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9 of the Best Games of 2022 (So Far)

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Lately, it’s felt like there haven’t been many game releases in 2022. At least, that’s how Aoife Wilson felt, until she looked back at the last few months a little more closely (with the help of the Eurogamer site) and realised there have been more great game launches than she’d thought. In need of some new game recommendations of titles you might have missed? This list is for you! And yes, Elden Ring is on here, don’t worry…. #Eurogamer

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  1. How isn’t horizon forbidden west on this?

  2. How dare not include Horizon Zero dawn forbidden west.

  3. Aoife! You should play a Kirby game; the appeal is indescribable but readily apparent once you're in one. They're not like other games, in the best way. You can find the old Kirby's Adventure included in the Switch Online stuff I believe.

    I just got Dying Light 2 & I didn't keep up with the patch notes, but the game plays well now. Had 1 CTD (after having it open for more than 8 hours) & literally only a couple of clipping issues with other characters, but other than that the slew of bugs mentioned at release seems to have been rectified. I also haven't felt that progressing in the skills is too much of a grind at all. I'd still recommend the PC version though, since there are some nice visual mods that do away with the tint & (IMO) overabundance of stuff flying around in the air. Even runs okay whilst being bottlenecked by my 6-generations-old CPU.

  4. Elden Ring and Sifu are my favorites so far. I don't think anything else will top Elden Ring for myself personally, but 2nd place is open for God Of War: Ragnarok

  5. So far horzion forbidden west is my game of the year, dying light 2 is my second favorite game of the year and ghostwire toko is my 3rd favorite game so far.

  6. I'm giving this video a dislike for not including horzion forbidden west how dare they 😡

  7. I've played 3 of these games (Gran Turismo, Pokemon and Elden Ring). Put in over 100 hours on the first two. Got 6 hours into Elden Ring, made pretty much no progress, and bounced off of it. Which is a shame, because I did want to get into it.

  8. Did you finish Arceus in the end, Aoife? I was really enjoying your play through of it.

  9. OlliOlliWorld needs more recognition. However it needs a much larger soundtrack

  10. Dont. DO NOT put Tunic on any list please. God damn I thought that game would be a relaxing game 🙂

  11. I believe Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an experiment for new mechanics they wanted to put into the main game series, fully expecting to see most of these in the new Scarlet and Violet games.

  12. Kirby & the Forgotten Land was my first game in the franchise and it’s absolutely fantastic! Girl you should play it.

  13. Why the fuck is Dying Light 2 on here?? Horizon Forbidden West got significantly better reviews and yet it’s not on this list… SMH.

  14. I also think it's a bit weird for Horizon to not be on the list, but then again it has a 88 on Metacritic, while titles like Tunic or Kirby have a 85, so well within range of "9 OF the best games" (=/= THE 9 best games).

    The only game I find truly baffling is Dying Light 2, as, as far as I'm aware, it has received average ratings throughout the bank, Polygon calling it a "perfect example of a 7 out of 10 game", which I find equally funny and relatable. I played it alone and with friends, and we neither finished the game, nor liked it as much as the first.

  15. A game journalist telling in open she had no idea about all these games? Also, quoting Gran Turismo from a review, which is false because after the game was released it was changed with micro transctions is like praising Russia for their "One of the best armies of the world" totally ignoring their "achievements" in Ukraine.

  16. I know people already pointed it
    but you did indeed kind of miss Horizon Forbidden West

  17. Horizon Forbidden West is the only game, I can think of, that you missed…

  18. The HFW issue to me highlights the problem with the Eurogamer video team posting videos like this which are essentially taking articles from the Eurogamer website and giving them a voice, especially when the original article wasn't written by either Aoife, Ian or Zoe. As soon as Aoife referred to the article I knew the Horizon issue was going to raise it's head.

    Whether HFW is the best game ever, bang average or a pile of something unmentionable is neither here nor there. It has been well established that the reviewers on the website find the Horizon series to be a bit run of the mill whereas on the video team Zoe needs no encouragement to wax lyrical on her love of all things Aloy. When West dropped Zoe said it was a must buy for the PS5 so the omission seems a bit off, though as I said I do understand Aoife is saying these are what the website reviewers are recommending. It just feels a little editorial license wouldn't have gone amiss to square that circle.

  19. Not including Horizon almost feels like an intentional slight, and I can't understand why. Definitely my favorite game so far.

  20. Yeah, I'm either everyone else, I don't know why Horizon Forbidden West isn't on here. I thought it was even better than the first game.

  21. No Forbidden West? Seriously? There goes your credibility.

  22. Non of the games to me are actually interesting what's been released this

  23. I would add 'Nobody saves the World'. Very fun. Available on Gamepass but also great on Switch.

  24. I don't know what Eurogamer has against Horizon Forbidden West.

  25. No Horizon Forbidden West on the list? That was my personal best game of the year so far …… is it obvious I'm not a soulsborner?

  26. No Horizon Forbidden West? Even after all the videos Eurogamer did on the channel about it? 🤔

  27. Adding another voice to the chorus of comments saying Horizon Forbidden West. I've put in about 100 hours on it and will probably play it at least twice more, so it's safe to say it's my favourite game so far.

    Also I completely forgot Arceus was this year. Somehow it felt like it was released forever ago.

  28. Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light 2, Sifu, Tunic, Pokemon Arceus, Ghostwire are my favourites I played so far. DLC would be Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ragnarok. Games I would like to check out Kirby, Final Fantasy Stranger, Traingle Strategy. Upcoming games Im looking foward to The Quarry and Outriders expansion

  29. I don't get a lot of time to enjoy new games, so my backlog is big, and purchases are few and far between. The only true 2022 releases I've played so far have been Horizon: Forbidden West, and The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. Both superb experiences in a lot of different ways.

    I know Stanley Parable isn't truly a new game, but it's the first time I've been able to own a copy of my own, and the abundant extra content adds a lot more to explore.

  30. I am so glad aofie is the one to do the voiceover for this video I was hoping as I pressed play and it’s like uhhh yessssssss so sweet and calming.

  31. GT definitely isn't. It is if you've only played the first 8 or so hours, and then there is NOTHING to do.
    HFW is the best game since HZD and/or God Of War. It's ludicrously good with no medium negatives let alone big ones.

    (Not ragging on Aoife. I get the feeling these aren't her, or the YT teams, choices)

  32. Horizon forbidden west over gran trusimo 7 a game so far being another micro transaction greed feast I’ve heard and they said there not big simulation driving game fans aswell while HFW is an amazing game the end, although I will admit even though I was excited for and didn’t care for elden ring I ended up putting HFW down and dumping 100 hours into elden ring and getting the platinum still not gone back to it but that got 1st place anyway.

  33. i managed to get a rtx 3080 but im playing games that look like im in 1992….fukin joke

  34. Dying Light 2 has the worst ending I've ever played in a video game. It goes off the rails, makes most of your character motivations pointless and enevitably not matter, has boss fight which is too bland and yet too vague to actually know what you're doing somehow but is so strict that you can't do damage by sitting up high with a bow and arrow, builds up NPCs to be really powerful only to pretty much write them out as retired the moment you meet them, kills characters off screen, and has the whole 'your actions have consequences' thing revolve almost purely around being nice to one person who betrays you multiple times that other characters are trying to kill. Oh, and one whole faction is homophobic except for one woman and somehow that's cool and normal. And they use the term epilogue to refer to the last two or so hours of the game, including the final boss confrontation. That is not what an epilogue is, but I can admit that's just me been finicky. That being said, I really enjoyed it until the ending. Do yourself a favour, and just explore the city and have fun, don't play the ending.

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