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7 Best Open World Games That Are Always IGNORED

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There was a time when open world games were releasing constantly. Here are some great titles we think don’t get enough recognition.
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  1. Repetitive button mashers, that's Mad Max and Prototype. For fans of shallow gameplay.

  2. Stalkers isn't ignored. It's not played because its too hardcore.

  3. mad max was an amazing game, i still have my copy

  4. Saboteur, thanks for that! Played that through at least 3 times.
    Love me some Sleeping Dogs, gotta play that again!
    And FC2, that really was a game-changer for me. Love that franchise.

  5. sleeping dogs brings so much nostalgia

  6. Mad Max gameplay is very good bt the story is short n repeating the some activities gets boring

  7. Dragons dogma is on my top 10 of all time favorite games.

  8. him calling saints row a gta clone irritates me

  9. I adore FarCry 2, it’s my favorite of the FarCry games. It has its flaws but man it’s amazing.

  10. ok ok i will get sleeping dogs and mad max next sale

  11. You forgot to include Minecraft.. It's kind of a sleeper hit.. Hardly anyone knows about it..

  12. Imagine walking through that chernobyl game and seeing two men running with heavy guns.

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