All of the FREE Nintendo Switch Games that are Actually Good [2021] -

All of the FREE Nintendo Switch Games that are Actually Good [2021]

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There is SO MUCH great stuff on the Switch that you can just download right out of the box without even spending a dime.

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  1. War frame is probably the best free game on there

  2. how about the motherfucking genshin ? 😀 i know that switch is weak and they wanna optimize the graphics instead of porting low graphic settings from android 😀 but damn are they taking their sweet time 😀 Just like with gamepad support for android or allowing iOS version of genshin to work on apple silicon macOS devices .. if they dont make a macOS version themselves 😀

  3. There is no way I’m playing rocket league on switch. I tried it and it has terrible input delay and lag.

  4. there was only 1 game that i didnt have
    knockout city

  5. i play sky on a switch lite and i haven’t experienced any frame rate dips yet guess i’m just lucky

  6. Asphalt 9 legends
    Sky: children of Light
    Rogue company

  7. u look like u been up gaming way too long

  8. On 2x speed asphalt sounds like a*shole

  9. my opinion on some free to play games

    Apex legends (though in my opinion better on all the other consoles/pc)

    Asphalt 9 it is really good just pay to win so :/

    Fortnite (insert apex’s opinion here)

    brawlhalla it’s really good fun if you either a don’t have smash or b need a break from it

    DELTARUNE HELL YEAH play through it it’s really good

  10. Dis video is helping me because I'm going to get a switch 😃

  11. Pokémon unite has become one of my fav switch games since getting on Christmas

  12. Is Nintendo online worth buying as I’m not a massive fan of online multiplayer games

  13. If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the deadyou will be saved Romans 10:9,Pls Repent And accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour Rapture and Hell is the consequence pls.😭.

  14. That was some nice cinematography on the Huracan

  15. 7:36 Oh no. OH NO OH NO NO NO NO

    “Hey all, Scott here!”

  16. Well I’ve good free games also
    -Dauntless is what I like
    -Paladins is what I like
    -asphalt legends

  17. Did you buy a lambroigini just for this video

  18. can you still keep playing dodge city without paying but just not have the full version or do you need to pay to continue playing the game at all?

  19. Free until your memory gets filled and you have to spend 25$+ for a memory card depending on the size of the games.

    Buying switch games gets expensive, but it’s bringing me a lot of nostalgia being able to play some remakes/current Nintendo switch games on the OLED. Nice big screen, only thing is the low battery life, which is expected.

  20. I hate no one talks abot how much u guys make with these youtube vides.U dont have too much subs . Do u have other job or just this. Is this enough to support a family?I dont want to bo an ass but your subs not a lot compare to lots of others. so how much do u really need to support one family?

  21. u have to pay for knockout city beacause its EA

  22. I got to master rank in pokemon Go after like 3 weeks of playing it on mobile. Then I quit because I reached everything. You do not have to improve in skill level over years nor spend any money for it.

  23. Super Animal Royale is a fun free game on Switch!

  24. Seee the thing is I don’t have friends

  25. We got minecraft, fortnite, and asphalt 9 on the switch..
    But where is roblox?

  26. Brother, let me tell you something about you. YOU ROCK!! . Love, love your channel

  27. Pretty handy video! I was pondering whether or not I should get a Switch this month knowing I wouldn't be able to afford games with it right away or not, definitely helping me figuring out

  28. I actually fan of apex I do play switch version and I love it even tho I play on ps5 originally.

  29. It should have everything that was available for game boy. I dislike 95% of the shop goods. It's all shit to me

  30. hahaha MOBA is a really toxic game community.

    p.s Im a dota player

  31. When a car like that down shifts, it does this thing called "rev matching", that is the sound you heard/questioned in the lambo.

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