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57 Best Game Pass Games You Should Play Right Now – GAME PASS BEST GAMES

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Zoe Delahunty-Light is here with a list of all the AAA games, series, and indies you should play on Game Pass! From the big boys like the entire Fallout series to indie darlings like Darkest Dungeon, these best game pass games will keep you entertained long into whichever time period you ascribe to. These titles are suited to both Game Pass PC and Game Pass Xbox so whichever platform you’re playing on, there’s definitely something for you in here.

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  1. Whats the name of game 31 please answer me

  2. I wish on gamepass you could choose the category of games you're more interested in breaks my heart that there are stupid kiddie games I'm paying for every month

  3. Overrated except for a couple few games rest is like a bargaintable full of ….

  4. Titanfall 2 is definitely my number one game on game pass hell even all of xbox

  5. I hope Xbox will add the ability to purchase a game pass for bitcoin or tether

  6. I hope xbox will make it possible to purchase a game pass for bitcoin or tether

  7. Tbh if sony make psnow like gamepass, i think ps5 digital more relevant to buy than disc one

  8. You need to put a graphic up for these game titles. It is too difficult to determine what part of the script is the intro to the game or the title itself. Also, with accents in the mix it can be difficult for non-native speakers to understand. For example, the painting game. I had to turn on CC…then it said "east shade"…not "Eastshade"…in short, easier on us if you just post the actual name. Publisher and designer would also be nice.

  9. Titanfall 2 is brilliant, both single and multiplayer

  10. It’s 💩 Show Me Any AAA Games That’s Not On My PS4 PRO..Not Many I Bet..Indie 💩 Don’t Count!.
    Not Paying £120+ A Year From Game Pass After My Free Trial!. I’m Buying Games From Store…

  11. You guys MUST try Journey to a savage planet it's a kid friendly game where you have to get off a huge planet and fight off aliens all while using the supplies and idk if its ik n the list I just wanted to say

  12. I mean I don't think this video really brought anything fresh to my attention that I'm not already interested in.

    I went through all available games pretty thoroughly when I got it recently and added anything appealing to my play later list as my curated version of what's available to play.
    Since my memory is pretty much impeccable I don't need to brush up much on what I've added and can just keep up with what's released or removed.

    But yeah I watched the video to see if I could've missed something that didn't catch my attention initially but mostly just to potentially get more motivated to play some of the games by learning a little bit more about them and I think it's possible that a few moved up or down as a priority atleast subconsciously.

  13. Best game on gamepass is we happy few (it might be on gold)

  14. i started downloading subnatica then as soon as the "I'm surprised your not downloading subnatica right now" Came on and i was actual scared before i even start the game

  15. You definitely missed Wasteland 3

  16. Now I get to play fh6 for free and gta San Andreas definitive edition 😁

  17. What was the name of the cyberpunk game

  18. Type the name of the games anytime you mention them.

  19. If I buy a game pass subscription can I instantly play any of these games? Do I have to choose just 1 or 2 a month?

  20. Sorry if I’m being dumb but I’ve been trying to find #33 but can’t seem to pick out a title nor find it via various combinations of hole, drop, fall, and game on google

  21. i know resident evil village is not on game pass, but its was a great game. Everything thay happen in the end made me cry hard. I recommend it. Greatjob capcom. They havent made a good resident evil since 4.

  22. Thanks a lot , i bought the game pass before even thinking

  23. Titanfall definitely belongs in the list, Even though online is basically unplayable

  24. What is number 31? I'm not sure if she says the title

  25. I couldn't understand the name of last game. Does anybody know this game?

  26. Any recommendations for titles that showcase the systems graphics?

  27. What's game is the clip at 18.56?? I don't remember seeing that. Anyone know!? Please & thank you

  28. name #46 you must put names Because not all people know English or the names of these games

  29. So excited. I’m getting a series S in April for my bday and game pass looks so good!

  30. Once you get an Xbox with gamepass all the others console has the same fate: getting dust. At least until Botw2.

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