that are worth it currently on the psvr2: GT7, RE8, NMS, Pavlov. All other games are essentially demos or on rails experiences.

  16. Why isnt TWD and arizona sunshine 1 here? (I know arizona sunshine 2 isnt out yet but that is one game that id play all day long if i had psvr 2😅)

  17. My PSVR2 Broke cause I tripped over it, now it's $440 to fix by Sony cause no one else can do it

  18. You haven’t played all the top games to even know what the top games are. These aren’t it. RE8 maybe?

  19. resident evil village and 4 that's coming out this Friday gost busters and red hell is good

  20. I'm playing Arizona Sunshine 2, Alvo and Firewall Ultra. RE The Village was dope and I wanna get GT7 but I'm afraid too and I'll talk myself into buying a wheel for it lol. People say it's an amazing Race game

  21. Gt7, pavlov, synapse, and arizona sunshine 2.

  22. Moss 1 and 2 are the best I’ve played so far.

  23. I recommend grand tourismo 7 to anyone with psvr2. Its easy to get into, its great for gaming sessions of any length and has plenty of challenge

  24. Omg. Shit list. Horizon is great. Then walking dead, paradise hotel, Star wars, Resident evil VR, beat saber, townsmen, runner, fisherman adventures and so on are missing

  25. Imagine making a list of the best psvr2 games and not including the walking dead saints and sinners ch. 2 …But horizon call of the climbing simulator instead 🤮🤦🏼‍♂️

  26. Lol this list is lacking for real and u really put the guitar game first its not even a psvr2 game

  27. Hahhahaa… didn't even mention Resident evil 4.
    Bro… do some research before you post this shit. RES 4 is the new benchmark.
    GT 7 is amazing, but even better with a wheel and peddles

  28. don’t sleep on the walking dead saints and sinners

  29. Saints and sinners is up there as well as Star Wars Tales of galaxies edge as well 👍🏾

  30. I’d trade it in bc there’s not much to do and it’s an uncomfortable headset to have on for long quantities of time

  31. Pavlov is the #1 game I'm wanting to play along with Resident Evil Village VR whenever I get the PSVR2

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