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7 Best NEW PC Games To Play In May 2022

Force Gaming
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A look at the most interesting NEW PC games launching this month! Thanks to my.games
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00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in May 2022
02:10 Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate Daemonhunters [PC] May 5
05:32 Salt and Sacrifice [PC, PS5] May 10
07:33 Evil Dead: The Game [PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch] May 13
10:50 Vampire the Masquerade Swansong [PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch] May 19
12:30 Dolmen [PC, Xbox, PS5] May 20
13:33 Hardspace: Shipbreaker [PC] May 24
15:37 Sniper Elite 5 [PC, Xbox, PS5] May 26

17:13 Also… Songs of Conquest, We Where Here Forever, Source of Madness

17:44 Thanks for watching!


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  1. Love the smooth jazz playing over evil dead gore.

  2. More EGS exclusive games, long hair dont care. Hope they bomb.

  3. I gotta say AA games to me are just so much more worth it tbh

  4. Knowing troops can't miss in W40K literally triples my interest in the game.

  5. V rising a multiplayer action rpg survival game that has pvp on may 17th from the same studio that made battlerite.

  6. is there like audio clipping for anyone else? i tested music on my computer and there wasnt anything so im assuming its this video

  7. fantastic vid, already looking into these games further

  8. Wish that warhammer game was co op. Perfect environment for it

  9. good job! always quality content from you 🙂 since i write this sort of comment on all your videos i feel like bot……. but its just because what else is there to say, its just pure awesomeness 😀

  10. Not really excited for any games this month but I still enjoyed the full video. That’s why this is the best channel. Even when I don’t like the topics I enjoy learning about these games. And I don’t mean the games are bad, I’m sure I could enjoy some of these games but my plate is full at the moment with Tiny Tina’s, Monster Hunter Rise, and Anvil(I’m late on the last two).

    PS – Not sure if you saw the open beta on Epic Games for Space Punks, could be a fun game if the bugs are fixed and private parties are an option eventually.

  11. Dolmen looks interesting. Looks like warframe+remnant from the ashes+ a little bit off souls like.

  12. Hey bud, I assume you are aware maybe just been busy but you forgot to mention V-Rising which was a game I am fairly sure I learned about through your channel. It also joins early access this month. Hype Hype Hype

  13. You may have sold me on that Evil Dead game

  14. Been curious about hardspace for a while now. Seems like it would be really repetitive. Can anyone speak to this?

  15. Did Force even cover or play Elden Ring? I don't remember him mentioning it

  16. Do I get to punch Nurgle in the face? This is my only question.

  17. Still waiting to hear it's basically genshin impact with a different name

  18. Dolmen feels like Warframe . . .
    Evil Dead looks quite interesting

  19. Sniper is the only one that actually looks okish

  20. You should try Hardspace Shipbreaker. I've been playing it on and off for the last year plus. Its a grind but that grind where you want just another run to be a little faster or more efficient.

  21. So sad Salt and Sacrifice will only be on Epic -.-

  22. Evil Dead sounds like the old Zombie Master HL2 mod.

  23. Have a new lets play about elden ring, if you guys want some inspiration about the game, have a look on my channel 🙂
    New Episode is online :0 Have a nice Day 🙂

  24. "V Rising" is also coming in may 17h, on early access

  25. Sniper Elite 5 kinda looks like it's not massively about sniping any more. There was a lot of general stealth and combat gameplay in the clips.

  26. Might i just ad fuck epic games. I guess im missing out on Evil dead with my friends.

  27. I think the big May game for me will be V Rising entering Early Access May 17th.

  28. When i heard about Dolmen I thought its a nice game to try out but then it’s 40 euros. Why do double A games make their game so expensive. They don’t have their brand or game quality’s to back it up. I think if they make it 20 euro’s. 10 times as more people would buy it and would make them in the end a lot more money. Really poor marketing here making a game with no status or recognition that expensive.

  29. the warhammer univerce is perfect for a moba

  30. U the best at these type of videos….seriously….unbiased and seasoned

  31. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is one of my favorite games. It's actually quite relaxing, working alone in the quiet of space. I recommend.

  32. evil dead the game is not free. you clickbaiter

  33. Literally the same video i just watched lol. All these dudes just rip off of eachother.
    Edit: Force released the video first, the other ppl ripped him off. Just an observation.

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