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7 Best Movie Video Games Everyone Missed

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The best Terminator game you’ve never played.

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  1. No, I didn’t miss Terminator Resistance. In fact I somehow endured it twice on both PS4 and PS5 and earned two shiny Platinums for my work. But calling it anywhere near worthwhile is a huge misnomer as it was utterly boring, derivative, predictable and it both looked and played like utter shite. Replaying the PS5 version gave me a chance to reassess my opinions but frankly it didn’t look or feel like anything more than a lazy rerelease that certainly somewhat encapsulated the aesthetic of the original movie but only in the fact it played like a trashy Eighties game that might have excited me had I been about 15 but in 2021 was tantamount to mental torture. And these guys are releasing the forthcoming Robocop game?

  2. Mad max is the only one I have played and totally badass you kill the antagonist twice.
    First time is with a chainsaw to the head at the beginning
    Second time you rip the chainsaw back out at the end
    But the mummy one looked good tho will have to play that and John Wick.

  3. The Godfather, honestly best movie game ever

  4. Enjoyed Tron 2.0 way more though. Mad max was personally mad boring to me. Still, wish there were more legit Tron games, love the art style and setting.

  5. what nothing for G-Force the video game come one

  6. A shame as well as mad max was a much superior game than mgs5

  7. No interest in the terminator game since I'm am Xbox player. If it hadn't been gifted to me, I'd refund it. They've no interest in Xbox support or next gen dlc

  8. Went that John Wick feel, then play any FPS on the easiest setting and use only a pistol.

  9. Very surprised chronicles of Riddick : escape from butcher bay wasn't on this list

  10. As a Mad Max fan, I'm a little apprehensive about playing the game. The behind the scenes drama on how they screwed over George Miller, and used content that he had planned for future sequels that can't be used now because of it, just doesn't sit well with me.

  11. True Lies on SNES and SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis. Great top down shooter.

    Got the platinum for Terminator Resistance on PS4 and I'm waiting for the LRG special edition for PS5.

    I didn't miss Mad Max. I bought it years after release and it was great.

    I don't do anything Pokemon so I "miss" every single game released lol

  12. I'm just thankful we're getting an evil dead game soon

  13. Ya not interested in a mummy game unless Brendon Fraser shows up with a shotgun and blows a hole in Tom cruise to take back the franchise


  15. Lemme guess mad max and alien isolation? Time to watch

  16. The Scarface game was definitely a underrated game

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