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7 Starter Weapons That Were the Best Weapon in the Game: Commenter Edition

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Here are your suggestions of first weapons in games that could see you through to the end credits.

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  1. i dont remember if it was mentioned in the first episode but the predator bow in crysis 3 is amazing

  2. Deadspace plasma cutter not on this list? The disappointment is real…

  3. Sellsword twinblades are not at all OP. They are trashtier weapons only good for low level enemies. Washing Pole is more appropriate and you get that near the beginning too.

  4. Yooo I remember syphon filters taser was too lit

  5. Is it just me or is anyone hearing Lucy longhurst's voice in most of their videos

  6. Definitely, Syphon Filter's taser was the best weapon in the game. It made the game really, so much fun hopefully they will reboot it one of these days and keep the taser as the most op weapon.

  7. I just want to say, Bioshock is not a Objectivest (Randian) game, its a parody., a blattent mockary of the phisopohy, I should know I follow the Phisopohy. For starters, Police should be public.

  8. The Boltgun on Space Marine should be mentioned here. Even without the upgrade to Kraken Rounds later on, it's the most useful gun in the game.

  9. Downvoted for the big bang jokes. Kinda low hanging fruit energy guys

  10. Seeing the person in the Dark Souls clip NOT ONCE using the L1 attack which combos with both weapons (which is the entire reason the sellsword twinblades are strong as heck) was incredibly infuriating

  11. Samurai Western: each sword levels up about 5-10 times, with their primary stats getting +2-4/levl and other stats occasionally getting a +1. The starting sword only gets +1, but it's to all stats every level……and can level up 250 times.

  12. My all time favorite, of all time, starter weapon is the Pulse Rifle from the original AvP for PC.

  13. Unreal's Dispersion Pistol, when upgraded, is the best weapon in the game.

  14. but what about TF2s Stock weapons?
    they are the most consistent weapons and best for most situations (except most melees, they suck (Spy's knife is the exception here))

  15. There are few games that have affected me as much as Goldeneye. The movie was good, the story was…there, but the gameplay was awesome. And the multiplayer was amazing.

  16. The handgun from Half-Life 2 better be on here…

  17. bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit says:

    I definitely used blasters on the train mission.

  18. The Jedi Academy one is half right. YES you start with a lightsaber. However, if you complete the game with a special saber (staff or twin sabers) you can immediately start a new game wielding that style of saber! Now you can start a new game wielding the (objectively) best saber in the game: the saberstaff! Also, the game is still available on the Xbox1 store so check it out if you want the early peak of lightsaber combat in any Star Wars game.

    Also, the disrupter rifle and (later) rocket launcher/heavy repeater were AMAZING to take on missions because a lightsaber isn’t exactly great at destroying long range targets. Also, don’t forget the mission where that one guy steals your saber and you don’t get it until you’ve finished the mission. Some of the extra weapons you can take are amazing

  19. In Fallout 4 you can get a Fatman and a .44 pistol within 2 minutes of leaving the vault. Easily powerful enough to complete the game, if you can find enough ammo.

  20. I loved the taser in Syphon Filter. It had cross map range, best weapon for picking off enemies on roofs and its so fun to use. Just sit back and watch your enemy squirm around as 500,000 volts are frying their brains and sets them on fire if you hold it too long. Also great for breaking every piece of glass in the level which in late 90s was still pretty mind blowing to have environmental damage and it didn't get old.

  21. Ray Sunshine the third I see you there. Running around in DS3.

  22. And here I am calling it the shock and clock

  23. TBH, the tazer made it into Syphon Filter 2 as well, with most of the same attributes.

  24. The first few Assassin's Creed game the hidden blades were the best. Instant kill with the counters and deadly combos.

  25. the just cause grapple hook has never EVER failed to be amazing

  26. Hehehehe…tasing people on fire in Siphon Filter brings back lots of giggling memories.

  27. I seriously regret not playing Just Cause 2 now…. well played.

  28. You'd be better off never reading atlas shrugged

  29. The guy talking about star wars sounds like he's only seen star wars once…before this video he made

  30. Elder scrolls V: skyrim, flames and sparks spells, cheap and effective channeling spells that even the most skillful makes will use the whole game

  31. great video, but I just have a small nitpick

    in the spoiler warning, you said dark souls 1 but you talked about dark souls 3 later

  32. genshin impact: Dull Blade

    can we have a just a single genshin impact content? I'll be over the moon if you ever insert it in a video!

  33. I love that grappling shot. I'd just sit on a car and throw chasing military vehicles over bridges for hours.

  34. I think the harvester from the persistence should count. Early game enemies are a breeze and with enough upgrades it should be good on the lower levels as well.

  35. With Deathloop, that Nail Gun is still helpful lol

  36. I wish more gaming videos mentioned the Syphon Filter trilogy, it's a great set of games that doesn't get talked about enough

  37. If Pokémon were counted weapons (I don't but try tobfor this video) then bulbasaur in gen 1 (& the remakes), & cyndaquil in gen 2 were essentially like picking very easy mode for the first 2 or 3 gyms. Especially after learning their first same type moves.

  38. The pistol/hand cannon in Mass Effect. It's just all around a solid and reliable weapon.

  39. "Syphon Filter" thank you so much that was my favorite game and no one knows about it

  40. That tazer in Syphonfilter was a world conquerer.

  41. Thanks for all your suggestions of amazing starting weapons! Can you think of any more? Shout in the comments if so -OX

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