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Absolutely HUGE Nintendo Switch Eshop Sales | 16 ESSENTIAL Games!

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Hello everyone – a cracking lineup of games this week – let me know what tickles your fancy! A big shoutout to Merge games for sponsoring this episode, check out Whisker Waters here:


The joycon we use – save 10% with code: SUP2023 (ensure you put this as checkout) head to Nyxi here –

Two winners next week! 0:00
Whisker Waters 0:35
Expanded Cells 1:30
Sword Of The Vagrant 2:05
Borderlands 3 2:50
A Driving Gem 3:50
Cozy Grove 4:45
Paleo Pines 5:45
Monomals 7:05
Deadly In Red 7:59
Afterimage 8:35
Glen’s PIck 9:25
Hidden Gem! 10:16
Savaloy Selection 11:24
Save the bunce 13:58

Hyperion Joycon overview: They are very comfortable, have GYRO, Rumble (standard) and a proper D-Pad. Plus they charge normally on the Switch. Great Joycon.

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Mark & Glen

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  1. Inkluminati gets punishing. i'll be interested to hear your thoughts beyond that first half hour.

  2. I love the videos. I had no idea there were so many great games and they’re on sale!

  3. have you been told how soothing your voice is?

  4. Why don't nintendo bring out a switch laptop with a office, music studio, art , movie editing cartridge, also a
    special 8 bit 16 gamecube cartridge with all the old games when you buy the lap to that can be plugged into the television, what about a switch television so you just put a cartridge in the siide it doesnt have to be super ho def the display and could come with a wireless keyboard and a tablet you could buy for drawing with! People may think this silly but because they are cartridges they load instantly!

  5. Paleo Pines and Everdream Valley came out close together and I didn't gel with either, they just felt a bit empty in terms of the map and things around. This seems to be a repeating theme in newer games of this genre, I've heard people saying this about harvest moon winds of anthos, and also story of seasons (though this is a reamer from ps2)

  6. Every week I check for new sales and never, NEVER, does Front Mission 2 Remake get even a little discounted. Very very sad 🙁

  7. You've got me thinking about getting Wanderlust. Hmmm. But, the US eshop has it at $10.04, 33% off its regular price of $14.99. So there's a discrepancy with what you have listed.

  8. Anyone who enjoys platformers or the music editor on Mario Paint would do well to pick up Monomals while it’s this cheap. Picked it up a while back because I liked the art style and was very pleasantly surprised!

  9. Disjunction looks so great but it's back to $19.99 CAD sadly 🙁

  10. Are you guys going to review Kudzu? I bought it but haven't tried it yet. Interested to see what your thoughts are.

  11. As I recall there is a game in western stile. It's black and white and everything is drawn in a slightly childish way (the persons are stick figures etc). I think Marc was quite pleased with the game. Can Anyone help me with the name so I can track if it gets on sale. Thanks.

  12. I just found your site I love it it’s so informative. I’m definitely going to keep my subscription to this. I’m a new switch owner so I’m still trying to figure out what type of games would work best for me.

  13. Dead Cells is a must have for sure. Such a fun and challenging game

  14. The Nintendo eshop is completely useless, so these videos are essential to find some weird and wonderful games!

  15. I also wish my kid would magically turn 18 when I need. You are an uncanny parent, Mark! Please teach me!

  16. That Inkulinati game looks neat! I can't imagine anyone being turned off by that art style. I think it looks lovely!

  17. Afterimage is so great ! I died so many times this game almost looks like a metrovania and retry 🤣🤣🤣.

  18. Where are the obscure Savaloys?😅 love indi games, Knight witch is a gem!

  19. Just picked up Deedlit in Wonderlabrynth, but I'd be happy to pick up another game too.

  20. For once we bought the digital games, can we remove at any time from the console and redownload it whenever we want?

  21. Switchup is now my go to channel for checking out potential new games. Love the all patched up vids too

  22. Great sales!! Amazing coverage, as always!

  23. I bought all the bethesda games for the spring sale except quake

  24. PLEASE try Afterimage, everybody! My favorite MV of all time – even amongst the HKs, Aeterna Noctis, etc..

  25. After playing unicorn overlord, the vanillaware aesthetic of Sword of the Vagrant looks great. Can't complain at £2.24 for a game that looks that good

  26. Your channel is the best! Love it! 🎉🎉🎉 may you continue this for many many many years to come

  27. Borderland 3 or dead cell since these to game have the longest hour of playing and fun action games to play.

  28. I wanted to like Cozy Grove (bought it on one of the earlier sales) and I just could NOT get into it. After an hour or two I was just bored out of my mind.

  29. Paleo Pines was only $5 recently (physical in the US) and I finally grabbed it for my wife since she's into mostly casual games (sometimes Pokemon).

  30. nah im smashing my switch rn cuz games are expensive for no reason and performance is suck I HATA ALL SWITCH FANS

  31. Not bad on some of these, but I think I am still holding off for a couple other games I've seen on recent videos!

  32. Wow, sword of the vagrant looks great, I'll have to pick it up. Thanks guys

  33. Monomals seems dope as hell and crazy that RDR1 runs great on the switch even if it's only 30 fps.

  34. I bought that sword of the vagrant and it amazing the sound track alone is awesome. It's a castlevainia side scroller but with out having to keep backtracking lol . Ty for the recommendation.

  35. There’s always some hidden gem on these videos that has passed me by so thanks for highlighting them.

  36. I've been considering picking up the physical release of Red Dead after seeing your reviews and comments about it… I loved it on the XBox when it was first released, just worried that I'll disappear down another rabbit hole what with Borderlands 3 currently on the go, along with all of the other games in the backlog! 😄

  37. Thanks guys for the content. I'm always on the lookout for sales on games for my kids. Cheers

  38. The backlog keeps growing, I need to stop watching these vids, but I can't, always need more bargains!

  39. Always appreciate you guys saving us money and filling up our SD cards lol

  40. Some really good games there. Afterimage is the one I'm keeping my eye on! 😂

  41. Whisker waters seems like the kind of wholesome game I need in my life right now. Been playing too many war games!

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