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7 Best Movie Video Games Everyone Missed

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The best Terminator game you’ve never played.

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  1. Marvel needs to stop being stupid and put some money behind a new punisher game. If done right it could be epic

  2. I was just playing Mad Max last night and I have to say the storms just STOP the game as you have to hunker down in some hole and wait it out or die.

  3. TRON 2.0 is way better than Evolution if you’re looking at TRON games.

  4. Mad Max was so good. It'll be one of those games I wish gets a sequel for years to come

  5. Are you kidding me? Terminator, Mad Max and Friday the 13th were highly advertised before and after launch. They're not AAA famous games, but they hardly missed anyone's radar.

  6. what about king kong path of neo and captain america super soldier

  7. Yes the terminator game gets the recognition it deserves

  8. old, but still a game i love "The Italian Job"
    You literally replay the movie, complete with dialogue from the movie and since the movie had Michael Caine in it, so does the game.
    I personally dont need more reason than that lol.. but its a good game, old but good.

  9. The mad Maxx combat was a little clunky definitely not arkham quality but it tried pretty well i played through the game once and enjoyed it enough to want to go back again

  10. Mad max is not a "movie game" it stands on its own

  11. Just like "avengers" wasn't a movie game, it was never meant to represent the mcu. Not even a lil.

  12. I find it insulting X-Men Origins: Wolverine isnt in this list lol

  13. The only problem with Resistance was that it has no replay value. Once you've finished it, you've got no reason to go back to it.

  14. Mad max is the most underrated game of last gen consoles

    The ghostbusters game was phenomenonal was the 3rd film we all wanted in the 90s

  15. Star Wars Revenge of the Sith game. My favorite Star Wars game ever. Nobody talks about it. I still remember the cheat code for unlimited health XUCPHRA enough said

  16. friday the 13th and mad max werent games missed BY EVERYONE tho ….

  17. I played John Wick Hex, but I thought it would be different. I think it's to hard for me.

  18. I can’t remember how well they did at the time, so may have not made this list, but I loved The Thing and Chronicles of Riddick back in the day. Both games I expected to be stupid movie games that ended up being awesome.

  19. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that game was amazing and I'm surprised it didn't make the list

  20. Detective Pikachu? The movie was based on the game not the other way around

  21. There was one Terminator game made by Bethesda Studios that was "open-world" I forgot what it was called though. Because I kind of want to get back into that game

  22. Dont know how many missed them but I really enjoyed playing Pirates of the Carribbean and Xmen origins Wolverine

  23. Ghost Rider. Played like Goth God of War. Didn't care the cinematics were cardboard cutouts it played awesome and the music was cool too.

  24. I disagree with Friday the 13th being on top of the list… it gets repetitive and boring. IMO it should have been the last one, Mad Max should have been the first, Terminator Resistance second and Tron the third.

  25. I enjoyed mad max until I realised the achievements weren’t ending in 0 or 5 and my OCD went insane I just couldn’t do it, I got enough to even it out and stopped playing

  26. Tron Evolution was top class, especially multiplayer

  27. damn did I laugh at detective Pikachu, the movie came out AFTER the game, not vice versa. I played the game when the movie was talked about.

  28. My favorite would have to be Revenge of the Sith.

  29. The Scarface game was definitely a underrated game

  30. Lemme guess mad max and alien isolation? Time to watch


  32. Ya not interested in a mummy game unless Brendon Fraser shows up with a shotgun and blows a hole in Tom cruise to take back the franchise

  33. I'm just thankful we're getting an evil dead game soon

  34. True Lies on SNES and SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis. Great top down shooter.

    Got the platinum for Terminator Resistance on PS4 and I'm waiting for the LRG special edition for PS5.

    I didn't miss Mad Max. I bought it years after release and it was great.

    I don't do anything Pokemon so I "miss" every single game released lol

  35. As a Mad Max fan, I'm a little apprehensive about playing the game. The behind the scenes drama on how they screwed over George Miller, and used content that he had planned for future sequels that can't be used now because of it, just doesn't sit well with me.

  36. Very surprised chronicles of Riddick : escape from butcher bay wasn't on this list

  37. Went that John Wick feel, then play any FPS on the easiest setting and use only a pistol.

  38. No interest in the terminator game since I'm am Xbox player. If it hadn't been gifted to me, I'd refund it. They've no interest in Xbox support or next gen dlc

  39. A shame as well as mad max was a much superior game than mgs5

  40. what nothing for G-Force the video game come one

  41. Enjoyed Tron 2.0 way more though. Mad max was personally mad boring to me. Still, wish there were more legit Tron games, love the art style and setting.

  42. The Godfather, honestly best movie game ever

  43. Mad max is the only one I have played and totally badass you kill the antagonist twice.
    First time is with a chainsaw to the head at the beginning
    Second time you rip the chainsaw back out at the end
    But the mummy one looked good tho will have to play that and John Wick.

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