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Jason Witmer
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These are the BEST STEAM DECK GAMES that are available in March 2023.
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Forza Horizon 5:
Slay The Spire:
Stardew Valley:
Divinity Original Sin 2:


  1. Thanks for watching! What Steam Deck games should I feature in the next episode?

  2. On pc I played FH5 for 315hrs mostly on making custom Vinyls/Itashas of Vtubers over 18 total.I was gifted most of my garage by other players likely because they liked my work on those Itashas.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I love Stardew Valley!!!

  4. The downside of divinity is that much much much older games with more content are fully voice acted. It's no excuse to not have full voice acting in a game nowadays.

  5. Shadow tactics, on sale and perfect on deck

  6. The Long Dark with recent updates and regular updates rolling out all year. Also it’s arguably the best survival game in the genere. It boasts a open world survival sandbox or a chapter based story mode. The Map is Huge passing even the world of Skyrim. Great community and fan base as well.

  7. Good video but I almost clicked away. W the two unskipable ads.

  8. Dude… Stardew valley?? What about fallout 4 fallout Vegas GTA 5 baldur's gate 3 dogma medal of Honor Skyrim Oblivion elder scrolls Spider-Man? I'm almost ashamed to even continue watching this video.

  9. I never finished gta 5 or got to play rdr2, just finished RE2make and RE7, also just got Mad Max on sale, I got so many games I missed out on to go back to after just having a Switch the last 6 years.

  10. thanks for the selection of games. It seems to be more common to have first person shooter games reviewed on steam deck rather than digging deeper for these gems

  11. Can we combine 2 or more steam deck as one device to increase performance?

  12. I would not be surprised if this was just a Teardown advertisement. I never heard if it but it looks pretty awesome

    Edit: ok it’s been on my wishlist::: I’m just a forgetful drunk

  13. My steam deck turns up tomorrow! I took advantage of their 10% off of consoles during this 1 year anniversary… incredible saving!!! (Saved £50 or so)

  14. Отличная подборка игр. Спасибо!

  15. Teardown is very bland. The game misses any real gameplay and is usually doing the same stuff in different levels with very minimal immersion.

  16. forza horizon 5 makes my deck sound like a vacuum cleaner.

  17. Watchers of this video please take note, Forza Horizon 5 DOES NOT WORK on the Steam Deck, steering clear as Forza Horizon 4 is the same and crashes my Steam Deck with ease. The game was initially stable, as more races unlocked the game started crashing more frequently, game Devs have moved on or don't care about Steam Deck owners, please save your money and avoid Forza Horizon 4 and 5 on Steam Deck.

  18. How does monster hunter run? I'm hoping to bring monster hunter world back on mobile with the steam deck

  19. Forza games are incredible. Just wish it wasn't 100+ GB.

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