All Fire Emblem Games Ranked Worst to Best -

All Fire Emblem Games Ranked Worst to Best

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At least the western ones I’ve played as someone who identifies as a westerner. Let’s rank some Fire Emblem games and fan some Fire Emblem flames.

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  1. Really, huh never knew that you played this series

  2. Sooner or later we all expect a waifu tier list


  3. Oh. This is cool. I only played Three Houses so far, wasn't sure if I should go back and play previous entries

  4. Binding Blade is good, Thracia 776 is unforgiving, but has a good story.

  5. "I value modernization and QoL Improvements"

    Thank you for speaking for everybody who loves FE fates

  6. New Mystery on the DS was the peak for me honest, it’s inconsistent how they never bothered to go back and localize it after the success of awakening, I also believe if Nintendo bit the bullet and decided to localize it before awakening it perhaps could’ve saved the series, it introduced the avatar and casual mode. Fire Emblem already died when it lived long enough to become the villain I mean a Waifu Dating Sim

  7. Radiant Dawn BEXP actually only gives 3 stats per lvl and are generally the highest growth rate stats. The idea behind it is you cap some stats then use BEXP to help out the lower stats. Fiona has a bad strength growth but high hp, luck, speed, and res so yeah I get the annoyance about it

  8. Great list. I love when you make videos on fire emblem and Kingdom hearts

  9. Echoes rant can be summarized by lol skill issues

  10. I absolutely love Three Houses and it's one of my favorite Switch games of all time. I would like to try out others Fire Emblem games.

  11. Finally, another Setsuna enjoyer. I will take your opinion as fact based on this alone

  12. Was I the only one that really enjoyed echoes?

  13. Nah man echoes is better than fates as a whole. All your complaints are just nit-picks and skill issues

  14. I have been on a fire emblem kick lately both on YouTube and actually playing the games, so this came at the perfect time. Also seeing Three Houses beat Path of Radiance reminded me that it's been half a decade since your last top ten games of all time video. We might need it to be remade.

  15. this was uploaded the same day i was googling this question and im scared

  16. I honestly can’t believe I passed up on this game when it came out. What made me take a look at it now is the new warriors game that’s coming out soon. I think I’ll skip the warriors version and pick up this one with the season pass. Anyone think this one will go on sale? Digital version with season pass is like $86 usd or in that area.

  17. The difficulty bad translation on Radiant Dawn got him.

  18. FE7 and Sacred Stones both felt like the best character recruiting imo, at least for the pre three houses traditional style.

  19. “Babe, wake up. New Albino ranking dropped”

  20. Weird timing considering i just started a run of all the English FE games like last week… but this channel is always on some funky shit so i guess that mind read was par for the course 💪

  21. About the difficulty in Radiant Dawn: Normal Mode is as hard as it is because our Normal Mode was actually Japan's Hard Mode. Easy is Normal, and Hard is what was the Japanese Maniac mode.

  22. I am playing through Three Houses right now and I haven't played any of the other ones, but its one of if not the best turn based strategy game I've ever played.

  23. I’m glad you hate Echoes as much as me. God I couldn’t stand the way that game played

  24. idk I just could never get into Three Houses, all the characters look so generic to me compared to Awakening and Fates.

  25. Do you plan to do a rating of the hardest bosses u ever fough, by that i mean all the games

  26. Been real into Fire Emblem lately, quite an interesting list.
    Shadow Dragon: Yeah, I like it, but I can clearly see why people don’t. Minimal story, no supports, bland characters. The gameplay is really fun if you’re willing to get down and dirty with reclassing and forging, but it’s a hard game to get into.
    Echoes: First off, Gaiden’s mechanics are mostly unique and bad, but rather than never being used again, most of those things have come back up in the series much later, like split promotions in sacred stones and the magic system in three houses. Also, while the game could’ve balanced the starting classes better, there is a pretty clear indication that picking all mercenaries is not the right choice. Mages are good against pretty much everything, archers have ridiculous range in this game, and cavs have superior movement. Also, swords are far from common in this game, you get like 3 good ones on Alm’s route, and one of those is going to Alm, so you are encouraged to not load up on one weapon type. Mages have predetermined hit rates, but it’s not always 80% and that number can be increased by supports. Witch AI sucks, but it is fairly predictable (they always teleport around you, but almost never within 3 squares of one of your units, meaning if you have the mage-weak dude not on the back lines, he will almost never be targeted. Necrodragons are bad at the dragon shrine, but any decently powered physical unit can chip them and any decently powerful magical unit can annihilate them by the 2nd/3rd time you see them. Most people like this one predominantly for the story, but a lot of the gameplay issues you brought up do have answers.
    FE7: Based. Fe7 is really decent, and that’s pretty much it.
    FE14: Okay, pretty much only here because of waifuism, got it. Real talk, story really really bad, mechanics good, gameplay bad on two routes and fantastic on the other one, characters bad, etc. Also yeah, the castle sucks.
    Sacred Stones: The first truly modern FE game. Really solid game, has a ton of cool quality of life stuff, and it’s also one of my favorites because of how easy it is to hack and make a better game out of.
    Awakening: Awakening is like FE4 but modernized and simplified. It Saved The Series/10
    Radiant Dawn: Yeah, the class balance is ridiculous, wyverns are insanely powerful. The army swapping is really interesting, and I agree that the game is a bit too hard. Also bEXP always gives 3 stat levels
    PoR: Biorhythm sucks, the game is slow, fun while not resetting. Also, the recruitments are funny
    Three Houses: New Game + is excellent, although the monestary sucks

    Interesting list, fun watch

  27. I'm happy to see others have problems with echoes. Outside of aesthetics, i don't enjoy it

  28. I would never have guessed that FE would be one of my favorite series growing up, but here we are.

    My personal ranking (for the games I’ve played) from worst to best.

    FE1 (worst)
    Sacred stones
    Blazing Sword
    Binding Blade
    Radiant Dawn
    Shadow Dragon
    Path of Radiance
    Three Houses
    Fates Revelation
    Fates Birthright
    Fates Conquest

  29. u definitely should play fire emblem genealogy of the holy war

  30. Actually enjoyed echos a lot, but I’m with you on hating witches, necrodragons, and cantors

  31. PoR is my favorite game of all time. I haven't played Three houses much yet, maybe I should get into it.

  32. I do recommend playing Fire emblem heroes because it does give back story to other fire emblem games. Just don't spend money.

  33. The only redeeming factor of shadow dragon remake is forcing yourself to beat it on H5 difficulty and being able to brag that you beat what some consider the hardest FE

  34. My personal ranking would be:
    Shadow Dragon
    Fates: Revalations
    Fates: Birthright
    Fates: Conquest
    Blazing Blade
    Sacred Stones
    Three Houses? (Still need to finish)
    Binding Blade

  35. Top 3 best fire emblem game

    3. Path Of Radiance: Not a fan of how this game is basically wait and pass game. The game balance in hard mode especially really bad since if you're not in a horse or dragon you are pretty bad. I also hate how the final boss can only get hit by Ike. I get it for the story purpose but it make final map unnecessary tedious cause you basically just wait and pass with Ike and occasionally heal him with physic. Story is pretty nice I guess. This is the game that I enjoy Playing less and less tr more i play. Still pretty good.

    2. Conquest: If by gameplay alone this is the best FE game of all time. I don't care much about story. It's really bad but at least it's funny. I like the character as well. The character design is godlike. The map is made so precise that it felt like puzzle. The opposite of Path of Radiance. This is the game that I like the more i play it.

    1. Sacred Stone: This is the first Game that make me love Fire Emblem as a franchise. It is one of the easiest Fire Emblem Game because of Seth and Seth. But I think it has the best story in all of fire emblem. Valter, Orson and Lyon are probably like Top 3 best FE villain of all time. I also love Eirika a lot. My favorite FE lord of all time. Overall I do have biased on this one but yeah.

  36. You can actually double easily in Fates with Silver sword. Steel are the one that give speed penalty. But pair up and tonic usually enough to cover your speed to reach doubling threshold. Unless you're an armor Knight.

  37. I'm still kinda new into FE (I started to get into the series with Fates but have played every game after that) and I will say Echoes was extremely fun. I enjoyed it so much.

  38. Everyone has their own opinion but heres mine:

    Blazing Blade is the best: Amazing graphics, character models and art, cant grind, really long campaign, weapon and magic triangle, there's light, dark and anima magic.

    Worst games for me are the two that removed weapon durability.

  39. Another Setsuna enjoyer I see
    Is it just me or the best characters are archers or weild bows

    On a side note once I spoke to invisible Raphael in the Monastery

  40. 3 houses is NOT better than POR & RD

    Not a chance dog

    They didn't even finish the game. 3 houses graphics look worse than Radiant Dawn despite 10 years of new tech. The monetary in the 2nd half of 3 houses was such a mistake

  41. Only thing I don't like about 3 houses is the game forcing u to replay the story. I like being able to grind all my units to max, or just about. Kinda like pokemon. It's annoying having to constantly redo story to max all the units

  42. Yeesh, talk about a harsh take on Echoes. I had a lot of fun with that game.

    As for Shadow Dragon on the DS, yeah, I couldn’t force myself to play it beyond a few chapters.

    4:50 – Agreed. I love Setsuna.

    6:20, 6:38 – I appreciate this take on Sacred Stones. In the older Fire Emblems, it can be difficult and tedious to have certain units catch up if they fall behind.

    9:10 – Radiant Dawn
    9:52 – Fiona is most… disappointing. Although, on Normal mode in the US version, getting BEXP is easy, so Fiona can be raised fairly easily in that context. I’ve done it myself.

    11:04 – BioRhythm is an interesting direction, but I’m glad that later installments left it out.

  43. You my friend have stepped into a hornets nest

  44. Thumbs down.
    Imagine getting this filtered by Echoes.

  45. ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And Supporter says:

    Sorry, but Female Corrin the Thotton = toxic trash and Birthwrong = worst route.

  46. I haven’t played the JP only games but I’d rank the games I played like this

    Fates Revelations (worst)
    Fates Birthright
    Shadow Dragon
    Sacred Stones
    Fates Conquest
    Radiant Dawn
    Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
    Three Houses
    Fire Emblem 7
    Path of Radiance

  47. That thumbnail is controversial af lmao. I will never put a title above another because for someone else, that title which I might have misgivings about may be their first entry to the series. Knowing my love for FE7, I would not enjoy someone hating on my childhood, so I remain respectfully silent.

  48. Favs: Conquest, Thracia 776, Radiant Dawn
    Strongly Like: Binding Blade, New Mystery of the Emblem
    Like a fair bit: Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War, Path of Radiance, Shadows of Valentia
    Like but not that much: Birthright, Three Houses, Sacred Stones
    Meh: Shadow Dragon, Blazing Blade
    Dislike: Revelation, Awakening

    my personal experiences / thoughts

  49. So, the Tellius duo are without question my favorite games in the franchise (Despite all the great things 3H did, I can't look away from the many many glaring flaws in the game that is on average, twice as long as the 2nd longest game in the series) and I know way too many things about it. So here's all the relevant information I can think of on the spot.

    Classes matter a lot in Radiant Dawn, as not only does it determine givens like weapon types and movement, it also determines maximum weapon levels and stat caps. (Stat caps are one of the 2 reasons mages suffer. They have a low Spd cap. The other is that their main prey no longer has abyssmal Spd and also has a respectable Res stat, as you mentioned) This comes into play with the BEXP because in this game you will always get 3 stats based on highest growths, unless the unit has 2 or fewer uncapped stats. For example, my personal favorite FE character Nephenee is incredibly likely to cap Skl and Spd naturally. This means I can then use BEXP to force stat gains in weaker growth rates. Path of Radiance just makes it a standard level full of RNG, but Radiant Dawn's system is more consistent and easy to manipulate when you have that knowledge. Biorhythm in Path of Radiance may as well not exist, it does so little. Biorhythm in Radiant Dawn will only make an impactful difference on Hard and in the early game. This is especially true if you use your herons and obtain the Bliss galdr at what I think is level 15 or 20, as it lets you set a unit(s)'s condition to best. In chapter 1-4 there is a hidden item Beastfoe scroll that you can obtain and use primarily for chapters 3-6 and 3-13, as it grants the unit effective damage to cats, tigers, and lions. This is not something you would know on a blind playthrough, but it's not in such a strange location as the locations you recruit Stefan in both games. Effective damage is usually triple the weapon's Mt stat. This is also Radiant Dawn's effective damage, Path of Radiance is only double. The reason why crossbows specifically benefit so much is because crossbows ignore the user's Str stat and instead use only the weapon's Mt. This means that instead of something like 16 Str + 8(3) Mt = 40 Atk you have 0 Str + 24(3) Mt = 72 Atk. Path of Radiance does have base conversations that foreshadow what's to come, and I do believe it helps with recruiting a few people, though Stefan is more of a curiosity thing oh wait I need to use a laguz next time.

    Now a short criticism of 3H: NG is a pain, I never want to play through White Clouds (academy phase) ever again it's so bland and empty. NG+ despite being broken as hell is super dope since it takes out a good chunk of the tedious stuff. Finally, it feels like they had a vision and just stopped part of the way through it. Like, they went for the freedom to choose any class but then decided males can't be these classes and females can't be those classes, like c'mon go all the way or not at all.

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