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7 lil’ indie games i think you should play (no pressure)

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Later Alligator (coming soon to switch!!):
A Short Hike:
The Invisible Hours (also on PSVR + Quest):
Hypnospace Outlaw:

00:00 – Intro
3:07 – Later Alligator
4:43 – Snakeybus
6:30 – Adam & Eve
7:11 – A Short Hike
8:46 – The Invisible Hours
10:59 – Superliminal
12:48 – Hypnospace Outlaw
15:13 – go away


  1. this video is old, and the recent comments are… fine, but i hope you don't mind me sharing my silly little experiences. i watched this when it first came out, but only recently did i remember who it was by, even though it's influenced my decisions quite a few of times. because of this video, i've played pikuniku a handful of times over and shared some great/frustrating bonding moments with my siblings in the multiplayer. i played a short hike, which i have 45 hours in (somehow) and it's been so calming and dependable. i played superliminal, which broke my brain in the best way. it’s just so clever and unique that i played it start-to-finish, and even listened to the developer commentary. and i played later alligator, which has now become one of my favorite games despite (more likely, because of) its simple mechanics and story. i still laugh at some of the jokes even though i've played the game through a dozen or so times. i listen to the soundtracks for all these games constantly, i've shared them with my friends, and i even bought merch from a short hike. i probably would've never played any of these games if not for this video, so, thanks! for that.

  2. I love Pikuniku! And the overly long bus game. I actually haven’t convinced anyone to play multiplayer Pikuniku with me but now I want to.

  3. 2:57

    I'm trying to find this specific track from Pikuniku, but the closest thing I can find is "the Mountain Village" Theme.

    Though the music at 2:57 is distinctly different. Can anyone help me find this specific track?

  4. I love how these animations are just getting lower and lower in budget.

  5. you would genuinely have to pay me to play a single one of these games

  6. i never saw someone be sponsored by well adamandeve lol

  7. I just played a short hike for the first time a couple days ago because it finally appeared on game pass, and it's really good. Although one of those people that when they're given a goal, I immediately like to work chords that and then check everything else out so I already saw the ending within a day. But I'm definitely going to go back and explore around more.

  8. A Short Hike is the most wholesome, relaxing game I've ever played.

  9. Thanks for these recommendations! I decided to pick up pikuniku and later alligator with your recommendation! Later Alligator is such a charming point and click. I got smacked around playing old maid with Grandma on the tram so many times. The characters and locations are all neat! I think the ending(s) were all great as well, it was so unexpected!

  10. short hike is the only game on steam where i have all the achivements(there arent many of them either way). PEAK gaming expirience

  11. Been two years since this game out, and I can finally say that I've played them all..

    Later, Alligator was my favorite.

  12. but… undertable 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  13. 2 years ago he gave us a list of indies with "no pressure" added in (). 2 weeks ago it's more recommendations but "he's not aaking".

    It's nice to see how far Noodle has come. I can't wait to see where he will be 2 years from now. See this comment in 2 years.

  14. ive played a short hike and it was so cute!

  15. pikuniku, snakeybus and superliminal are super good games

  16. Hypnospace outlaw is the best game I played this year!!

  17. I’m not cool. My brother forced pikuniku down my throat

  18. This guy deserves a subscribe simply because he's a lil cardboard guy with a hand-cloth green screen

  19. Ive played pikuniku and superluminal 😎😎😎😎

  20. Later Alligator might be one of my new favorites:3

  21. On the topic, here is my list of games you have to play (Do not spoil these for yourself)
    1. Little Nightmares series
    2. stray
    3. Hollow knight
    4. Doki Doki literature club
    5. Subnautica
    6. iron lung
    7. undertale/delta rune (if you somehow haven't been spoiled just go play it)
    8. anything that isn't mascot horror or fnaf

  22. Hey Smallbu are my friends, I love seeing their stuff get some love 🙂

  23. i only played superliminal
    good game, laggy for my potato

  24. yeah this is filler, sorry for the wait

    I've got better vids in the pipeline, thanks for bearing with me 'till then👍

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