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$60 game quality

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Clip of Lord of The Rings: Gollum game from Veibae’s Stream

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  1. The graphics are actually really good for a PS3 game

  2. LOTR Gollum 🤮

    Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War 😎

  3. You know that they putted way too much "effort" into the game

  4. People complained about Cyberpunk with the distant vehicles being sprites but this is another level lol.

  5. this 2D animation remind me Heroes 3 or Doom 2 and its like has 4 sprites

  6. I can't remember the last time I paid for a AAA game, other then buying one as a gift for someone else. It's amazing how indie games are so much better with tiny teams.

  7. Star Citizens NPC's standing still on chairs are better animated than this, AND the game is cheaper.

  8. welcome to 2023 where are pay AAA price for a browser game

  9. square enix would delete that studio like they did with the creator of forspoken

  10. Bugs are one thing but putting a fking Walking GIF in a game like this should be considered a Crime

  11. God that shit looks like it was pulled straight from Diablo II

  12. I remember the Black Ops 1 campaign mission in the prison or whatever had this… and that game was from 2011 while this was from 2023. Yikes lol

  13. You guys are paying for games over 10$ ha ha,

  14. its crazy to realize most of those anime girl streamers are men with voice changers😂

  15. Streamers who use that anime filter are so cringe… and all the weebs eat that up like it’s not some Reddit mod with a voice changer on

  16. I wouldn’t pay a dime for this game and it’s $60??? God damn it’s bad.

  17. can we throw this game into mount doom

  18. Gollum a game made in the wrong time and released at post peak of lotr…but lotr is the best still and glad that we can watch the films still

  19. and i thought redfall was going to be game of the year

  20. whys there a fake anime girl in the corner? wtf is that supposed to be? get rid of that

  21. It seriously looks like it's just a shitty mod version of Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor. It's almost like they just swapped the models an ran it on a worse engine somehow lol. This should of been a mobile game or a fan made mod lol

  22. Not even playing by himself. Just stealing content.

  23. when you let asmon be a game developer

  24. I'm so glad people who pre order got scammed, it's sad that they wont learn their lesson.

  25. see this is why I ignore AAA releases until months later, and even then I have to read a big reddit discussion to convince me

  26. I still remember seeing redditors/soyboys shilling this game when it first came out. Was called a bigot and "silly" for not wanting to buy it.

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