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60 Best PS5 Single Player Games You Can’t Afford To Miss

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With releases happening so often, there really hasn’t been a better time if you’re into single-player titles. The PS5 especially has been a great place for fans of single player games, especially since Sony itself has been focusing largely on big, blockbuster single-player games as its most important first-party releases.

There are games other than first-party PlayStation games, however, and here are 55 of the best single-player titles you can play on the PS5.


  1. I wanted to play Sifu. I watched the entire gameplay and just loved it. If anyone played, how was your experience?

  2. Real title: 60 best ps5 single player games you cant afford

  3. Someone hasn't beat Sekiro.

    PS5 games but shows Footage from PC 😅

  4. No Calisto Protocol? R.E.4? And 7, and 3? And Last of us 2? Someone remembered L. of Us 1 but forgot 2??

  5. The only problem with these selections is that most of them are on PS4. I would consider it part of the ps5. We need more game for ps5 solo. If it’s for both consoles you can’t claim it as just ps5.

  6. System Shock remake has not been released in PS5 yet. Is this ranked? Timestamps?

    What a weird, low effort video. Even for GB 🤷‍♀️

  7. Miss when we had games like ratchet n clank, jak n daxter, definitely gon cop rift apart soon, im glad nintendo been keeping those type of games around, i always enjoy serious dark tone games like metro exodus, days gone, batman arkham series, assassins creed, but im glad i got lego city undercover and lego star wars saga 2022

  8. Where is Assassin's Creed Mirage??…. 🤨

  9. 1 Days gone
    2 The last of us 1,2
    3 God of war….
    4 Assassin's creeds……

  10. If u cant affort ps5. Most of games are available for ps4 pro❤

  11. Ghost of Tsushima will always remain my all time favorite game

  12. I think Resident Evil 4 deserves quite à good placing in your top 60 though

  13. Only thing that baffles me s that all the games he presented, run in below 30 FPS. Except maybe Spider-Man and 1 or two exceptions

  14. Video should had shown an actual PS5 gameplay instead of other platform.

  15. The majority of these games are multiplat. Wtf 🤣 🤣 🤣 . Stop the 🧢

  16. For f*cks sake release a game we haven't already played 3 times before you greedy developers

  17. من الان ۱۸۰۰ پول دادم حتی نمیدونم گرین لاین هست یا نه

  18. Great list the only additions I would add would be Forspoken, Atlas Fallen, Tales of Arise and Scars Above

  19. Fk death stranding and everyone who plays it. Rest of the list is fine

  20. Gaming bolt just throw some random games , ridiculous, bug snacks really are y’all 5

  21. Nice vídeo! Even though there is a lot of critics, I want to try Gollum just because I am greatly a fan LOTR!

  22. Ngl, the quarry put me to sleep. That game is boring af!

  23. I've played the most games ever this year. Usually I mostly play 1 or 2 annual games & I may Play a couple games outside of those main games. For the last decade or 2 2k & Madden were the games I played all year until the next one comes out but I let Madden go in 2017/18 & the only reason i got 2k24 was b/c of the Kobe Challenge which wasn't what I thought it was goin to be. Ice had damn near every 2k created since dreamcast, maybe missing 1 or 2 at the most around the time, but haven't missed 1 2k since 2k5 & this is the least I've ever not played. I haven't played 3 full games…So that gave me alot of extra time…Thanks to gamepass I've been able to test so many games that I wouldve never payed for in full myself…I also went back & played a few games I only beat once or twice 1 being RDR2…MAAAAAAN it's soooo much in that game that I missed. I need to play it 5 more times to catch everything lol. I Replayed gears of War 1, 3, 4, & 5….I bought a PS5 so I replayed Spider-Man Remastered, miles morales, & I recently completed Spider-Man 2. I've never been a big fan of Ubisoft or assassin's creed but thanks to gamepass i was able to try OUT AC Origins & fell in love with it b/c I already love ancient Egypt. I can't wait until I get time to replay it thru new game plus…I also completed AC Odyssey which was pretty good but Origins is 1 of my favorite games ever. I'm currently playing AC Mirage…1 of my favorite gamed this year was unexpectedly Starfield. I was new to Bethesda & didn't expect to like it but I had so much fun doing all the factions, building, researching, etc. I'm currently playing Cyber punk which I had no plans on playing but I decided to get it since it was on sale & it's 1 of the most immersive games I've played as far as the environment & the audio with headphones makes it feel like ur living in it…Thru game pass I found out about skate 3 & fell in love with it. I used to love skateboard BMX games when I was younger on the ps1, but I loved it…Skate 3 nailed the entire experience of being a rookie & building ur player up like Fight Night Champion or Saints Row 2…The next game I'll be on is God of War Ragnarok which came with my ps5…I'm looking forward to Ghost of ghost of tsushima….I also have aloooot of games I own but are on the back burner right now, which is a wonderful problem lol…Ive had hit man on ice for a while no2

  24. System Shock is not released on ps5 yet … 💔

    Or i missed one of my most anticipated games for this year please correct me if im wrong!

  25. I'm honestly surprised to see Sword & Fairy: Together Forever on the list. It seemed like no one had even heard of it.

  26. Playstation always has been, and always will be objectively superior to the inferior xbox console….and that goes for every generation. Just a simple and undeniable fact. Get over it xbox fanboys.

  27. Man I wish I could experience Returnal for the first time again

  28. PS5 finally kicking up dust after 3yrs 😂

  29. I watch Gaming Bolt because they take there time. No timestamps? No problem

  30. My man included Re 2 remake but forgot re 4 eemake. Included Tlou1 but forgot Tlou 2. What a shame

  31. Am I being gaslit or is there no sign of System Shock on PS5 anywhere?

  32. The list should be called “60 Best PS5 Single Player Games [I] can’t afford…” 😢

  33. Wait, THATS returnal?? I tried watching gameplay video of it, and it looked boring as all hell. Wow, I may have to reconsider

  34. Great collection. Will add most of these to my wishlist once my console arrives

  35. Horizon is good
    ..buy man the story line is so so so boring and woke

  36. 49/60 I owned it… Not so bad number 🙂 great video mate, I appreciate it.

  37. Control goes hand-in-hand with Alan Wake!

  38. Currently have 41/60 and will add Hogwarts, SW:Survivor, Deadspace once the price drops. Also, FF7 Remake integrade should be on this list

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