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8 Best Games With Cannibalism That Let You Eat Humans

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Seen as the ultimate degradation of the human spirit, cannibalism has always induced sentiments of disgust towards the ones who practice it. It’s also true that it gave way to numerous legends, becoming an exotic theme of today’s popular culture. And because of this precise reason, some video games tackle with the extremely sensitive subject of cannibalism, but most of the times you’ll be able to witness the act and not actually perform it yourself. Still, there are some gaming titles that really let you consume other beings, in a more or less graphic manner, and this is why today’s list is dedicated entirely to them.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi


  1. You fergot the be the zombie mode in dying light

  2. Prototype isn't exactly cannibalism, Alex Mercer is not human, he's the manifestation of the virus taking the guise as a human

  3. PROTOTYPE: He's not Alex, he's the Virus who just believed itself to be Alex, this is not cannibalism.
    Mortal Kombat: Not human, this is not cannibalism

  4. What's next 10 enemies Goku defeated in the Dragon Ball Franchise?

  5. strong likes it and ada doesnt care

  6. mate,the title is just fucking retarded.

  7. lol this world is fucked up Animals then now humans? lol wtf

  8. You idiot mileena isn't canibal she is not even human

  9. I remember in fallout new vagas you can take some meat from a human and snack on it for later lol

  10. Lmao wow great video idea just what i was looking for

  11. (Spoiler alert) Alex mercer is more of a shape that the backlight virus took after being released as revealed at the end

  12. >not even mentioned "The Forest"

    there you can cut corpses into pieces (legs/arms/chest/head). You can cook and eat them….
    ….and you can also kill people by punching them with legs and arms

    There is nothing better than a fresh coocked leg at breakfast

  13. Cannibalism is a sensitive subject since when?

  14. I really like the guy who is talking on this

  15. in dayz i kid nap fresh spawns tie them up lock them in sheds and tell them to fight each other and that the winner will be free. the winner is then forced to eat the loser. after enough meat the winner becomes insane and laughs and cries out loud. at this point his legs are broken and he is used as bait for the next batch of victems

  16. Wait did anyone know that you can actually get neo scavenger on the play store but you have to pay for the full version so if you didn't know that now you know

  17. Are there any games that you're not a human, and can eat people?

  18. Alex technecly is the blacklight viris with Alex's memories. So he isnt human

  19. Where is Dayz? Where is ultima online? You can not only eat men you can also eat other players.

  20. Alex is the Virus, not the real Alex Mercer. You find that out at the end of the game.

  21. I performed mileena all fatalities thousands of time and ate all characters

  22. U can eat ur corpse in Ark survival lol u also can eat others

  23. There is the game Rust where basically everyone is a cannibal.

  24. I wonder if there are real cannibals in the comment section. LOL I won't tell.

  25. Mileena is a vampire, not a human dude.

  26. The game's prototype one and two is basically JoJo's bizarre adventure with the second Jojo

  27. The forest that is literally an entire game based on cannibalism and saving your son and surviving a forest I guess plane crash

  28. Forgot Fallout 76 used to love eating corpses

  29. Prototype you cannot count that because of the fact you are no longer human you are a biological weapon that absorbed a human and got confused on what it was hence Alex Mercer the character is dead and has been dead before the game has started so there is no cannibalism in that game

  30. You chose to fallout which I'm seeing a lot of these games seem to have absolutely nothing like a lot of these games aren't really games they're like apps

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