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7 Best Open World Games That Are Always IGNORED

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There was a time when open world games were releasing constantly. Here are some great titles we think don’t get enough recognition.
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  1. sleeping dogs is so underrated i absolutely loved that game it would be amazing if they remastered it or better yet made part 2 another amazing underrated game warriors or bully or the game i never hear anybody mention Scarface the game had its problems but it was fun as hell

  2. Elex. At the beginning everything can and tries to eat you so you have to explore.

  3. Honestly I got all them games. Just haven't got around to them. That's the bad thing about having too many games. You lose track.

  4. Has anyone played Two Worlds?
    Im looking for something similar to it 😁

  5. Admit it. You made it a habit to throw those annoying gossip housewives from the 2nd floor balcony in sleeping dogs.

  6. The other games are cool but MadMax tops them all, bring on MadMax 2!

  7. Mad Max and Sleeping Dogs had the best combat mechanics, and I'm glad I played both of them.

  8. You guys never talk about WoW it's MASSIVE still and it's AWESOME and Classic etc. come on! It's forgotten! Do a vid on it!

  9. Far cry 2 was not underrated at all. Most people loved it.
    Oh and it’s saboteur not sabatoire

  10. I killed everyone in the mad max camp, and the only person left alive was a war crier, and he started talking to me. He said "whoa hey there buddy, I was just playing about all that earlier. But hey I need a new gang, do you know anyone who needs a new war crier? I'm the best war crier". I thought that was so funny and good touch

  11. mad max is sick, needs a remake but even then, the original was so good

  12. Sleeping dogs one of the best games ever made 👌🏾

  13. Far Cry 2 was the best FC ever made, and one of the best Open World games ever. Unfortunately, the loony Left said the game was racist when it came out so there'll almost certainly never be a remaster/remake.

  14. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl isn't remotely "Ignored", wtf???

  15. The Saboteur was class. Aged like crap though.

  16. people love farcry because of Far Cry Instincts. it was a insanely good game at a time where there was no good games

  17. My son still plays sleeping dogs and mad max both were ahead of there time.solid ass games

  18. Sleeping Dogs was fantastic. I just finished my 3rd playthrough a few weeks ago. Mad Max was rad too, but a little depressing after a while.

  19. Mad max wasnt just storywise interesting and had very cool gameplay, but the game also had incredible graphics. I have yet to see games that pull of particles as well as mad max, also every vehicle feels heavy and real. The entire enviroment feels real, I do think they could have maybe created a DLC or similair to add a little more content to it, but it's an absolutely great game.

  20. Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga on 360 was amazing

  21. sleeping dogs should've continued :[ reminded me of rise to honor with jet li a bit

  22. Would love to see them remake prototype. A game where you're the ultimate badass, loved every aspect of that game. Sleeping dogs has a great campaign, worth a playthrough even today.

  23. Prototype 😍 that's what I played as a 14 year old .. now these guys play Fortnite. And some people say there is no difference between the older generation and the new one..

  24. Please get your hands on a dictionary if you don't know how to pronounce a word. "Saboteur" isn't very hard at all.

  25. I gotta replay sleeping dogs its such a fire game

  26. "deep cut Pandemic games" well that means something different now

  27. Imagine walking through that chernobyl game and seeing two men running with heavy guns.

  28. You forgot to include Minecraft.. It's kind of a sleeper hit.. Hardly anyone knows about it..

  29. ok ok i will get sleeping dogs and mad max next sale

  30. I adore FarCry 2, it’s my favorite of the FarCry games. It has its flaws but man it’s amazing.

  31. him calling saints row a gta clone irritates me

  32. Dragons dogma is on my top 10 of all time favorite games.

  33. Mad Max gameplay is very good bt the story is short n repeating the some activities gets boring

  34. sleeping dogs brings so much nostalgia

  35. Saboteur, thanks for that! Played that through at least 3 times.
    Love me some Sleeping Dogs, gotta play that again!
    And FC2, that really was a game-changer for me. Love that franchise.

  36. mad max was an amazing game, i still have my copy

  37. Stalkers isn't ignored. It's not played because its too hardcore.

  38. Repetitive button mashers, that's Mad Max and Prototype. For fans of shallow gameplay.

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