All Souls Games Ranked Worst to Best -

All Souls Games Ranked Worst to Best

Sunburned Albino
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From Demon’s Souls to Elden Ring, every souls game Fromsoftware has made over the years is ranked worst to best according to my personal opinions and experiential bias and gorgeous facial structure.

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  1. Definitely agree with your take on Demon’s Souls

  2. Dark Souls 1 remains in my top three because it is the only FromSoft game that makes me feel like wearing big boy armor is meaningful

  3. Dark Souls 2 is super underrated and underappreciated. I love it about as much as 1. More than Demons Souls. Bloodborne is overrated in a way to me but I think I just didn't jive with the style as much.

  4. I really liked Dark Souls 2… when it came out.. But damn that is the highest I’ve ever seen it placed on a ranking list. 😂😂😂

  5. Now rank your favorite souls style games NOT by fromsoftware

  6. My ranking from highest to lowest.
    Elden Ring
    Dark Souls 3
    Dark Souls 1
    Demon Souls
    Dark Souls 2

  7. Someone actually agrees that ds1 is the worst of the bunch, i must be dreaming lol

  8. My man put demon's souls at 6 its a #1 for me

  9. So hes mad sekiro is too hard for him when it takes skill?

  10. As much as i disagree with every take you had. This was hilarous
    Take my fucking like

  11. DS2 at number 2 is bold. People are scratching themselves like a damn crack addict at the mention of it

  12. This ranking is backwards on so many levels

  13. For me Elden Ring is the worst LOL.

    Too long and boring, massive recycling of dungeons and bosses (omg, bossfights are very poor except for a couple). Forgettable soundtrack, etc. etc. etc.

  14. You are beyond high and just flat out wrong putting Dark Souls 2 above Bloodborne. Bloodborne might be the greatest video game ever made period. The ONLY thing you can hold against it is the technical performance isn’t great. The actual game content that’s there is flawless.

  15. “Without having to fight an olympic swim team” HAHAHA

  16. I disagree with placing demon souls so low in my opinion it’s the top 3

  17. Hey bro I think you misplaced the Sekiro clips with some wack a mole game. Just a heads up

  18. As a Dark Souls 2 supremacist I will not tell you to self harm, have a good day

  19. Bloodborne was my first souls game and if was a lot of fun but when ds3 came out? Oh boy did that game click with me. The slower and more defensive pace of ds3 puts it up there the best of the best for me.

  20. I’ve played elden ring I’m in ng+4 is there any game you would
    Recommend now I only have a Xbox so unfortunately I can’t play bloodborne and demon souls

  21. my personal ranking is ds2, sekiro, elden ring, ds3, ds1, and bloodborne at #1

  22. My list :
    S: DS2

    D:ELDEN RING I hate elden ring, only good thing bout it imo was the story. After rennala I felt way to op ans wasn't having fun at all. And my build was super unoptimized. I was a faith build with shit optimization lmao. And do I even need to talk bout pvp, it's absolute dog shit

  23. why was bugs bunny gameplay shown while he talks about sekiro?

  24. I recently played Bloodborne after beating it when it first came out. I’m not a big fan, the bosses were very basic and boring. Maybe the AI has changed or I got better but most bosses were a joke.

  25. My ranking demon souls ds2 ds3 bloodborne serkro and then eldin ring but there all amzing games

  26. finally someone with the same opinion about sekiro as me xD

  27. i fucking love your ranking i'd only switch ds3 and BB w ds2

  28. i dont think i have ever disagreed with something as much as this………. your damn right that this one is polarising haha.

  29. My ranking

    1. Elden Ring
    2. Dark Souls 1

    They’re the only two I’ve played so far, and I haven’t beat either of them yet! Even though I started Dark Souls 1 first I’ve only gotten to the point of beating the two gargoyles, meanwhile in Elden Ring I’m struggling against Maliketh

  30. Opinions differ from person to person but f you

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