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5 Best Cozy Games that are FREE! | Cozy Gamer

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  1. Well fall guys I don’t think it is very cozy but still I’m gonna download it! And for genshin and the other games there not really my type!


  3. ah yes,genshin the most cozy games of all with a very not dark story,def not very intense bosses where your gonna cry your eyes off and rage quit 829789126471246184 times until you beat it,you fr dont lose your 5050s to fucking Keqing 4 times and you dont have to empty your wallet to get characteer who is gonna be overpowered by another character in a month,ah yes very cozy indeed.

  4. Sims intimidates me 😂 lol like what am i supposed to do???

  5. Fall guys literally gives me stress and rage

  6. Where did you get your keyboard if you don't mind me asking?

  7. Nah fall guys, Genshin, AND Ts4 is stressful asl

  8. if I have iphone, firstly I'll download genshin impact 👍👍♥️

  9. Best cozzy games 1 RDR2 2 War Trunders 3 Pz 4 Fall Guys with friends 5 Cities Skyline 💣

  10. thats all really beauty games but i cant play bcs i m in my exam year 🥲

  11. Sky children of the light is a (mostly) cute and cozy open world game! You should check it out, you can also chat with other players there if you befriend them

  12. I have genshin and fall guys, def haven’t raged 😃 but genshin do be fun but them boss battles be hard lol😭

  13. Wizard 101 is NOT free you have to pay a subscription

  14. The Sims 4 is SO buggy and full of glitches, it makes chaotic an understatement. Not cozy AT ALL

  15. New sims on the rise sims 5

    But it’s also a new competition for sims called inzoi definitely looking forward to release date of both

  16. Sims 4 is only good with all the dlc's, CC, and Mods. Otherwise is shit as hell. Even then the game is still buggy and super laggy even on a good PC

  17. 2-3 Lakhs to build a gaming pc and play these games 💀💀💀

  18. Talking so fast i couldnt catch the name of the last game. That and genshin are looking good!

  19. The only thing is that Genchin impact needs to have a lot of storage

  20. I like how the energy in the comments is Coming through lol

  21. I can’t find sims 4 I can only find the deluxe version where you have to pay but I’m still trying to find the sims 4 you are talking about

  22. I tried downloading genshin impact but it doesn't open

  23. Genshin impact TOTALLY SHINESS😆😆

    I like the other games to🎉🎉

  24. I see how fall gius is cozy but it stresses the heck out of me😂

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