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5 Amazing Games That Perform BEST on Xbox Series S

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Xbox Series S owners rejoice – you’ve bagged yourself a truly next gen console! And with that shiny and charming console you’ll need some great games to get the very best out of your fashionably sleek new machine. Luckily, we’ve got some tips for the games that run the best – from 120fps titles to stunning graphics, here are the games that run best on your Xbox Series S.

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  1. I pray that everyone is having a blessed day and night so far in the Lord Jesus Christ name amen!

  2. Whomever read this I pray that everyone is having abundant health in the Lord Jesus Christ name amen!

  3. Glad to see that the content is still coming! Been watching for a while now and still loving the content! Keep up the great work!

  4. I love my S most of the time but some ports have been disappointing, with Dying Light 2 being the latest. Is the machine really so underpowered it’s can’t handle 1080p 60 fps on new games?

  5. 2:19 The art and music design in this game is fantastic

  6. 4:08 I do not know the reason for the popularity of this game among the media, but I do not think this game is a good game

  7. The Ascent has a huge jump in performance and quality when switching from Xbox One to Series S. I highly recommend trying out if you own a series S

  8. Did they really seriously recommend rocket league for a new generation console just wow

  9. Do you think you guys could do televisions that can support the great performance of the Xboxs?

  10. You missed out Doom Enternal, The Assent, Skyrim Anniversary, Gears of War 5, Tomb Raider SotTR…etc.

  11. This little box is OUTSTANDING! The upgrade in frames per second, loading and quick resume and Full Next-gen versions of AAA games compliment and compare to my XSX and Monster Gaming PC. *(Extremely well; ) Truly, it's worth more than it cost, no doubt about it. Get one!!!

  12. XBox sucks I switched because of there connecting was bad and my Xbox kept turning off by its self

  13. Rocket league looks horrendous on my series s, no matter which settings I select there seems to be compression on the video quality. Looked better on my PS4 :/

  14. I watched this video at 2 weeks old

  15. This list was designed for 10 year olds or something.

  16. Can we install the Xbox Media Center? Aka, XBMC?

  17. what!!??? plaque tale requiem isnt 60 fps on series s its locked at 1080p 30 fps

  18. 1:54 has full ray tracing and I've played this game and your character and others still have no reflections, sad 😢

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